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  1. I think they are playing well; we haven't really faced a great passing team yet and I don't know if the DL can keep up the pressures - but it is fun to watch.
  2. Can we all agree that whether or not JD signs him it is a mistake and we should fire JD? Looks like more Pats are bailing - rats off of a sinking ship ... Unfortunately, that secondary is playing pretty well even without him. Surprised he is being let go; the defense is the one positive on that team and adding a healthy Gilmore would make them better.
  3. So if that's true - they need to work Moore back into the offense once he is cleared and when he is ready (if he is ready) - you trade Crowder to a team before the trade deadline... or not..
  4. It is bad form to kick a team when they are down just for a record - and if this is how you keep the streak alive, is it really a streak. But, instead of whining about it - next time make them pay. I can't wait until all of these teams BB used to run up the score against exact their revenge. I also remember one time, wow, it has to be 20-30 years ago, the Jets were playing someone and they were losing badly (yep even back then). Some player on the other team was close to a record so the coach told the team to not tackle the Jets player so he could run down and score so they could get the
  5. but he can get plucked off of our practice squad - so is he hoping to join a different teams practice squad? Also, is it that the Jets suck, or that there are too many RBs ahead of him? Capt. Morgan left too - is that because Zack looked good, or Sam was more likely to get benched?
  6. yes. I agree; it is important to note that you are never as good as your last win or as bad as your last loss.
  7. His defense, especially the secondary is quite good. So is their OL. Of course, it was raining and Brady was missing his 2 best weapons. Mac Jones looks like a game manager - can manage a game, but i don't know he can carry a team on his own. Either way, the media in NE still thinks this team is a playoff contender.
  8. Funny, the Pats lost last night and have the same record as the Jets. In fact, the only team they beat was the 'lowly Jets'. Last week, all they could talk about is what a dumpster fire the Jets are. Now, being 1-3 and only beating the Jets, they are a playoff caliber team and a HOF QB. This is what they are saying about a team that just lost last night - and it is because BB decided to not go for it with 4th and 3. Mac Jones is the future The Jets media has the opposite attitude; Jets sneak out a win in OT and they are still crap. Pats 1-3; with a very good/great defensive seconda
  9. It is really nice to see him play so well; maybe even better, it is a tribute to the CS that we have been able to take a player who was cut and done such a good job with him - of course, with the team it is easier to make the starting lineup - but still nice job all around.
  10. I get to extra enjoy rooting for the Pats to loose tonight; can't wait to hear all of the sports people talking about how they are in a 3 way tie for last place with the Jets - LOL. Could be a great football day.
  11. i missed most of the game; so was Mims the big player we had hoped for ?
  12. is it too early to call Super Bowl Great win - some problems and bad decisions, but i was happy when i thought the tie was coming; would have enjoyed game if we lost (what i saw of it) - but its great to win.
  13. I don't mind trying the call, but Zack has to throw that away so you can get the ball back 4th and 1
  14. so if we don't get it on 3rd; do you take the FG or do you go for the TD?
  15. thanks to the defense this is still a game with only a 9 point lead; thanks to the offense it is not.
  16. yep, but 2 & 1 is a great opportunity to play action and drive the defense back...
  17. As a Jets fan, I hope Mims has a monster day. But imagine if: 1. He doesn't get many or any targets - conspiracy theory that CS blocked him out or LaCrap can't utilize him, or fire JD because he should have fix OL and kept Darnold and then Mims would have done better. 2. He gets targets, but he has the dropsies or worse gives up a jump ball to an INT - fire JD the guy is garbage; CS didn't stand his ground and played him too soon. 3. He has a monster game but in a loss - fire JD as he sucks; fire the CS for sitting Mims too long, fire JD because Mims is his only good draft pick
  18. OMG - the local news spent 21 minutes out of 30 on this damn game. Can't wait for it to be over. That being said, I hate BB so much and I am tired hearing how great he is and how great the new QB is. These fans are so obnoxious - there are many actually predicting that the Pats are going to embarrass the bucks. Even the sports talk guys are all about how great Jones is playing. I can't wait to hear these blow hards next week when the Pats start 1-3
  19. I think this is harder than many think OL a hard to find; also one of the hardest things is for the OL to learn to work together - it takes time; first AVT was hurt - now Becton is; no continuity I don't necessarily think bringing in a vet QB is the answer; certainly BB doesn't think so as he released Cam
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