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  1. This is not about how they will do. It's about how bad of a contract it is. Trent Brown is the highest paid right tackle in the world by a large margin and he's done next to nothing. Trumaine is only the 10th highest paid CB.
  2. 12 million 2019 cap hit for Tru is a bad deal. It is not, however, as bad as these 10 deals. That is not an outrageous statement.
  3. That's exactly how I caption Gettleman...Classy. Very classy.
  4. It doesn't look to me like Gase called any of those check downs but did have them available to Tannehill. Many of them in fact seem to be improper reads.
  5. Looks like another SB...and the rich just get richer. The Raiders last won the division in 2002. Isn't that enough for you?
  6. We all know whom the nutsackers are. Who are these rational individuals of which you speak?
  7. I never realized their were types of posters.
  8. We need a poll. If this thread was a GOT character, which one would it be?
  9. Sounds like someone who's team left them, came back, and then left again might say.
  10. Hackenberg is an accurate name for you? Not a fan of any team because all your teams left you ignorant Californians? Is that right?
  11. Judy Sheindlin. “Judge Judy” star, 76, $147 million. Ellen DeGeneres. “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” host, 60, $87.5 million. Dr. Phil McGraw. “Dr. ... $79 million Ryan Seacrest. “Live With Kelly and Ryan” and “American Idol” host, 43, $74 million. Steve Harvey. “Family Feud,” “Steve,” “Miss Universe” and “Little Big Shots” host, 61, $44 million.

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