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  1. NYs Stepchild

    TE Tomlinson and OL Qvale re-signed

    You have to look at whom he is getting pushed around by to make a judgment. No TE is going to do well against a DE. It's just not going to happen. They need to chip, double team, or block in the secondary. That he does as well as any TE. That's why he plays. The rest of our guys are move TEs. They don't even play the same position.
  2. NYs Stepchild

    TE Tomlinson and OL Qvale re-signed

    Tomlinson is a great example of fans not understanding what they're watching, and how difficult it is to grade blocking. He's not a great TE but he is a very good blocker. If you pancake a safety you get an A but if you get run over by Khalil Mack it's an F and everyone hates you. He's not a tackle but he was asked to block like one last year and didn't do very well. I would hope the new staff puts him in a better position this year. No TE is going to fare well blocking premier edge rushers one on one which ET was tasked with many times last year.
  3. The question was who is the best offensive player, not who is the best offensive player you've seen. Are you trying to say that a lineman cannot be a better player than a RB, or a WR? Maybe you don't know but the game has changed over time. Defenses used to be allowed to mug offenses. No one was getting 1500 yards in the 60s. Maynard had 1400 in 67 which led pro football. He was the only player to break 100 yards per game. Marshall was only 4th in 2015. 2 players broke 1800 yards.
  4. These numbers are obviously fake. Superimposed. Where are the helmets?
  5. He was considered the 2nd best center in FA last year. We just had to have somebody. Turned out that Harrison was better all along. You need to be ready to seize opportunities. You can't force them. Let's see how the deals for Paradis and Morse turn out. History says it will not go well for them.
  6. Yes i did say fans lose perspective. We need to let the players fall to us and be ready to take them if the value is palatable. As I said before, a regular center has blocking as a secondary role. There are only 4 or 5 guys out there that I think are special players worth the money. Most centers will be a disappointment to fans. Most guys just cannot block well with the delay of snapping the ball. That's why they have 5 Oline to block 4 guys. Intelligence is the most important quality to me in a center unless you get one of those special players. Even then Mangold was a late 1st.
  7. I'll be hard on him but we went hard after a center last year and got burned. Maybe he's learned to stop pressing for mid range talent. You strike at opportunity. You can't force it.
  8. Center is now the most important position after QB...Fans tend to lose perspective.
  9. Someone screwed up there. I don't see the RT but he must be double teaming with the RG. Notice the RB in perfect position and he wants no part of Jenks.
  10. Yes, if a center were responsible for Jenkins one on one someone made a big mistake, unless he's Mangold, in which case he can take a man for a lousy guard or go find a LB to blow up downfield. I guess that would be equivalent to maning up Gronk or blitzing if you had an Adams in the box.
  11. The center doesn't normally have an assignment. He double teams when necessary. Picks up stunts. Chips a man when needed. Knows when to peel off. Cleans up blitzers and helps out anyone that needs it. Then he looks for second level blocks. The most important thing for a center is that he knows what to do. This is what made Mangold such a great player. Very little time trying to decide what to do. Well, that and being able to snap the ball cleanly.
  12. 2 LBs in the nickel. Who will they be?
  13. I agree. He cannot take on blockers but Mosley could be great at taking out the trash. Lee could very well be good against the run if he's kept clean. These guys really to learn to be more objective.
  14. Williamson and Mosley play the same position. Mosley is good in coverage for a mike but Avery is not good at all. Having them both out there on passing downs would be a huge mismatch. Don't give up hope. I think Lee is going to hit you back any time now.

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