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  1. Great rework. If Clary outperforms in camp he gets paid. If he doesn't he gets cut.
  2. Terrible idea. Rams wouldn't accept that trade anyway and Goff looked like a poor man's Alex Smith last year.
  3. On second thought it's probably best Lee avoid post any but football stuff on twitter. It may have nothing to do with anything but he's a public figure now. He is under a microscope.
  4. Most of this forum agreed with them but there was a large contingent who knew Fitz ducked.
  5. Fitz is to blame for his terrible QB play. No one and nothing else. Bowles and Mac are to blame for putting faith in a backup QB and starting him over Geno.
  6. Kessler has less experience yet similar pocket presence and greater anticipation than Fitz. Experience contributes but a QB in their 2nd year should show signs of having it. Kessler showed it in his 1st few starts this year and Petty hasn't in his 2nd. We talk about Petty's second year because this is his 2nd year just like this year is like Osweiler's 5th or what have you. Neither QB is a rookie.
  7. Fitz is a bottom level starter and arguably possesses better pocket presence, mobility and anticipation than Petty. So Petty isnt even better than Fitz. To this point Bryce registers a 64 QB rating and 1:2 TD/INT ratio. This is an absurdly poor record by rookie let alone by second year standards. I could understand if Petty didn't have receivers that could beat coverage or a running game or a line but he has all 3 and keeps missing throws. Just because Petty made some right reads doesn't mean he is ready to start next year. He isn't. Any coach that goes into next year trying to start a QB that registers a 60 something QB rating alongside Marshall and Anderson is setting themselves up for failure.
  8. You made the argument Geno throws his picks on check downs. It is your responsibility to back that argument up. You choose instead to prevaricate and make excuses. Support your statement or don't argue it.
  9. So you concede the debate and run away. Expected. When you have proof Geno throws his picks on check downs, post it. Else be quiet and stop making statements you can't back up.
  10. Geno rarely checks down. Most of his picks come from other plays like down the seam or triple coverage. He will generally take a sack or throw into coverage than check down. Prove your point and show evidence Geno throws his picks checking down.
  11. You don't know what you're talking about. Geno doesn't check down, which is his problem. But he was a better deep passer and more accurate QB than Petty at the same stage. Petty's check downs haven't worked today as well. We only scored 10 points in 3 quarters despite multiple chances to score more. That's not good.
  12. Petty just keeps underthrowing and missing go routes. He threw a pick on a go route because he didn't throw ahead of the receiver. Has he had drops? Yes, but that doesn't excuse the check downs and missed throws. Fitz has drops too. Doesn't excuse his play.
  13. Petty doesn't look better than 2nd year Geno at this point Imo. Petty has better weapons and a better OC yet can only miss deep and throw check down. He's never going to start here unless Bowles wants to lose his job.
  14. You shut up. We have had receivers open deep all day and Petty keeps missing them or checking down to Powell. That's plays left on the field. 10 points through 3 quarters is a losing effort given our WR core. And the 2 minute drill doesn't mean anything. Defenses can't throw complex coverage in the 2 minute drill. It's 7 on 7
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