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  1. 70 QB rating against a team with bottom rated defense and a QB playing like garbage
  2. PFF has Geno top 10 in deep accuracy percentage up to December 2013. Geno's play actually improved in December 2013 so his percentage probably remained the same or improved. Then in 2014 he had no Holmes and a hobbled Decker, and his accuracy sank. That's his whole "two years in" story. The kind of poor posts I see on this forum is nauseating.
  3. I thought this thread was about Geno's deep ball ability? In 2013 Geno was at least average and closer to a good deep baller passer overall. In 2014 he was throwing deep balls to JAGs and Kerley until Harvin was slotted in and Decker got healthy. Then Geno was throwing 15+ balls all the time. So yes, the smart evidence suggests Geno is a "good deep ball thrower". With the addition of Marshall, Devin Smith and Decker, he will be "good" in all probability.
  4. I didn't say Decker and Harvin were there in 2013. Holmes was, and Geno was at least an average deep thrower in 2013. Geno was ranked top 5 to top 10 in deep accuracy, deep attempts and deep yards per attempt in 2013. Did he throw lots of INTs? Yes, but so did Andrew Luck in Arian's scheme, and Luck didn't produce, the same raw efficiency that Geno produced downfield. Then in 2014 Geno threw good deep balls to Harvin (who didn't begin playing until after the Buffalo game) and to Decker (who wasn't healthy until the last part of the 2014 season). So the evidence suggests that Geno is at least an average deep ball thrower when he has one or two weapons. The rest of the time Geno was throwing deep balls to JAGs and Kerley. An offense will Marshall, Devin Smith AND Decker will catapult him into "good" if he isn't there already.
  5. When Geno's weapons were healthy in 2013 and 2014--Santonio Holmes, Decker and (to an extent) Harvin--I remember Geno completing a good deep pass about every game and sometimes a few good deep passes. So evidence suggests he is at least an average deep passer given weapons. In a Jets offense with Devin Smith and Marshall, Geno will likely be at least better than Fitzpatrick and probably very good.
  6. Despite being gifted great field position, the offense was putrid and barely scored any points in the entire first half. That's why we lost. Also, Bair had so many pass knockdowns because Fitzpatrick is short for a pure pocket passer and can't alter his throwing platform or scramble like Manziel or Wilson or Geno. In other words, the knockdowns are partially his fault. He can't play a pure pocket passer game without getting knockdowns because of his limitations as a player and passer.
  7. The Eagles stacked the box and focused on stopping the run because they know Fizpatrick can't beat them throwing the intermediate and deep ball. The Colts did the same thing and the difference was corner quality. The Colts had backup corners whereas the Eagles had good starting corners.
  8. Then we might as well play our best young QB, which is Geno.
  9. The offensive line is fine and a better QB can win the receivers we have.
  10. This game is not on Marshall. Fitz has a 4.2 YPA with or without that last interception The only reason Philly hasn't blown us out is because Bradford also has a 4.2 YPA against our top 5 D. And yet another 3-and-out despite starting past our 40 yard line. Is this for real?
  11. Checkdown artists are not "effective and efficient quarterbacks" and I don't care what any wikipedia article says. The checkdown is the last resort and shouldn't be the fulcrum of any great QB. QBs who overuse checkdowns or else rate checkdowns as their predominate pass are usually inefficient and ineffective (i.e. poor YPA). QBs who are able to win with checkdowns are usually bad QBs with really good teams (i.e. Alex Smith and high YAC). In any case, the QB is bad and should be replaced.
  12. I can't believe what I'm reading. It's May and the defense usually starts off better than offense. Remember too that this is the Jets' D so it's no picnic for any QB. The offense tends to get better as they play and towards the later months. Let things play out. The offense hasn't even installed packages yet.
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