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  1. Ira's a good guy. I sat in the seat in front of him for several years. Hopefully we get past this crisis so we can all be back in the stadium watching games.
  2. Does the PSL agreement say anything about a non traditional season?
  3. Morgan and his family sounded pretty fired up.
  4. There are 2 cool videos on the Jets app that everyone should see. One is the call that he received from Joe Douglas and the other was an interview. Seems like a real good guy that prepares himself well.
  5. I also have a deposit with them for a group event. Im sure they will roll it over to 2021 if they don't play any games this year with fans in the stadium. If they play without fans maybe they go to a pay per view platform to see the games on TV.
  6. I didn't get the email. Maybe because they hit my credit card for the full payment a couple of weeks ago.
  7. Or they would just do the variable pricing where the total cost per year is the same but they play with the allocation between preseason and regular season games.
  8. Eli Mcgiuer and Mo Claiborn get rings too.
  9. No but there was a bathtub filled with ping pong balls that kids were laying in.
  10. Yes it was sold out. Spent a little over half my time there waiting in lines for player pictures/autographs but it was worth it to meet Sam, Bless, Wayne, LC and TC. The security staff told us that the crowd was twice the size of the other sessions that didn't have Sam Darnold.
  11. Did anyone else go to Jets House? I went this morning and had a good time. Sam, Austin, Chrebet, Coles and Cannon were there. Cashman as well but i didn't see him.
  12. Agree. I paid around 20 cents on the dollar for my lower sideline seats 3 or 4 years ago.

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