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  1. Why does CBS always show the crappy NFC East? SF at ARI seems like a much better game.
  2. Fortunately, the Pats don't look a lot better; they won today, but barely and against one of the worst teams in the NFL; love to watch BB pout on the sidelines...
  3. Yep - it may not be playoffs or bust next year, but pretty dam close. We have to be at least an 8 or 9 win team next year to still have hope, but I am hoping for 10; of course, if no playoffs next year, 2023 is def. playoffs or bust.
  4. How, you got me, but there is a poster still pining for Gase - so, who knows. Frankly, while i would prefer to win, this team is very watchable, especially in the 2nd half. We need more consistency for sure, but I still have hope that Saleh can make this team great. It is just going to take a bulk of this year to see any real progress. I am willing to watch them this year - not so much last year.
  5. LOL - Coleman is a decade younger. Gore - this is so comical, i can't tell anymore if you actually think this stuff or are just making sh*t up for the fun of the outrage.
  6. So Joe has ruined the roster, but should have kept Gase; so if he is ruining the roster and Gase took the previous roster to 2-14, then 1-4 looks pretty good. Kotite-level - maybe, but then so is 2-14 where the only wins are in the last 3 games. No game plan, again are we talking Gase? There is a difference, Saleh seems to be able to adjust and make better game time decisions. Two QBs that Gase couldn't win with are all winning away from him. Seems like the only thing Kotite-level is a 2-14 coach who is now out of the league and a fan that won't let him go. If Selah is coaching like this
  7. Yep - Pats we stopped - then a magic rouging the passer - they could beat Zack with a baseball bat and not get the call - guy drove through OL and brushed him with helmet. Refs help Pats still.
  8. Well - last year they went 0 and what last year? Won 2 games. Gase was done. I was okay trading away the #2 pick for a boat load of picks, but only to build without costing the rookie his first season - if Sam excelled, great, if not, not. Gase would still be handing the ball off to Bell had JD not released him...
  9. Please stop! The Jets won 2 games, 2, with the great Sam Darnold. That team quit in most games. They were out of meaningful games early and he still wouldn't bench 50 year old running backs. 2 wins - and when they were 0-13 before winning a game and then he won 2 which was good enough to cost us the #1 pick. WELL done. How convenient that you skipped last year when talking about how good he was. We know this much about Saleh, he plays rookies, developers young players and won his first game in week 4, which is way better than the great Gase did last year. There is something else we know a
  10. Not sure panthers are 4-1 with Zack; but they would be with most of the available QBs - what if they got Stafford? - but who cares? We are on a rebuild - next year if we are 1-4 it will be time to scream - and the panthers may always be just good enough to be interesting - do you see them going super bowl? with Sam? We should get a good pick this draft; if it is good enough, we might even be able to trade down for a fortune - the team should know the scheme next year and we will be able to draft and sign some big players. Personally, however, I am happy for Sam.
  11. We know something else too - Adam Gase could only play Vets and couldn't coach up or develop rookies; with that - he would NEVER win us anything real. Most of knew we were a 3 or 4 win team this year. Many just forgot after we won a game. We have hope this year. I had none last year.
  12. These kind of threads happen after every loss. It gets even more ridiculous after a win. Loss = we are the worst ever; Win = we are going to the playoffs - Book It. I started to buy the hype on the D for a while too - it happens. But, remember, in the begging of the season many were thinking a 3-4 win team this year - while still loosing playing much better by the end of the season. We have seen some improvement but much more needed. Think this way and every win and close (or exciting) game is fun; If that isn't enough to make you happen - the Pats are 1-3 and currently loosing to th
  13. Really - everyone knew this was a complete tear down and rebuild with almost half of the team with rookies and 2nd year players and you want Gase back. Hell NO. At least Saleh knows when to go for it and when to call TOs - the 1st Q stats have got to get better and we can't keep spotting teams 2 TDs but this team has life and energy - maybe they can pull Liehnart out of retirement
  14. LOL - we need to split the banner for the Jets board - after a win it shows super bowl and MVP awards and after a loss - worse team team in NFL - Jets loosing to a HS team
  15. LOL - first post in this thread - great job JD - one game later - JD is a bum and panic signed him...
  16. Kid is young and missed a lot of training camp. Let's wait a few more games before calling him a bust; or the CS can bench him and he will instantly become the second coming
  17. Yep - got to watch the 2nd half of the game and was thinking let them get to 3-4 please. But secondary still damn young and inexperienced. They will get better - I hope.
  18. LOL - I was thinking the same thing. This is so SOJ - player disappears after sining big contract. Let's wait a couple more games before calling it. Is JD no longer a hero?
  19. Neither is Jamal but we got two 1s for him - LOL Doubt he is worth much - but if a contender looses a safety right before the trade deadline, maybe we can get something.
  20. They are very tight on the salary Cap - this saves them 5+ million this year in guaranteed salary. It also gets them something (not much) for a guy they said they were going to release as they couldn't come to deal. Considering that this is the same genius who let Brady walk over ego - not necessarily about the tank but about the BB.
  21. Here in NE, they are still talking about the Patriots getting into the playoffs this year. LOL. This week is a gimee game against Houston. If they loose to the Texans and go 1-4 - BB may be out the door sooner than we think. I would imagine he wins enough games this year - 6 or 8 to keep his job, but a loss to the Texans would sting - can't wait.
  22. So, he salary was guaranteed this year so unless he is traded, they don't save money. Is it that he wants more money and they were afraid he was going to be a problem? Or, is there setback clause? Or, are the Pats being good guys and letting him move from sinking ship?
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