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  1. I like the trade for several reasons: 1. Good for McClendon 2. Why not get any draft capital for a guy that isn't going to make a difference in the win column 3. It appears the best way to get the young players experience, the only positive other than the tank that can come out of this season, is to get rid of the older players. 4. IF we are keeping Maye and/or Q, the 2.5 million will help As far as Gase is concerned, I don't think this has anything to do with him (other than he won't play the rookies). JD can't fire him anyway, can he? May as well let Gase stay for th
  2. This guy doesn't guarantee the Jets a super bowl. Does he increase the changes, yes! But consider this, Peyton Manning didn't win his first super bowl until late in his career, same is true for Elway. Marino, multiple pro bowls and MVPs, but ...; I know times are different. Yet, a significantly less talented Eli won the Super Bowl. Why is that? Wining the Super Bowl takes talent, coaching, stability and of course some luck. Speaking of Luck, he was a 'generational talent' and how many Super Bowls did he win? In fact, his career was cut short because the team that tanked for him, couldn't
  3. That is simply not true, sometimes he throws a pick, sometimes he takes a 28 yard sack...
  4. this is my point - no body can be effective on this offense. the only way to get Gase to stop running the old guys is to either cut them or fire Gase. This is the coaching genius we have here. What about the Jets that makes a QB take a 28 yard sack? And everyone in the beginning of the year was dumping all over. Darnold. Maybe he is done. I don' t know, but not many if any QBs could look NFL caliber on this offense. If we get a boat load of picks for #1 we should take them. If not we should pick QB. Either way, we have to have a new coach.
  5. gase is a genius. run, run, 3rd and long get your qb sacked... lol - poor flacco - this is why the qb isn't important; no qb can win with this team...
  6. what SAR has informed me that Gase is the only good thing on the team ...
  7. that had to be a play that they practiced. 10 yard penalty, followed by a fumble to loose 5 more and go out of FG range. Priceless for the tank. Great call for the net 20 yard punt too...
  8. do we get a conditional pick for braking the record for the most penalty yards during the season? That would be nice.
  9. So, the offense sucks, the defense sucks, and the specials isn't so special. Yeah, this sounds like are only hole is at QB And Gase is a genius ...
  10. There are a ton of problems with the Jets; while the talent is weak at best, it isn't keystone cops weak. This team has fallen apart in all aspects. The only person who can mess up offense, defense, special teams, attitude, preparedness and game time decisions is the coach. However, the biggest weakness - the press and reporters that cover the team?
  11. It is not like Becton had an injury history, and with this weird season, there are lots of injuries. Becton, assuming we didn't ruin him by playing him hurt, looks to be awesome. Even in normal years, loosing a top draft pick to injuries for all or part of the season is not unheard of. The real problem is that some dumba$$ coach put a promising player into a game when he was already hurt just to get a win that didn't happen because he was too chicken$hit to go for it at the end of the game on 4th in 1/2. I assume that was sarcastic, but this is happening all over the league. Thi
  12. Buy high sell low? So, we should take our first round pick that we gave away an additional 3 2nds for a handful of magic beans? Then who is going to be our QB? Now we are stuck getting the best we can and forced to take a QB in the 1st and maybe trade up (okay, that's funny as we suck so, we are already going to pick high). No faith in Sam? I don't get it. We spent our first 2 picks on Sam with a LT and a WR. Plus, we get another year on the cheap with Sam. You wait until the draft and see what we want to do before even think about trading him. My guess is that Sam will be fine if w
  13. I used to watch the games on rewind every time and when I was around would 'watch' it live on NFL.com and on this site; only game I half watched was the Denver game as it was on TV and my daughter and pup were asleep. Life is too short. I will just have to enjoy routing against BB and the Pats. I hope Gase is gone and JD cleans up in the draft, but ...
  14. Or CJ told him to play the younger players and he can keep his job until the end of the season. Or, Gase isn't playing the younger players enough so JD forced his hand by releasing the older players
  15. while i am frustrated that Gase is still here, I expect Gase to be gone by the end of the year. I do not think this is a vote of confidence in Gase. If Gase didn't want him, he could have played other players instead. Bell was a bad signing and he wasn't a good fit for Gase. What is the point in dealing with the drama during the season. I think this is JD cutting his losses and forcing Gase to play the younger players. He can also use it as an excuse at the end of the year saying that he did what he could for Gase. If Gase is here next year, I am gone - I have been a fan for almost 5
  16. I agree that maybe he should have kept Robbie but do you think he would be doing as well if he was still here? Gase likes the dink and dunk and the line can't protect long enough often enough for him to play well here (even if we assume Sams only problem is the lack of WR). Teams would just double team him as our only option. There is a reason players play better when not under Gase. JD wanted to set the tone that he wasn't going to overpay. Not sure I buy that, but i would imagine had JD had known the the other decent WRs would be hurt, he may have changed his tune. Either way, the team
  17. so we are assuming that Seattle is winning the Super Bowl this year? Bottom of first round would be a great place to snag a new Center. Wouldn't most trade a big mouth over paid (what we would have had to pay him to stay) albeit great player for a Center, cap relief an okay Safety, and a 3rd? If not don't forget we trade out 2022 4th round for a 2022 1st round pick. That gives us two 1sts in the next 2 drafts for quality players (with 5th year options) or the ability to trade up. Imagine if we land #1 and trade it for a bunch of picks; we will have a bunch of picks plus likely the 2
  18. Or, our top notch coaching staff cannot evaluate talent very well. The same thing happened when we had Billal. No matter how badly the running game was going, he sat on the bench. When he would come in and play well, he would get just a few carries.
  19. question: what does everyone think is more likely, that everyone who has shown flashes of being great all suck now, or with both the toxic coaching environment, the bad play designs and calls, and the lack of discipline the players have regressed? Before you answer, let's look at players that flashed, sucked under gates and got better once they or gase left. hmm - it is tough to figure out which one is most true. I don't normally get into firing a coach in the middle/beginning of the season, and both coaches that have already been let go were at their teams longer, but really - forget Cov
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