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  1. Nope players will be added next year; current quality rookies will get better; but yes, we are likely stuck with LaFool for quite a while. I still haven't decided about Saleh - the team is so young and has so many holes; let's hope he can do for the lbs what he did for the CBs.
  2. i was fortunately spared most of the game; I would never punt the way BB runs up the score - F him; someday someone will do it to him and he will throw a major hissy fit. The guy has no redeeming values except for the fact he can beat rookie QBs, lucks into Brady and cheats better than everyone.
  3. yep - I am blind - yep, that late hit out of bounds at the legs was PERFECTLY legal.
  4. If the Jets tackle their QB low and late there would have been a flag - just because they suck, doesn't mean it shouldn't be fair
  5. NO I AM NOT blind the team sucks, but instead of commish complaining about ticket sales, maybe someone should complain on how the Pats always get the breaks - they don't need them, certain not against the jets. Never said it was the reason the Jets were loosing.
  6. Maybe the instead - woody should call the commissioner and ask why the refs won't throw a penalty on the Pats.
  7. Why are you here? Clearly not a true fan if you just want the team to suck to prove your point.
  8. that just sucked! are we that bad without Mosely? also, apparently only one team can use creative and trick plays, so we are just going to hand off the ball all afternoon. Mac Jones was just brilliant on that drive - it is the team and the team you are playing and the game plan that is making him look good; Jets are great at making rookie QBs look great.
  9. I just don't know - Mahomes and Wilson (Russel) are great QBs, and they have look pedestrian at times because of the team that surrounds them. If Miami has to pay too much you get a guy with legal issues (who knows what else is out there) and a chip on his shoulder while sitting out a year of football. Not worth the cost, IMO.
  10. happy to have Miami give up their future picks and cap money to a guy who likely won't play this year, will be out of practice and has other issues. this will also make the players in the locker room start taking sides, whether they keep or trade Tua; and without the picks and the cap space, not sure how good they will be. Either way, doubt they will become the dynasty that the Pats had, so we just need to get better and not worry about the other teams until we play them.
  11. I think it had to do with the Kraft->Parcells->Scumbag triangle coupled with mess that Jets were in. Parcells quit unexpectedly and then BB quit; also the team ownership was in question still - i don't think woody bought the team until after BB quit - at one point it was rumored that the NFL came to Woody and asked him to buy the team to prevent Trump and someone else from buying it. Also, Kraft had owned the Patriots for a while, and the team was in 3 playoffs and a super bowl in the previous years under its previous two coaches and I believe talks were on they way for a new stadium. I
  12. While i appreciate your sentiment and optimism, I don't think we beat the Pats at home - I hope we do, but that victory will likely need to wait until next year.
  13. No, the attempt to prompt up a bad team with Vets has been happening for 4 years, and we are 5 games into the real rebuild. And, let's be fair, 2.5 of it was with a different GM, and only 5 games with the HC. 2-14 was with Darnold, a bunch of ailing vets, and some prima donnas and a lot of dead cap money that went to Vets the previous GM used to try to prop up a bad team with no depth. We tried to rebuild and win which didn't work - we tried it with the past GM and HC. We are 5 games into this rebuild - you want to be unhappy be unhappy. sorry man. I am enjoying watching this team for the
  14. Of course he isn't a rookie, but at least 2nd year. I am willing to give him a muligan on his first draft as it was his first, and it was a pandemic and it is a bit too early to tell if Mims and Becton may come around.
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