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  1. maybe the Jets backs are better, because for the longest time they had to and had a lot of practice. I find it hard to believe that Carter is any good as he was drafted by JD and is just too short to play in the NFL
  2. D couldn't stop the run from the first snap. I think that the defense still has some holes; if the OL is strong enough or has a good running back, they truly struggle. Some weeks, it seems the Defense plays over their heads almost on pure effort; but they can only sustain it every other week
  3. can't remember; promising WRs from Jets past is just a blur; it is probably the one. Hopefully, Mims can make the necessary growth.
  4. 1. second week in a row that the offense had played well: touchdown in 1st Quarter good play calling 400+ yards and TDs It appears that the offense has arrived. Instead of giving all of the credit to White and Johnson (they deserve much), let's rejoice in the fact that the Jets finally appear to be building an offense that any quality QB can score points with. In the past we couldn't score points, or the offense didn't match the QB skills, or the QB needed to be a top 5 QB. This offense seems to have a good direction (I hope this isn't just an aberration). 2. We
  5. Was Keyshawn the one I was thinking about? Can't remember.
  6. can we merge the Mims should be cut thread with this it isn't Mims fault thread? Maybe Mims ins't good. Or, maybe he is having a sophomore slump? Maybe he is thinking too much on the new scheme and trying to hard and he has to just play. There are a lot of reasons why him may be struggling - maybe the 3 QBs deliver the ball differently. Either way, if him getting benched and then having to prove himself is the reason he is struggling, he isn't going to make it on this team or any other. Half this board thinks Saleh is too soft - now some are arguing he is too hard/mean?
  7. yes, he had some bad drops; one it was obvious that he was trying to run before catching it. Had he caught it, he would have picked up another 10 yards easy. Not calling him great by any means, but even vet receivers can go through a rut. Look at it this way: with his size, hands, speed and reach, had he been a good route runner with good hands he would have been a 1st round pick - maybe even top 15. He fell the 2nd round for a reason. He dropped within the second round for a reason. JD liked the potential. Some receivers take 2-3 years to acclimate into the NFL. Not saying he will e
  8. sounds like we should have accepted that 4th or 5th we were offered
  9. There are two things at play here. It used to be if you brought a player up, you had to release him, let him clear wavers before putting him on the practice squad. Once you release him, a team could sign him to their practice squad. Because of the Covid changes, there is a special game time elevation (each player can have it twice) where you bring them up to play and when the game is over they revert to the PS without clearing waivers. Any team could sign any player from another teams practice squad as long as the put them on the active roster for i think 3 weeks. So, nobody was truly saf
  10. You know what is also kind of funny? The same is true for the Patriots - the only have 1 win against a winning team.
  11. yep - we should look right past this game - already in the bank
  12. Can't just put -em out - likely to get attacked with down votes...
  13. Hey - There is no place for logic and reason on this site. Watch it ....
  14. I don't get the hate/drama. We lost a coach this offseason and the offense was struggling - LaPuke is up in the box now, and Beck, who already has a relationship with Zack is going to help out on the field. A lot of teams have QB coaches and consultants. Of course the great Gase didn't need one (more of a reason to like the move). There is no cap for coaches; if adding Beck makes the team or Zack better - smart move. Would people prefer that they didn't try something else? Leave LaPuke on the sideline. Should the coaches have said, 'Yep we lost a coach this offseason - bad luck all the wa
  15. I was going to make a Da Vinci code (or similar) comment, not sure anyone would get it as it has been a while since that book came out....
  16. I think he played this past weekend... not sure how he did.
  17. Well, now he isn't so you are good; in fact you were clearly a visionary
  18. They lost out on the Herndon block buster trade - they couldn't pass up Brown.
  19. Nice trade with no risk and no draft capital. Worst case he is a back up (and may double as a trainer ); best case he can add some stability to the right side. I don't think that Brown had any receptions this year, so when used, he was an extra lineman - so pretty even swap.
  20. Maye is likely gone, but if in the end, he realizes his market value isn't that of Adams, he may stay.
  21. Best players Mosley yes and he is under contract for a bit; Maye, not sure about that and he is gone next year. Of course, we would need to get something real for him, I doubt he moves, but I would have bet the farm we could not get a 6th, let alone a 4th, for Herndon - so what do I know?
  22. Mike starts until at least Wilson is back unless he just collapses. If he continues to play well, i am sure he gets to fight to hold onto the job.
  23. Not sure why Jets can't eat like 5M of his contract. They have the cap, might as well get something back for him. If they don't trade him, that have to pay him anyway.
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