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  1. I think it shows the potential of the offensive and the defense. I think from now on LaSuck (maybe not as much) stays in the booth. I also think we are not as good as we look this week nor were we as bad as we looked against NE. I think there was a lot of Cincy looking passed this game, while look how the Chargers are struggling on offense against the strong NE pass rush and secondary (two hard things for rookies). I am hopeful that this team is turning the corner, but I would also expect ups and downs this season. We doubled our win total this week, so that is a good start. We thought th
  2. of course if we loose next week, JD sucks, white sucks, we all suck - nice to get the win though...
  3. maybe this is the win that keeps us from getting the next LT - on a bogus call - that would be SOJ.
  4. he can't do that - got to use up the last 4 seconds before 2 minute warning...
  5. let him win another game before we crown him the next Brady Or this one - D better show up one more time,...
  6. I can see the headlines now - fire JD, wasted 6th round pick - didn't realize how good his backup QB was
  7. Shouldn't their be a call from the jets booth telling him to challenge?
  8. maybe we should see White against the Pats, and Zack when LaPuke is in the booth first
  9. My 1A, whomever is playing the Pats; my most hated team: whomever fails to beat the Pats
  10. To be fair the Kotite years were historically bad for the Jets. 4 wins in 2 years (3-13 and 1-15). We can be no worse than that last year. The Browns recent run before/during their rebuild was worse with 4 wins over 3 years with 3-13, 1-15, 0-16 seasons. So, yes this completely sucks; No, it was not unexpected; Yes, the a$$ whipping by the Patriots particularly hurt; No, there likely won't be any staffing changes; Yes, it will likely get worse before it gets better. It sucks to be a Jets fan, but at least we are not a zero win team (sorry Lions fans)
  11. Agreed - Playoff caliber teams trade for players at this point. Not bargain hunters looking for long term fill ins. Unless something like the QB goes down without a real backup.
  12. Yeah, Joe must go; just today while walking my dog 3 pro-bowl caliber guards fell out of the sky. Almost hit my dog too. he should be signing them all - cheap - get it done Tanny
  13. While I agree with the general premise of this thread and I know we have like zero chance at winning on Sunday, can we at least wait until we loose to talk about our 1-6 season? I did not expect much of this season. But I was extremely disappointed with the way the defense played on Sunday. While I expected the defense to struggle with rookies/2nd year/late round corners, I think they played over their heads in the previous weeks. To watch them get gashed, couldn't tackle and were completely out of position was hard. This is mostly on coaching; we can only hope that someday, a Jets
  14. I agree it is frustrating, but at least not unexpected this year - although the Pats game was not expected. Nothing is changing until the end of next year. I am hoping, the team is winning and competitive by then.
  15. Is winning these games without Zack important this year? As fans, we love to watch our team win, but in the big picture it is mostly about his (and of course others) growth and building chemistry. This is the only year Saleh is going to get where the number of wins isn't going to affect his status here - why worry about the wins now? If you are going to worry, why not sign a vet before the season starts? Also, had this happened before the bye, he would have time to get up to speed. This is a new offense for him as he was here last under Gase (I think); how productive is he really going to
  16. eh; a conditional 6th, maybe a 5th - in order for it to be a 5th, he will likely need to play a lot; if JD has a brain, win or lose, he should bench him before it turns into a 5th :-).
  17. Not too worried about that, FLacco is done. Do you think he sits back behind that line and takes the hits for the Jets at this point in his career?
  18. IMO this can only turn out two ways: bad and worse. Bad: Joe is washed up and even with a veteran presence is going to be lost. No more excuses - he is likely to butt heads with LaPuke. Worse: Joe manages to win a few games which screws our chance at a top 3 pick; the whole point in not having a vet was to get Zack all of the experience he can get without a QB controversy; if Joe manages to win a few, nobody would want Zack back. Problem is that Saleh is too stubborn and JD panicked This shows that JD/Saleh have no faith in Mike White nor the D.
  19. I posted this on another thread - 'no body can win with these guys. Falco: I can'.
  20. That is what many here were saying. We will see what the NFL says sometimes they cop to it and fine the offender.
  21. I am good continuing with the plan with JD, Saleh, and Zack - I am not convinced that LaPuke should stay, however. I am really only good with it, because if we get rid of JD, we are just a joke again and have to restart. To be fair, however, that guard must be really bad if i can make the Jets D forget how to tackle and where to play :-).
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