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  1. Unbelievable. Absolutely unreal. If Geno gets the edge in this competition, than it shows that the CIRCUS truly hasn't left town! Geno is a TERRIBLE QB and belongs NOWHERE near an NFL roster!!!!!
  2. Fitzgerald and Petty would be MASSIVE improvements over Geno. I'd seriously take Petty over Geno right now.
  3. Complete bullsh*t. I, for one, am DAMN PROUD to be a fan of this team and organization and don't feel ANY pain whatsoever in being such. What you call pain, I call opportunity to improve. The Jets are just like 31 other teams in the league. Only one team wins the Super Bowl each year - does that make every other team a bad organization? The Jets don't have it any better or worse than the other teams on this list.
  4. this offense is HOT, ROTTEN GARBAGE!!!! either get another hitter for ****'s sake or SELL THE TEAM!!!!!
  5. LOL oh GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! You are seriously insinuating that JET FANS ran Keyshawn and Abraham out of town? Unbelievable!
  6. SIGN THIS BEAST!!!!!! See, I'm part of the cool club who gets to say "sign this beast". That makes me cool, right?
  7. How can you blame MM for the offense last year when he had GENO SMITH behind center???
  8. You could literally say that about every QB to come out in the last ten years outside of Luck and Winston. The spread offense dominates college football and does a poor job of preparing QBs for the NFL. Compounded with extremely short-term developmental cycles (starting rookie QBs without learning the position) and you've got yourself an extremely tough position for most young players. With that being said, Petty has the tools and appears fairly intelligent. I have no doubts he will be able to learn the position and become the Jets franchise QB. Zero doubt whatsoever.
  9. Uh no, it just means that you can effectively extend his career by two years over the typical career of an NFL QB. So instead of being productive until the age of 38, it will be 40, instead.
  10. He's a huge SOJF douche that no one likes. He would rather be miserable and read whiny posts and articles then talk about how awesome Coples is going to be this year.
  11. I'm sorry, but I HATE SOJF's with a passion. In addition, guys like bateman and Tom Shane irritate me to no end. They think they are so cool and so much better than everyone else on this board, when they're just punks who cower behind an internet handle.
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