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  1. Actually, Fitz is 5-3 in games he's played in this season (cannot count the Raiders game) and going back to last season, 7-3 in his last 10 NFL games he's played in overall.
  2. Haha....no prob. Totally agree with you. ST is costing this team field position, and the fumble return for a td was literally the difference in the Bills game.
  3. Well, truthfully, the Bills offense did virtually nothing the entire game - we gift wrapped them 10 points, and we left 6-9 points on the field by not going for field goals. It must be nice to know an offense can perform as terribly as the Bills did and they still come up with a W? Crucial dropped passes and turnovers leading to free points are an almost guaranteed formula for losing.
  4. Our offense began to click in the second half of the Bills game, once we got Ivory going - it all started with that big screen play. If we can keep the momentum going, we should be able to get on another roll, particularly with Houston and Miami upcoming.
  5. Hard to get over that last series in the red zone against the Bills..as I'm watching other teams score. I keep thinking a play action on second down would have opened up the end zone.
  6. Keep in mind that Fitzpatrick has had the worst defensive support of any QB over the last five years - many of his turnovers occurred in the second half of games when he was forced to score points and play catch up. When the team plays halfway decently around him, he is solid.
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