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  1. apparently, not happy with the way the Jets are playing, JD slips the officials a Benjamin to throw the game
  2. The Pats are really bad this year; just thought they were levels better than the Jets.
  3. Apparently, the Pats make QBs look good - no pressure, dumb PI, wide open receivers - maybe it is the stadium because that sounds like the Jets
  4. They just traded for a few players; I hate BB, but he never throws anything...
  5. No need to fumble; unless they are pick 6s, the O won't be able to do anything with them
  6. Yes, but that was 3 GMs and 3 HCs ago. If it was just that, they could have righted the ship already. JD has a mess on his hands and it has more to do with Idzik and MIke's bad drafting and FAs than anything else - except for maybe Gase (sorry SAR).
  7. Yeah, and then we drafted like 100 other QBs; Mark took us to 2 AFCC games. Then we sucked for Sam, but the jets suck because of Sanchez - blame Mike T, Idzik, and Mike M. But yeah, let's blame the last 2 years on a guy that wasn't even in the league anymore.
  8. they have 2 more wins than us (that is infinite btw); they were in two games against quality teams until the very end (buffalo and Seattle) and only got blown out in one. We are a joke and a laughing stock. Par? "I don't think that word means what you think it means"
  9. lol - we are now trying to figure out how much time to give to a draft pick that we haven't gotten with 8 games left in the season. Anyone care to project who we draft after LT busts? LOL
  10. Mike sucked, but Idzik was worse Herndon showed great promise (okay maybe just okay promise compared to the crap we had here before); he has totally regressed like so many other players. Not sure Mike gets the blame for that. I wonder who could be to blame? Maybe the coaching?
  11. nah - a bunch of players are rookies and a bunch of the team just sucked so can't really regress; can't get rid of whole team or it would be obvious what JD is up too
  12. LOL - that was a good one, for a second I thought you were serious.
  13. you have to wonder if JD isn't really trying to protect Gase. He is trading away (or releasing) all of the players that hate playing for him or who have regressed since Adam was here? LOL - just kidding, but imagine a crazy world where that would be true. It would save me hours and hours a week as I would stop watching the games and i would stay off of this site - a Gase run team just isn't fun to watch.
  14. The draft is a crap shoot; no GM hits on all of his selections. that is why it is so important to have as many picks as possible. Also, he was probably looking 2 years down the road; why not have a back up QB you are paying as a 3rd year rookie, than some washed up QB that is going to cost 10x and be upset if they have to play. A WR in the 4th wasn't likely to make a difference this year. What if Sam turned out great and we have to give him a contract extension? Do you want a QB and his backup sucking up all of your cap? The real question is that now that the season is over, why isn'
  15. Yeah, BB may not be so great, but you can say this for him: * he doesn't blame the players * he finds a way to adjust at halftime * his team is always prepared * he is playing with an arm that is worse than Sams but is still in most games; we get blown out * his team finds a way to score points in the second half My problem Gase isn't so much that he is losing but the way he is losing. We are not competitive; we are embarrassing. BB plays to win, and Gase plays to - i have no idea. If a player is struggling or not playing well, BB replaces them and rookies play we
  16. Besides, if you believe that JD might actually be a good GM and he has drafted well, and is getting us a tank (which may or may not include a new QB), then what would a change in ownership do? I don't think that Gase is here next year. So, what difference does it make if he is fired mid season? Finish the tank and have Gase be the first coach fired on Black Monday. Changing a coach mid-year may only rally the troops enough to win a couple of games. Now that would be a Jetsy thing to do.
  17. bostonmajet


    This - the problem with drafting Lawrence is we may get the same result as the 'suck for sam'; football is a team sport and while the QB is the most important position, you can't win with just the QB. Let's say Sam is def. done and we draft Lawrence, we could easily be saying the same thing in 3 years. What if we trade Lawrence for 2 extra 1sts and 2 extra 2nds and a third and we parlay that into a solid team; then say we draft our QB the following year with the extra 1st we picked up this year. Even if this guy is not as good as Lawrence, a quality QB on a solid team is more likely to win and
  18. I hit the quote button in your comment, but apparently the tool didn't adjust the actual sender. I don't think people are keeping score, but i will change it.
  19. Not that he is great, but Flacco looked just as bad and with a lot more experience. The offense is broken, iron man couldn't succeed here. Maybe Sam is flawed, maybe ruined, maybe salvageable, but until Gase is gone it won't matter. A decent OL wouldn't hurt either and some stability at WR.
  20. I am confused. Isn't a 2021 7th worth about the same as a 2022 6th without the player?
  21. someone please fix the title; ... is he can to salvage his job...
  22. His choices are: 1. Stay in School - yep, he will risk having a bad year, or the team sucking from not really playing this year and getting hurt - yep, lets throw away the signing bonus, getting out of school, and risking his future in order to not play on the Jets. And what happens if the Jets get the #1 pick again? 2. Pull and Elway or Eli; things are different now, but he can, but if the Jets can't work a deal that makes sense, he is stuck sitting out a season and not playing. I am okay with this as i think we are better off trading him for a bunch of picks anyway but I won
  23. so we get rid of a guy who hasn't been playing to both give the younger guys more playing time and free up a roster spot and save 2.5 million in cap and move a 7th in 2023 for a 6th in 2022 and people are upset? cap is important, draft picks are important, and with a bunch of guys on IR that may come back, the roster spot is important. What is the problem?
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