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  1. He has a better defense, good weapons, and great coaching...and he would want to come here and play with double digit deficits and no tight ends to throw to each week??
  2. Two completely different teams...Denver has an awesome defense - they WON a Super Bowl with a QB that had 9 TD's and 17 INT's last season, and 0 TD's and 2 INT's in the big game! They also ran the ball for 190+'yard tonight. This is a great situation for a young QB. The Jets...not so much!
  3. Brock averaging a whopping 3.1 yards per pass attempt!
  4. I remember the game against the Steelers late last season where the Broncos had a 13 point lead late in 3rd quarter at home and blew the lead. That allowed the Steelers to end up with the tiebreaker over the Jets..,
  5. Fitz has been ok in the first halves of games, but very poor in the second half, save for the Buffalo game. He showed in that game that he has it in him and I thought that would be a big turning point and momentum builder. Then, the second half of the Chiefs game happened and he has not recovered since. He played very nervous in the second half yesterday and I think the coaches were nervous to call pass plays! NOT a good formula for success. The only hope is he can regain some confidence over the next couple of games and establish a rapport with these young, but raw, receivers. Fitz is definitely Jekyll and Hyde. When he plays tight, that is generally not good. Hopefully a pissed off Fitz will produce better results!
  6. Good point. We need to see some positives moving forward with this team.
  7. That is a whole lotta bad outlined there Villain, and though Fitz has not been good, what on earth can anybody expect when the whole team collapses around him?! The Decker injury has been huge IMO, and the defense, though they looked better against the Ravens, looks slow and seems constantly out of position against elite teams. Seven sacks against the Bengals then the d-line disappears for five games. All the emphasis on special teams this year, and still one of the worst units in the league. And yes, what happened to that Sefaroan-Jenkins dude? And Bowles?? Talk about regressing as a coach...he seems unsure and lacks firmness. Schedule lightens up for a while...need to see MUCH better football from these players and coaches, or the future will again look ominous.
  8. This whole organization is a mess and the team was completely unprepared for the first six games.
  9. They have 96 yards rushing at the half...a pace of almost 200 yards??
  10. Denver can run the ball and play great defense on a consistent basis - a QB's wet dream...
  11. Another game where a QB is doing nothing (4/11 20 yards) and has a lead.
  12. Are they the top position for the Jets?
  13. Nope, but an accomplishment for a late round pick nonetheless considering there have been thousands of QB's over the years. Doesn't make this year any better, but the whole team, and especially the coaching, has been a major disappointment.
  14. QB Ryan Fitzpatrick completed a 13-yard touchdown to RB Matt Forté in the final minutes of the first half, bringing his career passing touchdown total to 160. Fitzpatrick is now tied with QB Joe Theismann for 73rd all-time for touchdown passes.
  15. Yes...it has been an infuriating pattern of late. Even when our d makes a stop it is almost never a 3 and out, so they wind up pinning us deep - doesn't it seem like every opponent has a punter who an boom the ball and pin us inside the ten. We then invariably start with an off tackle run or two and the token 3rd and nine, which if we don't convert gives the opponent great field position where they either score quickly or pin us deep again. And then, pinned back again, you can expect an offensive hold and a long yardage situation. And punt returns? Do we EVER get a good one?
  16. You make some very good points, but you saw exactly what happened to the Jets against Arizona when they didn't move the ball. Furthermore, I believe that EVERY quarterback against the Jets had a 300 yard passing day. Russell Wilson has been ineffective in half of the Seahawks games but not against the Jets. That is too many trends to label it anything but a decisive pattern. As for 3rd and short, throwing once in a while is good, but virtually every time they throw, often with an empty backfield. How did you like the third and a foot throw followed by the punt yesterday, particularly after they had picked up 9+ yards on the ground the first two downs?
  17. I would, however, like to see a game against an elite team where the defense doesn't fold like a cheap suit, the running game clicks, and the special teams actually contribute. When these units falter, as happens almost always, Fitz has little hope when asked to totally carry the team. I have seen one busted coverage after another, a lack of a pass rush, virtually no turnovers by the defense, undisciplined penalties, shanked punts, missed chip shots, fumbled snaps for touchdowns, 1st and 20's, drive starts inside the ten, and more dropped passes than you can shake a stick at!!!
  18. Kinda like the Bills who we may be catching up to quite soon. Very good chance we are just one game behind them with a head to head win to boot after this week. And everyone is talking big in B'lo land!
  19. And the fans play right into it every time....
  20. .... as bad as this team has played across the board and as lousy as the coaching as been, had Folk hit a chip shot field goal or PAT in week 1, this team could be looking at 4-4 this week.
  21. This team has been bad in virtually EVERY facet of the game. Get rid of the QB and you are stuck with the sh*t play of the other units. On top of it, they are old and lack speed against elite teams. Good luck to whomever is behind center. Even the center snaps have been bad this year. And you think they could find a punter one of these years?
  22. KC was no doubt a fiasco, but why in the hell did they keep trying to pass into the end zone against a secondary that had our WR's smothered. Fitz was coming off a game where he was AFC player of the week which made the whole thing feel even more bizarre. Also, Matt Forte had scored THREE TD's the week before and his number was never called in the red zone. Fitz should have never tried to force all those passes but coaching and play calling have been a complete disaster as well.
  23. The delay of game sucked but c'mon on the other one. Top QB's do that all the time and the TO was followed by a big play.
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