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  1. Where was this last week against the Steelers...couldn't even get a first down in the second half.
  2. Not a Bengals fan, but any time I root for them, they seem to lose.
  3. If Denver loses tonight, just ONE out of three things must happen for Jets to make playoffs next Sunday: Jets win OR Steelers lose OR Broncos lose.
  4. I guess theoretically possible if Jets are the 5th seed and end up playing the 6th seed.
  5. The rest of the path will likely be on the road....but what lasting memories the Jets have given their fans at home this year, culminating with a dramatic victory over the rival Pats. From the moment Fitz released that perfect corner lob which magically floated into Decker's hands, it has been quite a feeling of elation. Once again, a wonderful time to be a Jets fan. Hang on and enjoy the rest of this wild, crazy ride my fellow Jets comrades! I have a feeling it could turn into something very special.
  6. The greatest feat of all was beating a team that was holding on virtually every play, yet was only called for ONE PENALTY the ENTIRE GAME. The Jets dominated the LOS on both sides of the ball, and Fitz and the receivers came up big when it counted most. Outstandingly called game from Chan as well, and special teams are stepping it up. We are seeing a team that is well balanced at the moment - kudos to the coaching staff. Let's take down Rex and Co. next week and steamroll into the playoffs on a six game run!
  7. Fitz is a great fit for this Jets team...plays with a unique combination of gutsiness and headiness , and he is not forcing the ball or having to carry teams like he has had to in the past. He has advanced tremendously as a QB, while developing great chemistry with his talented receivers.. His teammates respect the hell out of him, and he is showing that he can play well late in games and win the close ones. He has brought a sense of stability and excitement to a team starving for a leader behind center. Sure as heck hope he sticks around for a while.
  8. Haha...yes, fear a team with a porous secondary that just lost a must win game to Ryan Mallett!! Don't fear the Jets, whose defense is far superior and has been beating the snot out of Pretty Boy Tommy, and that has an offense which has been breaking records...makes perfect sense!
  9. BS....If Marshall alone can make a QB great, why on earth was he had for a late rounder, and why has he NEVER been to the playoffs...I love Marshall, but Fitz is a big reason why he is having such a good year and Decker is performing big time as well. If what you say is true, why not just sign Cassel and save some big money? Well, likely because it is both an asinine and preposterous assertion.
  10. It's kind of like seeing a pitcher on a lousy team that is victimized by a losing record...those who keenly look beyond the surface and beyond the numbersbrecognize the guy can play some damn good football. Playing on horrible teams with a different coach every year can sort of mess up those stats a bit. He is finally on a decent team, and his "stats" are through the roof.
  11. The difference was essentially a fumbled kick off, but according to Bills fans and message boards, they completely outplayed us and Tyrod Taylor is much better than Fitz....
  12. So, he's worried about playing a team that couldn't even beat newly signed Ryan Mallet in a must win situation....what a joke of a theory.
  13. It's all about physicality...pressure Brady, be aggressive with bumps and hits on him and Gronkowski. Should have no problem shutting down the run game, and short passing game will be less of a factor with the little dudes out. Don't let Gronkowski beat you, and make Brady stand in and take some big shots.
  14. Bills played the Chiefs when they had a lousy record and the Jets played against the against the Raiders with Geno at the helm...
  15. I think the Jets come out physical and get some good shots on Brady and Gronkowski...BB will think twice about keeping them in the game. Not that I think the Jets can't win with The Cheats at full strength, but this would make for a less stressful path.
  16. He used Scott Chandler quite a bit in Buffalo, particularly in the red zone.
  17. What's embarrassing are your nonsensical, demeaning posts... Your logic has become a disaster.
  18. It's amazing how well Pats back up O-linemen and practice squad fill ins block for Brady, even against dominating D lines...what unbelievable depth they must have.
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