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  1. Agree. I paid around 20 cents on the dollar for my lower sideline seats 3 or 4 years ago.
  2. A couple of years ago the Jets told me that I could have the seats next to me for no PSL on a year-to-year basis. However, if someone stepped up and was willing to buy the PSL the Jets would sell to them and i would be out of luck.
  3. You should be able to get a good deal if you are buying someone's PSL. What sections are you looking at?
  4. Wasn't he the guy that threw the challenge flag yesterday? I'm pretty sure it wasn't Gase.
  5. The Cowboy fans were classless with their "Let's go Cowboys" chants during injury timeouts for Jets players. Sounded like it started from the endzone on the west side of the stadium.
  6. Is anybody going to this on Saturday? I signed up but don't know what to expect.
  7. Nate Hairston was on with Boomer and Gio yesterday. Good interview. Anyone else catch it?
  8. I've had good food at the stadium. Use your Jets cash and try it!
  9. $100 for 2 seats. Wasn't something i expected with my tickets but I'll take it and can use it on food/merchandise at the stadium.
  10. The Jets also give STH's Jets cash when you renew so the food is basically free the first couple of weeks.
  11. Use your Jets cash from your season ticket holder renewal and it will cost you nothing.
  12. I heard that as well. Supposedly Boomer texted Gase about him being outside the facility holding a sign.
  13. I wonder if he is committed to doing other things for the Jets as well. If anyone on the site sits in the coaches Club maybe they can report back after the game on if he's in there signing autographs or taking pictures with fans before the game or during half time.
  14. Per the Jets website the PSL is $25,000 and tickets are $715 per ticket per game.
  15. Did anyone else have trouble using their Jets cash on the app? The first time I used it they took about three minutes for them to get the payment to go through. The second time I gave up after 5 minutes and just paid with cash.
  16. Maxman and Jetnation are doing a group event and tailgate. Looks like the have LL endzone. Check out https://www.jetnation.com/shop/ There is a thread at the top of the NYJ Message Board.
  17. The fake spike is over rated. The Dolphins would have scored regardless. The Dolphins had all the momentum at the end of the game and the Jets couldn't stop them. Sorry about the multiple postings. Tried to delete them

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