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  1. Two of Fitz's TDs today were to wide open one-read players - one to wide open Marshall after he easily beat Buffalo's weakest DB and another to Decker in the middle of the field when he easily beat Graham. Fitz literally never moved his eyes from either and just watched them outplay their CBs. Any QB can do that - Austin Davis could and would have made both throws given the degree of difficulty. Austin Davis is a backup and so is Fitz. The 30 TD benchmark doesn't mean anything when you consider the system and the weapons. Fitz will regress next season when teams study Gailey's offense, after he was gone so long, and adjust. We should draft a QB in the 2nd this year.
  2. The play wasn't Thompkins' fault. DB made a great play on the ball. Even Marshall has had DBs knock balls out of his hands this season. Fitz couldn't make the playoffs this year with one of the easiest schedules in the NFL, two of the best weapons in the league and a top 5 Defense. If Fitz can't make the playoffs with some of the best conditions ever for a QB then he obviously isn't a starter.
  3. Winning 6 is not a successful season. We won 8 games in 2013 with Rex, a rookie Geno and a disinterested Holmes. If we don't win at least 8 I don't see why we spent all the money we did.
  4. Too raw and not even as good as the other OSU QB.
  5. This is why he was brought in. Starting isn't.
  6. Geno is not at fault for that 0-1. He wasn't even supposed to play and the D absolutely stunk. Fitz cost us a 7th rounder this year and he has an average record. Geno cost us a 2nd rounder a few years ago.
  7. Foles is originally a spread system QB. Maybe he'd be good in Gailey's system.
  8. The ball was overthrown anyway and Fitz had an entire first half to play well. Instead he played awfully. Davis is not to blame.
  9. We were an 8-8 team in 2013 before our GM stripped us of talent. So we haven't winning gained anything.
  10. Jags have one of the worst pass Ds in the league.
  11. This is his 2nd year and he still can't even throw from the pocket.
  12. We didn't lost because of the sack. We lost because our D gave up like 4 straight TDs. Geno made good throws and good decisions for most of the game.
  13. Orton is retired and a slow pocket passer with an average arm. I saw him in Buffalo and he put up the same number of points a game as EJ Manuel. I think he's done with football too.
  14. Other than some mental mistakes and/or holding onto the ball trying to make a big play tendencies, Geno played well today. 64% and 2 TDs. Marshall was held on that final deep throw. It was PI.
  15. Cam has no real weapons outside of his TE and he leads them to wins so I guess that's why.
  16. I think offense rules, ultimately. I think it's mostly the QB but not all of it.
  17. If Marshall catches the TD and Lafell doesn't drop half his passes, or Edelman doesn't drop his TD, we still lose. There were drops on both sides. You can't blame a drop for losing a game when your opponents had more drops, including a TD themselves. As for 3rd and 18, Brady made a big play. It happens. Our defense played well overall. Ivory looked fine and said he'll be ready for Wednesday practice.
  18. The defense played well in the first half and Brady simply released the ball too quickly in the second.
  19. 1. We couldn't run the ball because the Pats went all out to stop us from doing so. They forced Fitz into throwing because they know he can't beat them through the air. 2. The Pats had 10 drops today, including a TD. That's an unusual amount of drops and if the number were readjusted to normality (i.e. Lafell's dropsies), the Pats score more than 30 points and we still lose regardless of BMarsh's drop. 3. The defense played very well overall and kept Brady and tow in check for large periods of the game. I'm not sure they could have done any better. The QB ultimately has to win the game when he has the weapons and is given the opportunity to do so. 4. The Pats had very little pass rush against our offensive line and Fitz missed another TD to Devin today. That should nullify BMarsh's drop.
  20. Well if Oakland can beat up on SD, a team with a 10 ranked offense, it's trouble.
  21. The Pats had 10 drops today, incuding an Edelman TD, so I don't hold the Marshall drop against him. If the Pats didn't have so many drops they score more than 30 and we still lose even if Marshall makes the catch. The Pats shut down the run knowing Fitz can't beat them through the air.
  22. Fitz has yet to win against a team with an above average defense and average/good QB'ing. The closest team we have fought with this metric is Philly, and they beat us. The rest of the teams we faced: IND, MIA and CLE, all had bad QBs, bad defense or both (McCown was injured). There are stronger teams with stronger defenses and/or QBs that put up better performances than Bradford (who already beat us while playing like crap), and all of them will be vying for the Superbowl. Therefore we can't win. That's why it's a waste of time playing Fitz. We should play Geno and if he fails this year, draft another QB.
  23. PFF gave Fitzpatrick a lower -5.4 grade in the MIA game than the grade given to Tannehill, which was -3.9. That more accurately captures Fitzpatrick's game than QBR. Fitz's passer rating was only 76 too, which also capture how well he performed as a QB.
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