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  1. I might have extras for 7/31 but won't know until Thursday or Friday.
  2. https://www.foxnews.com/media/concha-rips-woke-leftists-over-mlb-indians-name-change-new-york-jets-are-toast-because-of-global-warming Concha rips 'woke' leftists over MLB name-change: 'New York Jets are toast' because of global warming The Jets -- named for their former stadium's proximity to La Guardia -- could be next. By Charles Creitz | Fox News Media critic Joe Concha sounded off Friday after MLB's Cleveland Indians decided after more than 100 years to change their name to the "Cleveland Guardians." Concha told "Hannity" that it is c
  3. Actually, I just went into my account now and they are available to transfer or sell.
  4. I was told by my account rep that they would become available to transfer or sell in July so it should be any day now. I'm doing a group event and was able to email out tickets but not parking passes.
  5. Thanks for organizing. Just donated.
  6. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your wife and your family.
  7. On season ticket holder call a couple of weeks ago, coach Saleh spoke highly of Dan Feeney for his leadership, play and hard work during training camp. Coach also commented on his behavior at the Islanders games saying that he was impressed with the beer chugging and crushing of cans on his head. Coach declined to comment on his hair since coach doesn't have any hair so it was inappropriate for him to comment. Sounds like the coaching staff really likes him.
  8. Same here. Took my kids to games when they were very young. No issues.
  9. I was told a week ago by my group sales executive that training camp will likely be closed to STH's and other outsiders. It sounds like they plan on doing a green and white scrimmage at MetLife
  10. So it's more important for you to exit the complex quickly after the game than to park with the "deplorales" you talk about.
  11. $200,000 seats? You got ripped off. You could have purchased 10 Coaches Club PSL's at $20,000 each for that price.
  12. Dan Feeney got the crowd fired up again last night chugging a beer. Not sure how to post the video.
  13. They also emailed the call in #. Too bad about your spam blocker.
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