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  1. If Darnold goes to the steelers, we will be in the running for a ring - and then everyone who wanted him traded will blame JD for trading the best player ever. If we get the #1 pick and someone offers us a couple 1s and 2s for the spot or better, we should just take it and build a solid team. If Darnold can't win with that team and a real HC, then you go get your QB. We sucked for Sam, now tank for the next QB hero - rinse repeat. Nobody could win with this crap team and with these coaches. Build a great team or the next 10 QBs will fail as well.
  2. remember when this site went crazy because the Jets couldn't land Quinn - good times
  3. I get that JD is sending a statement, but releasing this guy isn't enough, how about the rest of the team and the coaching staff that played like crap. The season is over, you want to make a statement, release a guy that caused a few personal fouls and help loose us the game?
  4. Yet somehow the Pats are so far keeping it close without a great QB. Quality team, well coached with a good defense. Maybe there is something we can learn from this.
  5. i am normally not for firing coaches in mid-season - but with Gase it should happen to show the team about accountability. Releasing a RB that was going to be cut whenever Bell returned isn't a statement. Gase must go - or like us old guys used to say 'Joe Must Go!'.
  6. not sure, I am by no means an expert, but if we aren't going to pick him, any jumbo picks would be great. I like the extra firsts and the extra picks this year too.
  7. I get the hype, but I don't think this is a winning strategy. Consider a few things: 1. Some of the greatest QBs never won the big game, or didn't win one until towards the end of their careers 2. While excellent QBs in their own right, many of the recent successful teams bundle a good/great QB with a quality well coached team. 3. Name me a single QB that could win with this Jets team? Even with the extra picks we have this year, the team has little to no talent. 4. Without a good OL, running game (which needs an OL) and WR, any QB is going to struggle with this team for ye
  8. I am not blaming Gase for bad drafting and team building. The team is a disaster. There is plenty of blame to go around. But when trying to evaluate any complex system, you have to look at the those aspects in the direct control/effect of a single component. So, let's forget about the severe lack of talent due to bad roster management, drafting, and injuries. This is why it is hard to evaluate Darnold effectively. Last night's game showed that if you give a QB quality receivers that can get open and time to throw, a rookie can be effective. But, I am not talking about the team or Darnold
  9. Yep if this and if that, and if the other thing we barely beat another 0-3 team playing with almost as many injuries as the Jets and starting their 3rd string QB. Wow, what a victory that would have been. Bad and predictable play calling. Undisciplined defense. The chicken-s$ call on 4th and 1/2. Lack of preparation. Williams has let this team down with his coaching, but the buck stops at the head coach. Why do you insist on making excuses for a coach who is supposed to be a QB whisperer who is well on his way to ruining his 2nd promising QB?
  10. I have been a Jets fan for almost 50 years - this game was about as embarrassing as they come. yes the team lacks talent, but they also lack decipline. But the poor play calling, the chicken sh*t call on 4th and 1/2, running the oldest running back in football up the middle on almost every 1st down and twice in the red zone. That is all on the coach. I don't know if I can follow this team if Gase is here next year. Accountability starts on the top. Gase must go. And they should release at least 1 or 2 players tomorrow. Gase played chicken-sh*t; if Douglas doesn't do anything, he is t
  11. why is darnold shaking hands? hoping for covid? wtf?
  12. why does gase call timeout; why doesn't denver just give the jets the ball? no way we score two scores in 20 seconds.
  13. What a Jetsy way to loose a close game. 0-16 here we come.
  14. This is why you go for it on 4th and 1/2 yard with 6 minutes to go, so you don't have to go for it on 4th and 3... I hope that chickensh*t call gets him fired.
  15. BS - go for it. You already get paid for your contract - LOL
  16. I have a thought, let's fire Gase no matter what and it takes the pressure off of the call
  17. this may cost us a perfect season, but we play enough good teams to get a top notch pick And, we haven't won this one yet... Jet's seem to find a way to loose these kinds of games.
  18. What, the wonder QB made a mistake - but he is better than Darnold
  19. If these announcers think this QB is beating Sam, let's try this - let them switch teams for a week and see how bad Sam looks and how good Ripen looks - not saying Sam is great or Ripen sucks, but let's be real, Sam under pressure all game throwing to mostly guys that couldn't get ball boy jobs on other teams and Ripen's jersey is clean throwing to tremendous talent.
  20. Darnold is trying to do too much; this is what ruined Sanchez - playing on a team without any talent at WR, getting slammed, and trying to win it all on his own.
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