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  1. You must be so envious of the guy it is tearing you apart....is your life that hollow and full of disappointment that you must constantly attack someone else...time to look in the mirror and reassess your own shortcomings, my friend.
  2. Newton, the Greek God, with all the physical gifts in the world...being outperformed, or at least matched in performance, by a 7th rounder from Harvard, but fortunately, his 200 yards passing a game are good enough to make him look golden, because he has a running game and defense to rely on...and yes pal, comparing stats is fair game.
  3. People are amazing in how much they put this guy down...missed a full game, playing with an injury, has had 4 or 5 TD's dropped in the end zone , first year on a team coming off of a 4-12 season and in position to possibly break the all time franchise record for TD passes on a team that has been in existence for over 45 years, and basically no credit....wow, just wow.
  4. Leadership is the top reason Fitz should stay behind center.
  5. Don't really rejoice in anyone being fired. Coordinators work very long hours and the guy was doing his best. He has a family.
  6. He may have "padded" his stats against the Pats and won the game had receivers held on to two well thrown passes in the end zone....
  7. It might not be a terrible thing to try to keep this core unit intact next season while upgrading the running game depth and o-line, and perhaps even a TE?
  8. Bills literally won that game because of two fumbles deep in our zone that handed them ten free points, not because they outplayed us or dominated the line of scrimmage. There is nothing about the Bills that should scare the Jets.
  9. I think we would all like to see them string a few good games together..It's a start, but agreed, lot's of work to do.
  10. You win. I lose. Continue on with your negativity.
  11. The same Dolphin team that was up 41-0 to Houston several weeks ago, a team that is one game behind the Bills, and a team with a hundred million dollar QB that was picked to go to the playoffs...oh yeah, we only blew those guys out, means nothing...don't dismiss wins in this league.
  12. Let the team continue to grow and develop chemistry with the new coach and revamped roster...some bumps in the road to be certain, but I sure like what I saw on the field yesterday, both intensity and execution wise. Guys were making plays on both sides of the ball, passes were well placed, and our rookie wideout made his first strides. Be happy and enjoy the moment
  13. Fitz has thrown 27 TD's in his last 12 NFL starts (not counting the Raider game), and has accounted for 30 TD's if young rushing.
  14. Before anyone worries about QB, this team needs to get other things fixed....beginning with the establishment of a semblance of a running game, and a decent, healthy center would certainly be nice, and how about some wide receivers who can get open and catch easy passes, never mind the tough ones, and a special teams unit that rises to the level of mediocrity (perhaps a bit of a pipe dream), and what about a defense that can make routine tackles and shut down a back-up quarterback and also not get embarrassed by the wildcat, or a coaching staff that doesn't constantly put its team in disadvantageous positions and can manage the play clock properly....take care of these things and then you can talk to me about the QB position.
  15. Our offense sure played them tougher...
  16. Nice to see they can run it in so easily from the five...
  17. Which is why the Pats offense can struggle for almost three quarters and be tied...the Jets offense struggles in similar fashion and we are down 2 TD's
  18. Pats defense just as good as ours...if not better
  19. Guess Brady can't throw the deep ball...
  20. Fitz is 1-4? You do realize that no aspect of this team is playing even remotely well...no running game, wide receivers dropping passes, defense underachieving, special teams lousy, and bad coaching to boot...plus, the guy is injured...total bs to lay those losses on him.
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