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  1. The fake spike is over rated. The Dolphins would have scored regardless. The Dolphins had all the momentum at the end of the game and the Jets couldn't stop them. Sorry about the multiple postings. Tried to delete them
  2. Billyg

    Thanks Todd Bowles

    Same here. Best of Luck Todd.
  3. I disagree on Peyton liking college more than playing for the Jets. He stayed in school because Parcells wouldn"t commit to taking him. Peyton wanted to play for the Jets and Parcells.
  4. Billyg

    We doing a JetNation fantasy football league?

    im still in but didnt see the invite.
  5. Billyg

    We doing a JetNation fantasy football league?

    im in again if there's room
  6. Billyg

    Your best Jets practice/game story

    the fake spike is over rated. they would have scored anyway with 4 shots at the end zone. the fish had all the momentum at the end of the game. but sorry you never saw her again.
  7. Billyg

    No pressure Sam!!

    energy, noise and creating a home field advantage were discussed at last year's fan advisory event so you will likely hear it again next week. they actually monitor what gets the fans fired up to help create a home field advantage (songs/videos, etc to play on third downs; rewards program to get Jets fans to games, ....)
  8. Billyg

    No pressure Sam!!

    they are concerned with filling the place up with Jets fans and creating a home field advantage.
  9. Billyg

    No pressure Sam!!

    did a little bit of digging. the 620,496 attendance number includes 77,562 for the Falcons game. no way - the place was empty.
  10. Billyg

    No pressure Sam!!

    these stats cant be right. the stadium holds 82,500 seats. based on the chart they averaged 77,500 people per game = 5,000 empty per game or 40,000 empty seats for the year. there had to be 70,000 empty seats at the Falcons game alone during the monsoon. maybe the 77,500 number is average seats sold per game (meaning tons of no shows) and not attendance but that also seems too high.

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