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  1. NYs Stepchild

    What Was Josh Gordon High on Last Night?

    That's clearly PCP. The world has really gone off the rails if you can't disrespect Josh Gordan.
  2. I think that's "Gosh Darnold"
  3. I thought Brady felt trapped in a man's body. He should talk to Bruce about it. He could be the first female QB in the NFL.
  4. What was the "equipment" the strength coach wouldn't give Brady? Maybe a syringe?
  5. NYs Stepchild

    Bucky Brooks On Jet Defense

    There are an extra 2 guys on defense opposed to the center and QB. Those are the safeties. If you can mix up the way you use them without substituting it can be very disruptive. If the corners can man up then Adams can play the run, blitz, or read the play and make picks. That would be ideal and still very effective. One game now. Lets see 2 this week.
  6. NYs Stepchild

    No nick names

    You will call him Samuel. Nicknames are silly.
  7. NYs Stepchild

    No nick names

    Dan Marino's friends call him "skinny". During his illustrious career, Dan Marino earned the nicknames "Dan the Man," "The Chosen One," and "The Man With The Golden Testicles."
  8. NYs Stepchild

    Pepsi rookie of the week (Darnold?)

    Yes. How many SBs did Chris Johnson win?
  9. NYs Stepchild

    Pepsi rookie of the week (Darnold?)

    One big run is nice in fantasy football but it doesn't help win games.
  10. It isn't very manly either.
  11. NYs Stepchild

    Mark Sanchez first game highlights 2009

    75+ Almost 10 yards per attempt.
  12. NYs Stepchild

    Week 1 ESPN: Jets/Lions breakdown

    Elway had a QB rating of 79.9 I never saw the greatness. He was a prototype physically but he didn't read defenses all that well. He had a lot of comeback wins because he constantly put his team in big holes. I would compare Darnold to Archie Manning. Hopefully we surround him with better teams than he had.

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