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  1. It sounds like they're not going to have training camp open to fans this summer based on my discussion with my account rep yesterday.
  2. If the Jets play in London this year the toilet paper selection could actually happen. Remember years ago the Jets made the news because they brought their own toilet paper to London.
  3. No but Laveranues Coles announced the Elijah Moore pick on day 2 of the draft.
  4. I was on as well and yes it took forever for some to ask their questions. It was good to hear from others in the organization on what they do. For those that weren't on it was mainly a discussion on how they look at free agents and what they do behind the scenes for the coach and GM with respect to compliance with the collective bargaining agreement. Good to know that they are still looking for high character players.
  5. Joe hit 2 free throws with 1 second left in Abilene Christian's upset win over Texas.
  6. Our new DC came from Atlanta so hopefully Neal wants to join him here.
  7. Maybe our new DC wants to bring Keanu Neal with him from atlanta? Keanu Neal, S, Falcons. Age: 26.
  8. Agreed. Detroit owes him a $10 million roster bonus on the 5th day of the new league year that I'm sure they don't want to pay. Maybe he gets traded for a lower round pick or cut before the bonus is due.
  9. ... and he was inactive for the super bowl.
  10. Below is a link to the Giants website for highlight videos. The one labeled boom shows his sack vs Wash where nobody blocked him https://www.giants.com/news/watch-highlights-from-giants-vs-washington
  11. Nobody blocked him when he got his sack on Sunday.
  12. Nobody blocked him on his sack.
  13. Is anyone else having trouble setting up red zone? The Jets sent an email saying that STH's get it for free by logging in with your ticketmaster ID and password but i don't see where this info gets entered.
  14. Thanks everyone. I was able to set it up and I can see the old games. It looks like the service is free through August 31st but I put in the code that the Jets gave me so hopefully I'm good for the season. Do you know if you can watch games on it live during the season? It looks like you can listen to the games but not sure if you can actually watch them. Have a kid going to college so I'm trying to figure out how he can watch games.
  15. Does anybody have NFL Game Pass? I was trying to figure out if I could stream games using a computer or a phone. I understand that STH's get it for free but can't figure out how to set it up.
  16. I had trouble finding stuff this year. You needed 50,000 + points for the better things (autographed mini helmets or footballs, etc). I ended up with the Emerson Boozer bobblehead and a bunch of chances for the Revis memorabilia sweepstakes and the 69 Jets autographed helmet sweepstakes.
  17. The Patriots did something similar.
  18. Get well soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  19. Ira's a good guy. I sat in the seat in front of him for several years. Hopefully we get past this crisis so we can all be back in the stadium watching games.
  20. Does the PSL agreement say anything about a non traditional season?
  21. Morgan and his family sounded pretty fired up.
  22. There are 2 cool videos on the Jets app that everyone should see. One is the call that he received from Joe Douglas and the other was an interview. Seems like a real good guy that prepares himself well.
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