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  1. If our QB can't hit a deep threat and his short/mid passing isn't good enough, the offense becomes anemic. This is essentially why Bradford fails. He isn't good enough in the short to mid area to overcome his lack of deep passing ability. So either Fitz offsets his deep passing problems in other ways or we should find a new starter.
  2. I think you need a deep threat to take the top off unless your QB is Brady but maybe Forte or Amaro can ameliorate this problem, we'll see. Also there isn't always a good run game against good defenses. That's just the nature of playing at a high level. Franchise QBs who lead teams ti playoffs and championships can win games without a run game. So this excuse for Fitz isn't a good one imho.
  3. He's just changing the goalposts. A bottom 10 starter is 90th percentile compared to backups, but still bottom percentile relative to actual starters, which is what matters when we talk of winning games, playoffs and championships.
  4. I don't see a problem with the ranking. Fitz had a bottom 5 schedule last year, good receivers and a top 10 defense, yet couldn't get his team to the playoffs despite help. He basically failed on the back of poor performances against good defenses. So Fitz therefore is like a tier 4 QB in that even with support he can't succeed. Resigning a bottom QB like Fitz is folly and fool's gold, but this Jets staff hasn't shown good QB acquisition acumen.
  5. The only thing that matters in the NFL is tape and talent. All the little things you're talking about are irrelevant as Cutler, Flacco, Dalton, and other examples etc show. I remember a NFL player saying that for all the criticism RG3 gets for his locker room issues, Big Ben is arguably the worse teammate, with the only difference being that Big Ben wins football games. So again, all Geno has to do is improve, play well and wait. Politics and optics matter, and Geno should be aware of these things, but the most important thing is play.
  6. I don't get the feeling Flacco, Dalton, Cutler, etc text their players or are especially social either. Social nuance, extraversion and the like aren't necessary to succeed in the NFL. If they were of any real importance, guys like Barkley and Tebow would be All-Pros, not a jerk like Flacco. Fitz's shenanigans may work this season but long term he's going to be out of a job if his talent and playing ability don't match the FO's expectations. All Geno has to do is play well and wait.
  7. If Geno plays well and doesn't start this year, he'll most likely leave for FA. The only way he stays for 10 mill over 2 years is if gets no better offers and/or he has no other starting prospects. The possibility is there that he'll stay but that's dependent on his market.
  8. Geno's problem is in the deep intermediate range, where he lacks touch, not the deep field overall. Geno can hit the deepest part of the field 30+ yards if Marshall/Decker/Thompson/Peake get free, like he did in the Miami (for Decker) and Oakland (for Marshall) game. He'll hit deep balls several times a game.
  9. Casserly isn't always right but he's right on this issue. The rest of the league seems to think so too.
  10. The team's symbolic actions towards Fitz don't mean anything. There's no money and no commitment, not even a roster spot, for symbolism. Take them what for what you will but Mac's lack of movement on Fitz--when everyone else in the league snatched up their QB as soon as possible--is proof enough. Moving on, if the team didn't want Geno here for 2016, he would be gone. On the contrary he's here and taking Fitz's position. Geno's contract talks will begin and end based on his performance this year, as they should. Fitz won't in the conversation either way. He failed last year and will never get another real chance to starter here even if Geno fails too. We'll just draft another QB.
  11. @AFJF Fitz hasn't bee resigned and has effectively been replaced by Geno. If Fitz was considered a starter here or anywhere, he would have been signed as a starter a long time ago, same as every other QB in the league. Months ago now, Osweiler was given a ridiculous contract for getting benched by Peyton. RG3 too was given the starter reins despise failing multiple times. But I digress: teams just don't want Fitz because he sucks. They don't care about that empty 30 TD stat against sh*t teams. Geno will start here hence and if he fails, we will draft another QB. Whatever happens, Fitz will probably never start here again. You can keep holding out hope though.
  12. That's not interesting at all. Gailey was the one who schemed Nelson's 650 yards (terrible) and 5 TDs (red zone). Geno meanwhile had a post knee surgery David Nelson with MM, who can't scheme his way out of a paper bag. David Nelson is out of the NFL because he lost Gailey, not because he lost Fitz. Nelson isn't a NFL level receiver which is why other teams don't want him, just like Fitzpatrick isn't a good starter, which is why NFL teams don't want him. Moving on, the more interesting thing is Decker's efficiency with Geno on the field versus Fitzpatrick. When Decker was recovering from injury and Geno's #1 drawing the defense's attention, he amassed a higher yards per reception than he did with Fitz and Gailey. This presupposes Decker can be more efficient with Geno than Fitz.
  13. If Geno is the answer we will find out this year. If he isn't we'll probably draft a QB. Either way Fitz's time here is at an end. Last year Fitz couldn't beat any of the better defenses we faced (except the Pats whom Miami beat the week after). I think that showed the coaching staff and management that Fitz is a waste of time. NFL management don't care about subjective intangibles like whether someone is liked. They care about talent, potential and results.
  14. The Pats game doesn't even go to overtime if Fitz doesn't miss about 4 deep ball chances.
  15. According to Darryl Slater, Geno went 7 for 7 in the red zone and finished 18 of 26 overall including the pick. That's not a bad practice for him. Petty and Hack weren't good though.
  16. Jordan Rodgers, Aaron Rodgers' brother, put up 8.2 AY/A in Franklin's system. That's higher than Hackenberg ever put up, even in Hackenberg's first year. We'll see next year how well McSorley, Hackenberg's successor, plays. However in the short backup time I saw McSorley, he was way more productive than Hackenberg. The Penn State receivers magically started catching.
  17. Franklin elevated the Vanderbilt program and Jordan Rodgers, a fringe NFL talent, performed better in Franklin's system than in his last coach's. This implies Franklin's system is fine.
  18. Hackenberg wasn't pressured on "every" play. PFF explains this much in their analysis.
  19. Actually he will see substantial pressure in the NFL and had 2 years of failing to beat the same in college. Moreover he will likely play in Gailey's offense which excels in the shotgun and spread scheme. The same scheme Hackenberg couldn't do in college. I understand your believing in him but I'm just saying you should temper your expectations.
  20. Hackenberg makes good reads presnap but that is only half the battle in the NFL. Most backups can make good presnap reads; what separates them is postsnap, execution and playmaking ability. Hackenberg fails in these respects. Even when he wasn't under pressure Hackenberg missed throws. When he was under pressure he basically fell apart. That's not what NFL QBs do. This isn't right. While Geno only had middling ball placement (some of that we see now was just footwork issues), he was more accurate than Hackenberg at most every area of the field. Hackenberg missed throws not because of pressure, but because he was inaccurate and couldn't make time in the pocket.
  21. In this case the chance the stats are lying is very low. The number of modern franchise QBs who performed like Hackenberg, were drafted where he was, with small hands, etc is virtually 0. Every other QB on our roster, Geno and Petty both, have a higher statistical chance of being franchise QBs than Hackenberg does.
  22. QBs drafted in the late 2nd, with small hands, below 60% completion and low Adjusted Yards per Attempt numbers have historically never become real franchise QBs. All of the successful QBs drafted in the late second, including Dalton, Carr and Brees, had at least average hands, above 60% completion and high Adjusted Yards Per attempt number. The only statistical franchise QB trait Hackenberg possesses is his #1 recruit status. I don't hold out much hope for him.
  23. There's more value in having Geno start and Hackenberg sit. This is Geno's contract year so there's a decent chance he shows greatly improved performance. Hackenberg isn't ready this year anyway.
  24. Reports have come out that the team value Lynch as a mid rounder, in other words, a developmental QB. From a QB standpoint Lynch is developmental. He holds the ball too long, doesn't anticipate and has problems under pressure. Most of his positive qualities come more from his physical traits than anything else. So they passed on him essentially because they don't think his actual QB ability was worth the pick.
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