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  1. the fake spike is overrated. they would have scored anyway.
  2. I was on the field before the game as well (used rewards points) and saw several fans wearing Pats gear. The confirmation email that came with the invitation said "All pre game on field guests should be prepared to root for the home team in Jets gear". Also says "... items for the purpose of autographing are prohibited". obviously this wasn't enforced.
  3. SHAME on Jet fans

    From TV? Where were you? Why didn't you go to the game?
  4. JetNation Fantasy League

    Can u delay it 15 minutes to get gsstineau lives in?
  5. Attention: PSL Thiefs

    I ended up buying in lower sideline.
  6. Attention: PSL Thiefs

    What did you do with the row 9 tickets?
  7. Jets Season Tickets

    No microphones or questions in advance. They had everybody together in the large media room/Auditorium and after a brief introduction of the staff, the fans would raise their hands and get called on to ask their questions. They did not have the smaller breakout sessions that Dcat mentioned above. I was at a session a few years back and they did have the smaller breakout groups that were more effective than this larger group session. The staff did hang around after the event so you could talk to them one-on-one with concerns or questions.
  8. Jets Season Tickets

    No problem. It's worth going next year for the meet and greets/lobbying of the GM and coach, the tour of the facility and for the one-on-one discussions with some of the staff. The group session is more of a hit-or-miss and depends on which fans they call on.
  9. Jets Season Tickets

    They didn't talk about the Uber double parking. They had an hour for discussions and the group spent a lot of time on a handful of topics. At the end of the meeting the Jets said they welcome comments by email or phone on anything that you weren't able to discuss or that wasn't discussed at the meeting. The Jets got the message on the noise during the timeouts and said they need to dial it down. They also mentioned that the Knicks tried no noise during timeouts earlier this year and their fans pushed back on them so I would expect the Jets would have something playing but much quieter. A fan did bring up Fireman Ed but it was more of a complaint on how the Jets were trying to turn him into a movie star and how he got away with things that others couldn't do (bringing fans from other sections to his section, line for autographs, etc). The Jets blamed the national media and sports shows for building up Ed and it sounded like he wasn't on the Jets' payroll. One fan brought up bringing back the end zone to end zone chant from the old stadium. The Jets said that if anyone wants to lead the chant they can get up and do it and the camera will find them. It is all about creating noise and home field advantage and I get the feeling that they think the chant is important to the identity of the Jets. They brought up the energy & noise at games in Pittsburgh and feel it's a real home field advantage.
  10. Jets Season Tickets

    You made the right decision. Family comes first. Before you know it your son will be off to college. I got there in the middle of the dinner hour where coach Bowles and Mike Mccagnan we're walking around. They were both very nice guys as were the the admin staff. Got a chance to lobby Mccagnan on draft picks, direction of team, etc. After the dinner they brought everybody into the media room/ auditorium for an hour of q and a followed by a tour of the facility. Discussions included some complaints about all the noise at the stadium and trying to tone it down. My view is whatever the players need to get pumped up works for me. They also had a discussion on fireman Ed and the chant which I'm sure would have have gotten you fired up. I was pleasantly suprised that they monitor fan noise and responses to video and audio on a play-by-play basis to determine what generates the most noise to help create a home-field advantage. The fans and the admin staff all seemed to be in agreement that this should not be a make-or-break year for Todd and Mike and they should be given time. They implied that it was Woody's view as well.
  11. Jets Season Tickets

    SAR I - Did you go to the fan advisory event last night.
  12. Jets Season Tickets

    I was invited as well and plan on attending. I thought it was on the 18th so you may want to check the date or maybe they are doing more than one event.
  13. http://pagesix.com/2016/12/04/woody-johnson-under-consideration-for-ambassadorship/ Maybe he will move the team to London.