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  1. You take the 1st you were going to draft QB with and pick a WR; may even trade down again and still get the WR. Take the Seattle 1st and pick an OL. You then have an extra 2 for the trade down - so you take 2 quality players in round 2. and you also have 2 picks in the 3rd. In 2022 you have 3 firsts and likely an extra day 2 pick. If Sam is so bad that you need to replace him in 2022, the Jets likely finish in the top 5 again. You use the top pick for a QB and you still have 2 firsts (one for trevor which will likely be a top pick as well and one for adams). You also have an extra day 2 p
  2. Jets need 3 or even 4 OL, a RB, a WR and a TE at least; they also need a bunch of players on D; I would take an above average QB and 2/3 extra first and 2/3 extra 2 day picks over one top QB. It would cut the rebuild down to 2 years instead of 3 or 4 (which would have Trevor on his last year or two). Joe Burrow is likely out up to 2 years. How about draft a crap load of top tier players, use your top pick on WR instead of QB, and draft a quality QB in 2 years coming onto a packed team with 5 years on his rookie contract? And remember Mahomes wasn't the first pick of the draft and Luck didn't b
  3. Worst record? Didn't Kotite only get 4 wins in two seasons? One season 1-15?
  4. That sucks; hate to see it especially in a rookie. Sucks - hopefully he will be fine next camp. On the other side it reinforces two points: 1. This is why it doesn't make sense for Trevor to play in college next year 2. This is why you don't turn down a blockbuster trade for a single player - this can happen, or they can retire early like luck. Again, sad; I hope the kid is okay.
  5. doesn't everyone against the jets?
  6. coaching - nobody ruins players like our coaching staff...
  7. I know; what fool hired Williams?
  8. so, we need flacco for the tank? can't our 4th round pick loose this game and still get some valuable experience?
  9. No, he is trying to win games to save his job. Players regressed under Gase in Miami and suddenly got better when he left. Not sure why you are so happy with this guy; he doesn't game plan, adjust at halftime, make solid game day decisions, and cannot seem to groom any players - yep he is a keeper.
  10. Maybe Owner and GM, but lets talk how to rebuild a team from a HC perspective: 1. instead of playing a player that is just too good to bench who is old and not likely to be part of the rebuild, you play the young players to see what you have and get them experience; this includes QB too; no point running Flacco out on the field. GM may have to release these guys to get the younger guys more playing time. 2. You need to develop players: Sam, Herndon, ... the list is too long - these guys are not only not getting better, but they are getting considerably worse. 3. You need to adap
  11. it isn't if, it is when unless things change here dramatically. A number of can't miss prospects have failed. Even the successes can be limited; Indianapolis broke Luck; we broke Sanchez and Sam. Maybe they both didn't have what it takes, but without a quality team and coaching around them, they can't succeed. It happens time and time again, and yet fans say 'suck for Luck, 'suck for Sam', 'tank for Trevor'. I remember this site pining away for Wentz, Mariotta, etc. We do it for coaches too. Remember how the Jets lost out on Quinn? O'brien? There is only just one piece and the Jets w
  12. Draft is a crapshoot especially in the 4th and below. also, no GM hits 100%. There are also cap ramifications for this pick. Draft a backup QB and you don't have to pay millions or more for a veteran backup. This team isn't good enough to win with the starting QB, never mind a backup (see flacco); why pay for a high priced QB that sits on the bench. If he progresses in 2 years when we hopefully will be winning, it will be a good investment. If not, it is a loss of a 4th round pick. There are risks and rewards with all picks. JD was likely thinking long term as you would hope. IMO it wasn'
  13. Sure, we can throw more picks at the offense, but i am saying that a boatload of picks will make a much better team. Both sides. The question isn't can you do it without the boat load of picks, but what is the best decision a shot a the best qb in a decade and building a team slowly with the picks we have, or build a much better team quickly and then plug a qb in. It is also a question of how long it will take to build the team and do you ruin the qb or just waste the first 3 years on the cheap building the team. The real question isn't can you, but should you? Yes you could draft interio
  14. I never said anything about sunken costs; i have no problem spending johnson's money or tossing the picks of the past 2 GMs; just saying just because the guy may be great, doesn't mean that you have to draft him if the pick haul is good enough.
  15. LOL - got to love this board. Got take Sam, I mean TL. Suck for Sam, and Tank for Trevor. This is how bad franchises are maintained. Rinse repeat. People don't want to wait for the rebuild, but are eager to extend the sh*tty franchise. If we get the #1 pick and you can trade TL for a boat load of picks you have to consider it. List the greatest sure fire QBs and the best and see how many of them had a Super Bowl win. Then list the mediocre QBs like Eli that won 1 or more. Then ask yourself what is the reason. Luck was often injured because the line couldn't protect him; and he had no
  16. Yep, that player is totally tanking; harris is on the take...
  17. normally Gase would play not to loose, but not tonight - LOL
  18. This is where the 'talent sucks' and you can't blame the coaching argument falls flat - the Pats are an embarrassment in this game, but it is a talent problem. 12 men on the field is a discipline and coaching problem.
  19. Darnold has not played well, but Flacco has the advantage of not being hurt, playing with all the WRs (first time this year), and playing against a defense that cannot put pressure on the QB.
  20. Is that Sam wearing the mask wrong? Great, now he is going to get ....
  21. I want the tank, but i can't help but enjoy watching the team play well especially against the Pats; even when the Pats suck...
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