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  1. They lost out on the Herndon block buster trade - they couldn't pass up Brown.
  2. Nice trade with no risk and no draft capital. Worst case he is a back up (and may double as a trainer ); best case he can add some stability to the right side. I don't think that Brown had any receptions this year, so when used, he was an extra lineman - so pretty even swap.
  3. Maye is likely gone, but if in the end, he realizes his market value isn't that of Adams, he may stay.
  4. Best players Mosley yes and he is under contract for a bit; Maye, not sure about that and he is gone next year. Of course, we would need to get something real for him, I doubt he moves, but I would have bet the farm we could not get a 6th, let alone a 4th, for Herndon - so what do I know?
  5. Mike starts until at least Wilson is back unless he just collapses. If he continues to play well, i am sure he gets to fight to hold onto the job.
  6. Not sure why Jets can't eat like 5M of his contract. They have the cap, might as well get something back for him. If they don't trade him, that have to pay him anyway.
  7. OBJ is too much of a head case - that's all Zack/Mike needs... We aren't going anywhere this year anyway. Baker Mayfield may have a limited arm, but his acting skills are top notch...
  8. Everyone wants Mims, but clearly not at a great price :-). I would still trade Maye (pay most remaining salary if that helps) and trade Crowder if the offer is good enough.
  9. I am confused - I don't think there is a tone and I don't think it was nasty - nor did i suggest the move on from Zack - you may have quoted the wrong passage. I was just saying that the team isn't the same team as when Zack had it - but Mike deserved to keep playing if he was playing well and Zack had to earn the spot back.
  10. One could easily argue it is not the same team. The talk has been, time and time again that the team needed up to 8 weeks to understand the new scheme; of course it also depends on how the D plays and the offensive game plan. Maybe White runs the dump off offense better so that is why they changed it, or maybe LaPuke finally realized that when teams stack the box, it is best to throw all of the time until they pull back. It also may have to do with BB and the Pats secondary and pass rush weren't on the field yesterday. Either way, it is important for Zack to win back the spot and not be handed it. The team needs to believe and they clearly like Mike, so Mike has to get the chance. Personally, I have to wonder if Mike can be that guy, but while he is playing well, he has earned the right to start.
  11. Big mistake on the part of the Rams; a defense cannot be a game changer without a game changing safety. We could send Maye to them and we are even willing to wait until 2023 - a 2nd for waiting? Get it done Tanny
  12. Trade Crowder and certainly Maye before the 2nd
  13. Not to be pedantic but the Jets are not now, and will not be 1-6 this season
  14. PO? Glad we won today, but this team isn't sniffing the PO without a miracle. we are 2-5 and are not a great team. It was a great win; we would need to go at least 7-3 if not 8-2. We are champions this week, but after the next loss, we are going to be with worse team in the league ever.
  15. He also brought him back so... I didn't realize Gase was GM - double duty - sweet.
  16. hey Mike had a great game; the whole team balled today. Coles TD catch was ALMOST amazing. There were so many drops in the first few weeks. One big advantage White has is that the team is starting to gel and understanding the scheme. The coaching staff had their best game plan in a while - multiple trick plays .. D was amazing too. That being said, I would be happy as a clam is he turns out to be great.
  17. how about the Flacco sweepstakes - former MVP - all for just a 2nd
  18. Hopefully the coaching staff has turned the corner; the play calling was good; the defensive game plan looked good. Even a few trick plays in the mix. And, all passing in the first. It is amazing how good the running game is when the passing game is working and teams can't stack the box.
  19. With him out the D looked lost last week. He is important to the team, maybe too important.
  20. Darnold won today too. I think he was a back-up one week when he was hurt . Or call it ex-Jet day.
  21. Way too soon. Great start. Maybe the reason he just sits in the pocket is because he hasn't been crushed by a NFL defender yet, or he isn't a scrambler. Finished watching the game and yes he looked composed. Even Mac Jones composed. He played the dink and dunk game very well. Let's see how he does against a team prepared for him. Thursday may be too soon, but the following Sunday may be a good indicator.. Either way, I doubt the 6 round pick elevates to a 5th
  22. I think it shows the potential of the offensive and the defense. I think from now on LaSuck (maybe not as much) stays in the booth. I also think we are not as good as we look this week nor were we as bad as we looked against NE. I think there was a lot of Cincy looking passed this game, while look how the Chargers are struggling on offense against the strong NE pass rush and secondary (two hard things for rookies). I am hopeful that this team is turning the corner, but I would also expect ups and downs this season. We doubled our win total this week, so that is a good start. We thought that it would take 6-8 games for the teams to settle down; maybe we did, maybe we didn't. Either way, I would keep expectations for next week and the rest of the season in check.
  23. of course if we loose next week, JD sucks, white sucks, we all suck - nice to get the win though...
  24. maybe this is the win that keeps us from getting the next LT - on a bogus call - that would be SOJ.
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