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  1. Andy Dalton made the pro bowl last year with 19 TD's and 17 INT's....
  2. This decision is being overblown big time...he was trying to ice the game and make it a three score affair...Giants were moving the ball handily on that drive...even if they missed, it would take two scores to tie, and the jets would have to go the entire length of the field for one of those scores, force a three and out and drive down the field again, something they were in fact able to do, but may have been able to do anyhow even with a 13 point deficit. The Jets got a field goal on the first possession, but their playcalling and approach was likely different once they to first and goal because they were playing to at least tie the game...down 13, they likely would have been a bit more aggressive and scored the TD on both possessions and won by a point in regulation.
  3. See what happens to Brady when he doesn't have a TE to throw to...
  4. This I agree with, and that's why their performance against the Pats and Bills the second time around will be critical.
  5. The stupidest statistic known to man...the Jets beat the Colts at the beginning of the season, the Colts had a winning record before the last game, the Colts have won their division for the past several years...if the Colts win next week, does that count as beating a team with a winning record? If you beat a really good team on opening day, that doesn't count, or a team that is 1-1 or a team that would have a winning record had you not beaten that team, had we lost both times to the Dolphins, we would have lost to a winning team rather than beating a losing team...the Pats beat us, but we've beaten ourselves in several games, so doesn't that count for something? It is so silly, it is borderline ridiculous.
  6. Considering the guy has 7 wins in 11 starts (and 9 wins in his last 13 NFL games), this thread is looking pretty dumb about now...
  7. What's the point of this thread?
  8. The Jets M.O. was not being able to comeback on teams late in games...something had to give, and they persevered with a rookie coach and Fitz coming up big in a major high pressure moment to keep their season alive, made all the more remarkable with the terrible special teams performance and subpar o-line play.
  9. I can see the Bills getting spanked in Philly this week, which would put them in a major hole.
  10. Giants were ahead when the Jets had 200 yards of offense to 50...
  11. I'm pretty sure that when you 're down near the end zone and you score TD's instead of field goals and not turn the ball over, it's a good thing.
  12. Amen. The Jets have played far from perfect football, but their red zone prowess is the biggest factor in the team having a winning record to this point.
  13. If it's all Marshall, one would deduce that just about any team he were on would be tops in the red zone, leaving his availability for a fifth rounder a ridiculous stroke of fortune for the Jets.
  14. Anyone dare check the Lions message boards...
  15. Rodgers would have had to run 70 yards to win the game...there was no time left on the clock...unbelievable to decide a game on a play where the guys hand just nicked his face mask.
  16. The Jets offense, while not proficient in the game, put up 17 points? I think Houston had held its three other recent opponents all under ten points, including the Bengals who only scored 6. It would have been nice to see the defense step up and shut down TJ Yates and the wildcat and take this game against the Texans.
  17. He may have "gone in the tank" some with the Bills, but that team was awful...his receivers were all iundrafted or 7th rounders, none of whom are doing much in the league if even on a current roster. The defense was also bad on that team, so the guy would often have to throw 40 plus times in a game and drop 30 on a team to even have a chance. Not many QB's would have succeeded in that situation. Not making excuses, just stating a reality.
  18. The Jets should be concerned with building a complete, balanced team around Fitz, or whoever is at QB....you can have top guys like Bree's or Rivers and it doesn't mean squat if they aren't surrounded by a good team. Almost no QB can carry a team consistently. That being said, Fitz has kept us in games where the rest of the team has played poorly - no running game, special teams blunders etc...and darn near won a couple of them had his receivers made plays...and remember, no QB can succeed when clutch passes and potential TD's are dropped. That being said, he has missed some chances, particularly late in the Houston game and Fitz also needs to improve at the beginnings of games, but all in all, the guy has put his team in position to win games and has played solid at the QB position, converting red zone TD's at an exceptional rate and utilizing his big play receivers. If he can develop chemistry with Devin Smith, that will add a major dimension to this offense.
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