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  1. 1 hour ago, Sammybighead said:

    Then you’re not paying attention. Stop posting and start googling.

    Instead of telling me what to do maybe you should follow your own advice; if you don't like my opinion - ignore it or refute it.

    Secondly, the title and the video all say 'sources confirm what many have suspected' if he had been called out for being lazy than it would not have been suspected and sources wouldn't be confirming anything as Saleh and LaFluer would be the. most knowledgable sources and it would have ALREADY been confirmed. So, maybe it isn't me that isn't paying attention.

    Simple logic, but hey - I guess you can't google for logic.. 

  2. 1 minute ago, Green Ghost said:

    So, you’re saying he looked as bad tonight as Wilson looked all year? 
    i’m having a tough time being happy the Pats found a rookie QB good enough for them to make the playoffs. Game manager or not.

    Meanwhile, we’ve got a guy we’re bending over backwards to convince ourselves our guy will be here in two years.

    Yep; Zack may bust. Mac Jone will likely not Bust. But this Pats team got to the playoffs beating up on bad teams, Jets included.  Mac Jones having rookie moments at the end of the year just so happened to coincide with him playing against better teams. Houston blocked their own punt and the first Bills game was played in almost hurricane winds.  Pats loose either of those games and they are not in the playoffs. 

    As far as looking as bad as Wilson looked all year, that is a bit hard to answer. Mac Jones certainly started the year better off. Wilson had no turn overs towards the end, Mac Jones not so much. Pats D, OL, and receivers considerably better than ZWs. ZW did better against this same buffalo defense.

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  3. 5 minutes ago, Green Ghost said:

    😂😂😂😂 Maybe wait until we don’t sh*t our pants every time we play them before talking trash?

    Maybe we are just enjoying the irony of watch a team who is known for running up the score, who were walking around pounding their chests after hanging 50 on the hapless Jags, get spanked on national TV. 

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Green Ghost said:

    If you think it was Jones rather than the Pats defense that lost this game, I can’t help you.

    I don't think that is what he is saying; obviously the Pats D lost this game - even if Mac Jones had a good/great game they could not catch them, but he did not have a good game. What is his QBR? This board has gone bananas over the fact that ZW padded his stats and the end of the game with meaningless scores - well, what is his QBR if you only look at the first 3 quarters?

    The D lost the game, but Mac Jones didn't elevate anyone.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Green Ghost said:

    I hate to break it to you, but the rest of the nation calls him the same thing.

    Yep - he is great when his D crushes the other teams and he has his running game; his numbers against good defense aren't that good. His floor is higher, but his ceiling is pretty damn close to his floor. we will see how he does next year.

    But, yes, the strength of the Pats is supposed to be the OL, running game and D - and none of them really showed up today. The D completely let them down, which is also enjoyable as it is supposedly BB's speciality.

    But Mac Jones is a game manager; put him on the Jets and he would have been worse than ZW. Put him on the Jags and he is worse than Trevor (or maybe not :-) ) Put him on row Pats and surround him with talent and he will be okay, but no a Josh Allen, ever.

  6. LOL - news guys talking about the smack down, but they are not pessimistic about the future - Pats will come back better and stronger next year; Mac Jones will have a full year behind him...

    Of course, now that there is tape on him - teams will realize that they need to take away the run and short passing game, get a lead, and they can't catch up - yep - very optimistic about watching them loose more next year :-)

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  7. Just now, 65 Toss Power Trap said:

    Part of the receiver being that open was the play call and scheme, but Mims would have ran into the Bills player instead of the corner of the end zone.

    I am just saying, all the Mac Jones is soooo great; I am pretty sure with time ZW could have hit that receiver :-)

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  8. 3 hours ago, Sammybighead said:

    Here's the deal. I've been a fan of this team and of football in general for a long time. In that time, I learned not to buy rumors and sources. However, I also learned where there is significant smoke, there is at least some fire. 

    With Becton there is significant smoke. You don't need to be an insider to see it. His coaches have alluded to issues, his teammates have alluded to issues. Chances are, they guy has some issue. Is it as cut and dry as "he's fat and lazy"? I dunno, but there's clearly something wrong here. To deny that is delusional. 

    I haven't actually seen smoke, I have only heard some blow hards who 'know things' and 'hear things'.  I have also seen where there is no media input, media will make up stories or listen to unreliable sources. They may be 100% correct. Even so, it doesn't make Becton lazy.

    These are some of the same people calling ZW out as selfish by sneaking it on 4th and 2. There was no body talking, so the media made stuff up, which forced the coaches to speak up.

    How many times has the media created smoke only to find out there wasn't really a story? yes, they could be right, but they could be wrong. I am hoping for wrong, but they could be right.

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  9. LOL - some of these posts. Let's examine what was said.


    1. "sources with knowledge" - really - are we going to take anything he says after that seriously? If we are see #2.

    2. the knee did not heal as quickly as they had hoped - okay, again assuming this guy isn't making up the story, he had legitimate setbacks. but hey...

    3. because he was unable to work out, or re-hab, he put on weight - so, it wasn't that he didn't want to rehab or chose not to - and if you believe this guy he put on weight (which was an issue he has had in the past).


    Now, even if you were to listen to and believe this guy - where did he say that Becton was LAZY. Again, if we he is saying with his phantom sources, he couldn't work out or re-hab do to the knee not progressing fast enough; as a result, he put on weight and now he has to not only rehab the knee (which is harder to do with the extra weight) but he has to get back into shape. To be fair, if his knee needed extra healing time, even if he didn't put on weight, it would take longer to get back into shape. He also said that the jets hoped that he would be ready physically and mentally - could it be that his knee is healed, but he doesn't trust it as the last time he was put in injured, the injury got worse?

    But yeah, soft sources and never called him lazy, but hey...

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  10. when I doubt root against the Pats. That being said, I think the Bills are better but have anti-home field advantage. I hope the Pats loose, but if they win, I hope they loose next week. Sadly, there aren't very good AFC teams to smack them down - Bills would probably have edge if this was being played in Foxboro.

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