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  1. Can you imagine what those plays would look like going to Devin Smith?
  2. If that had been Fitz, all the deflections would have been picks, especially the one where he was hit as he threw. And one of those last two underthrown balls would have been picked. And one of our receivers making a catch like Edelman's? Not in this lifetime.
  3. Brady could have had, what, five picks with all the deflections and dangerous throws...but instead, the ball bounced his way over and over...and over.
  4. He also hurt the QB with all his drops and decreasing ability to gain separation.
  5. Atlanta's O is as potent as just about any I've ever watched. And they have a defense that can pressure the QB. I think they take this.
  6. I don't like Pittsburgh either. The refs acknowledged the fumble. They said they could not determine who recovered. Reviews showed it clearly was recovered by a Steeler defender. Anyhow, not surprised or phased by any of it. I have become numbed.
  7. Pretty much sums it up. They would have almost certainly lost anyhow, but that Brady obvious fumble ruled "inconclusive" also speaks volumes. Some things never change...
  8. They also lost because they lost their MVP and could not run and control the clock, which frankly was their only chance in this mismatch. But their defense was terrible and matched up poorly against the Pats. Pats made it look beyond easy. I don't think Pitt was a Super Bowl caliber team and the game was largely a mismatch.
  9. Peyton Manning had 9 TD's and 17 INT's and won a Super Bowl last season. D was not as dominant, nor were any other D's this season. I'm not sure what the Steelers put on the field yesterday, but they were pathetic on defense. How many times can you leave Chris Hogan WIDE OPEN?!! And of course zero pressure on Tom Tom.
  10. So Big Ben completes 13 passes for under 200 yards and a couple of picks and wins in a rout. Must be nice.
  11. Don't feel to sorry for them. The Bills ended up with 0 penalties for 0 yards. Isn't amazing how fast the new coach cleaned up their act.
  12. We need a bruiser in short yardage situations. At least better play calling. Powell up the gut twice on 4th and 1?
  13. Why the hell would they even risk playing him in this lost season??
  14. His QB may have crapped the bed but so did his defensive line, secondary, offensive line, special teams, wide receiving corps, and just about every facet of this team. And, by the way, his journeyman QB went 10-5 last season and won 5 out of 6 games down the stretch, making coach look pretty good. Unfortunately, his journeyman QB could not overcome all the team's flaws this season, and truthfully, even top QB's would have trouble winning games with this squad. It is beyond uninspiring to think of this clueless coach walking the sidelines again next season. This is a guy who is supposed to be a defensive guru and his defense was nothing short of atrocious against the pass and so incredibly undisciplined game after game. In fact, there is not a thing I can think of that Todd Bowles did well in 2016.
  15. The guy was terrible and regressed majorly this season. Rex did a better job both here and with the Bills and got canned.
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