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  1. 1 minute ago, Grandy said:

    This is only his 15th game. Missed some time. 

    doesn't count - sorry; players get hurt all of the time - tie or break of a record coming in the extra game is, well, wrong


    I remember Fouts breaking Nameth's rookie passing record in his 14th game ...

  2. 25 minutes ago, Lith said:

    Giants QB sneak on 3rd and 9.  WTF - is Judge trying to get himself fired?

    He is trying to cover for his buddy LaFluer - see everyone does it :-)


    Honestly, I have to wonder if they are trying to loose for draft position ...

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  3. 8 minutes ago, Jimmy 2 Times said:

    Then why wouldn't the Jets say he had a setback?  It would take the pressure off everyone.  

    It's not like having a guy that might play and have other teams gameplan for multiple scenarios.  He was already on the DL. 

    I have no idea - that is why I am not making judgments - maybe it wasn't a physical setback - and/or he doesn't want it made public. Maybe after telling people he had a weight problem and people responding about him being fat and lazy, he doesn't trust the public with his issue....

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  4. 9 minutes ago, Jimmy 2 Times said:

    The 2021 injury was not his fault.  The POS GVR was ragdolled and tossed 10 yards across the field into his leg.  It had nothing to do with conditioning or how he performed without pads. 


    That being said, it was a 8-10 week maximum recovery time and he never came back (18 weeks).

    That shows a lack of heart and desire to get better. 

    That is worrisome and why I've done a 180 on Big Ticket. 

    He's lazy until he proves otherwise. 

    Unless of course, something went wrong - like that is a timeframe for someone much smaller, or there was a mental issue with it where it was mostly healed but Becton didn't trust it - after all he was put in hurt last year and the injury got worse. Or there was an infection, or a tear that occurred during rehab.

    Yes, it could be heart, but it could be dozens of other reasons. Seeing how our crack media staff seems to have no idea what is going on and resorts to 'I hear things', 'an unnamed source', etc there could be many reasons why this happened that nobody is talking about because of HIPA or other privacy reasons. Remember, half the time the Jets media lands a big story, it is often after some observant poster posts it here first. Who found out that the Jets hired Zach's coach?

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  5. 5 minutes ago, jeremy2020 said:

    I believe they do, but I imagine the Jets are doing this as a favor to Lawson. He'll clear waivers and can latch on with a team. 

    Yeah, I would think so, he is free to sign anywhere now, but I was answering another poster's question about this year's cap carryover - I think we are on the hook for his 17th game and therefore it will not affect our carryover - either way, I hope he lands somewhere where he can play (or at least be on a roster) for some playoff games...

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  6. 7 minutes ago, jeremy2020 said:

    Elway is not the GM anymore. He was 'promoted' out of that position last offseason. So he did take some of the blame. 

    Isn't he Head of Football Ops or something like that? So he gets promoted up - should probably get more of the blame but I guess that would be hard considering his career at Denver. Of course, he picked, or helped pick, his replacement and the HC that just got fired :-)

  7. 10 minutes ago, munchmemory said:

    Hasn't Becton already had two years to prove himself?

    Well, one season under a terrible coach who put him in hurt and one season where he was hurt for all but a few hours - so NO.

    Also, last year, as a rookie on a terrible offense with a declining OL, he had a good season. that doesn't count because he was injured by another player?

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  8. 4 minutes ago, PepPep said:

    Exactly. While Becton should probably just stay off social media. I think we are reading way too much into this clip. 

    Maybe. But he probably just thought this was a cool clip and movie line (which it is) and he posted it for fun to say he will be back in full force. Not much more than that. To take it any further than that and suggest that it represents his attitude towards recovery or training or his career or competition is certainly a reach. 

    Thats the thing. What are we talking about here?! Let's take a step back for a moment.

    This was pretty much a top 10 draft pick (drafted 11th) only 2 years ago who was intended to be a cornerstone of this O-line at one of the most critical positions- LT/OT. High upside, somewhat raw prospect. He had a really promising rookie year, looking dominant at times. Then his sophomore season he has a freak injury that ends up requiring surgery and he ends up being out for much longer than expected- the whole season.

    Assuming he comes back healthy next year. Are we really talking about moving on from him?  Can we at least let him get back on the field before we start deciding on whether to cut ties? He's 22 for Christs sake. This is a guy who could still end up being one of the best OTs in the NFL. And the Jets have him under contract until 2024- at which point they have an option! 

    Sure, he probably shouldn't be posting nonsense. But it's amazing how much hate I have seen from fans instead of support you would typically see for a promising young player. Just stop being so hateful. Jeez.   

    This - some here get it in their heads that a guy is a bust, or is lazy and everything they read enforces it. It is called perspective bias. And then, the like making fun of a kid who is clearly struggling with food issues; he gets rolled on by a waste of space OL and he is the problem as being soft. Let's give the kid a chance before we dump him.

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  9. 10 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

    Make it happen JD

    This should be Saleh's call. If JD can determine who Saleh hires as a DC, the org is more screwed up than we had thought. In management, if you don't let your people do their job, they will never succeed and neither will you, IMO.


    Unless of course, this is a 'make it happen Tanny' type of thing - then never mind.

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  10. 7 minutes ago, Trotter said:

    Great point especially them throwing shade. When judge referenced a clown show org, he was referring to the jets. Can’t prove it but all his time time in New England and now the giants, that was directly at us. 
    I hope wash puts 40-50 on them today and then they announce joe judge is coming back.

    shouldn't they have a higher draft pick than us? I don't understand - I would have thought that they would have a lower SOS than us. I would rather have the Giants win and have a better pick, but I don't get how we are 4? Is it because we beat Houston, so SOS doesn't matter? Here is hoping for Houston to win (okay won't happen), Seattle and Carolina to loose.

  11. 4 minutes ago, tfine said:


    John “the most overrated QB in History” Elway is too much of a narcissist to find a franchise QB with the potential to break all of his records he set as a Bronco. That’s why he takes flyers on Paxton Lynches and Drew Locks. He want a good QB but not too good.

    Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app


    Or, he just isn't a good GM :-)

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  12. 48 minutes ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

    I'm not saying you can't mock them.  I'm saying it's embarrassing to mock them when, for all their problems, they have the same number of wins that we do.  Plus the point you made that "unlike the Gints, the Jets had to play in a division with the most winning franchise in the last 2 decades" doesn't hold water either.  The Giants beat them twice on the biggest stage (including preventing a perfect season).

    Just because they beat them, it doesn't mean that they were easy to beat. In fact, since they beat them in the SB, the best of the AFC couldn't beat them either. My point is that just because we didn't beat them, which we did 10 years ago in both regular season and playoffs, wasn't the reason we sucked.

    It isn't embarrassing at all. The fact that one of their own, went out of the way to say they weren't a joke is a joke by itself. They have no problem throwing shade on other organizations.

    Also, you comment about the same number of wins  'doesn't hold water' as, again, they play in the easiest division in the league. Of our 4 wins, 2 were against playoff teams and division winners, Cincinnati and  Tennessee. That not withstanding, there is nothing embarrassing making fun of our cross town rival. It is way less embarrassing than fans mocking their own team/players, IMO.

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  13. 35 minutes ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

    I'm kind of embarrassed that this is what we're "showboating" about as Jet fans.  The Giants are playing out the string the same way we are.  They have just as many wins (4) as we do.  The cap is going up next year anyway so whatever cap problems they have, that burden will be eased somewhat.  Back in 2010 when we made back-to-back AFC CG's it seemed like the landscape was tilted toward the Jets.  Then the Giants went out and won their 4th Superbowl by beating the Pats for the 2nd time on the biggest stage.  The same Patriots team that has rubbed our noses in it for over 2 decades.

    But yeah, they have cap issues in the final game of a lost season. 

    Its funny - when posters questions why fans want to mock their own team and root for players to fail - we get the 'you shouldn't tell people how to be fans' comment.

    Now we are laughing our asses off about a joke of a team whose fans constantly mock the Jets, we are bad people because, unlike the Gints, the Jets had to play in a division with the most winning franchise in the last 2 decades? Really?

    BTW, the cap goes up for everyone, so maybe the Gints will be able to pay for a full year, but what kind of dumbass GM over spends to the point where they can't fund their last game? It is funny and pathetic and had it happened to the Jets, the JD haters would have gone on and on about it. It is funny and pathetic - it also happens to be happening to a team who the media and their fans call the class of the NY market as they turn their noses down on the Jets.

    Yes they have the same number of wins as the Jets in the easiest Division in the League after over spending in the FA period. JD got kicked for not spending enough and still we have the same number of wins. But yeah, since we only won 4 games we can't mock them? Let's see if the NY media starts calling them a clown organization.

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  14. 15 minutes ago, slats said:


    If the Bills can’t beat the Jets at home in ****ty Buffalo weather, they don’t deserve the division. I’d love to see the team play spoiler today.*

    * subject to change should the Texans win at 1.

    Weather seems to affect Buffalo worse than other teams - maybe we would be better off with the Bills going to Pats instead of the other way around ...

  15. 2 minutes ago, Peace Frog said:

    I can’t imagine having a WR like Lamb. 

    I agree; catches ball - and he does it in traffic, rips through the tackle and explodes down field; our WRs, except for Moore and Berrios can't even catch non-contested balls.

  16. 2 minutes ago, Trotter said:

    I don’t remember what it was but didn’t judge say something that pissed Rivera off? I think Washington tries to run it up.

    What something stupid came out of Judge's mouth and it is going to backfire on him? Crazy. Seriously, if Judge's career is on the line, he had better try and win this last game - I doubt the Jets with Mims and Black can beat the Bills with high winds - I also doubt our D can stop the Bills from running all day...

  17. 4 minutes ago, Hex said:

    Well the fact that they're out of space is probably why he's retiring

    to avoid getting fired and not needing to deal with that crap at the same time

    Here is the question; everyone always said, why would a GM want to come to the Jets? Why would a GM want to come to a team with no QB, no cap? A top 5/10 pick? Is that enough to get someone to want to come there and struggle for at least 2 years?

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