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  1. I think Bowles is starting to haunt them, even though he is still present.
  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but over the past two seasons I do not recall a single pick 6 from our defense, nor a single fumble return for a TD either by the defense or special teams, and not one return (punt on kickoff) for a score. This is incredible to me! No easy, game changing points to help the offense. Contrast that with the Denver Broncos, who seemingly every week get either a pick six, a fumble return or a huge special teams play, like say a blocked extra point for a return to win a game! Compound that with the fact that this team regularly misses clutch kicks, fumbles kick and punt returns, and a gave up a recent game losing kickoff return for a touchdown, and it is easy to see why they are at a decisive handicap virtually every game.
  3. As bad as the Jets have been, this team is two special teams disasters away from being 5-4. When is the last time that God forbidden unit has done anything to win a game for this team. The INT's suck, but Andrew Luck just won a game with a 1 TD 2 INT performance on the road against the Packers. The defense has been awful at times, but has played better in the second half of the last three games. And red zone play calling has been nothing short of atrocious, as Gailey stubbornly calls the same plays over and over while perplexingly ignoring the run game and short WR screens. Bowles has severely regressed as head coach and Decker's absence has turned out to be huge. A win next week keeps them hanging in there, but with a pair of match-ups with the Pats on the horizon, the Jets are going to have to have some sort of special bye week to have any chance at all of salvaging this massively disappointing season.
  4. As horrible as the Jets have been this year, the Bills are a whopping one game ahead of us and 1-3 in the division.
  5. How about the game the Jets played in Buffalo...
  6. Wasn't Spiller a rookie like 6 years ago? Maybe I'm wrong...
  7. Bills beat Pats first time. Schedule for Jets has been ridiculous...all those playoff teams back to back, and I believe 6 out of the last 8 on the road. Still had they beat Cinci in the opener, they are .500 at the midpoint.
  8. Can't be worse than a guy who just set the franchise record for TD passes last season...what a crazy fan base.
  9. I'm surprised he is not getting ripped more for the Buffalo game where he threw only one TD and missed several passes.
  10. They are top defenses because they shut teams down...look at Palmer and Wilson in that 3-3 regulation shootout Sunday. The thing Fitz cannot do is force throws against these defenses. If the defense can keep the game relatively close, make the safe throws and take the field goals, if necessary. I've been seeing a lot of quarterbacks around the league struggling to move the football. It's the turnovers that are killers. Defense also cannot give up big plays and 6 or 7 play scoring drives either. Even without turnovers, s couple stalled drives and subsequent punts can lead to a couple scores for the opponent, and put the offense in a big hole.
  11. Before you throw a rookie to the fire, you had better have some of your s*it together as a team, or you are treading on dangerous ground.
  12. You hit the nail on the head! Great post!!
  13. Yes, The Cinci game really hurts. The Jets are not good enough to beat the Steelers and Chiefs on the road, and 4-4 would actually have been ok at the midway point.
  14. Exactly. People are putting franchise expectations on a guy that needs help to win football games.
  15. Fitz for sure, but the defense and coaching have been atrocious. Receivers running UNCOVERED in the secondary. No pressure on the QB in some games against depleted offensive lines. Game after game with no defensive turnovers. Penalty after penalty. Special teams...can anyone return a punt or kickoff??? Chip shot field goals missed. The offense gives the team a lead with two minutes left in the opening game - a great chance to win, where is the defensive stop?? Offense and Fitz play great in the Bills game and defense and special teams almost give game away!!! It is mass suckage on both sides of the ball!! You could just as easily say the rest of the team has brought Fitz down. It is rare when the defense plays well and the Jets run the ball at least respectably that Fitz doesn't lead them to a win. Keep blaming Fitz, but unless you get a franchise guy in there to overcome all this futility, it is going to be more of the same. Sure,'Bowles can bench Fitz, but what will happen when the next guy steps into this mess. And if Fitz is so bad, why the hell do they have no one NFL ready behind him. Is that Fitz fault to?? Pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Pretty soon,'Bowles will run out of scapegoats and be forced to clean up his own mess. After all, it's a show me league.
  16. Should have probably said "front office"
  17. I'm talking about the whole team, including, but not exclusive to, the quarterback position.
  18. At this point, all the whining and bickering needs to stop. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Todd Bowles, ownership and the rest of the team need to accept that they have ALL underachieved and underperformed and start playing football like they did in the second half of the Ravens game. There is enough talent on this team that if properly coached, they can still make some noise. At the very least, I do not want to see more blown coverages, drive killing penalties, dropped passes, forced throws into tight coverage, and above all, excuse making and finger pointing. If anyone needs to be called out, it is the ENTIRE team. And the only thing that will bring stability to this organization is getting out on the field and playing solid football on Sundays. Everything else is just words....
  19. Great points...have they announced who #2 QB is yet?
  20. Let's see, Fitz had 31 TD's (a franchise record) to 15 INT's (just short of playoffs) and that is garbage, while the Broncos 9 TD 17 INT (including multiple pick 6's) QB led the to a Super Bowl victory?? Are you telling me that those teams were even on the same stratosphere considering one team won the Super Bowl with a quarterback who performed terribly versus another team whose offense put up big numbers yet failed to make the playoffs?
  21. Or, we can try to build a solid overall football team so that you don't need some "miracle worker" at QB to rescue the team. And while Brady is great, he is not going to come out and score 35-40 points a game consistently and this coaching staff probably wouldn't even know how to use him and design plays. And do you think the Jets o-line would be able to get away with holding and give him five seconds to throw every down? Plus, why does the guy have to resort to shady behavior and get himself suspended? It would be interesting for certain, I do admit that...but why not try to build a team more in the mold of the Broncos/Seahawks?
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