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  1. Ben McAdoo rose through the ranks to become an NFL head coach before he turned 40, largely on his ability to assess and develop quarterbacks. Who did he assess and develop?
  2. Shotty's 1st year or two he confused some DCs, but by year three all of us could call out which "tricky" play was coming. He really could have run some great tendency busters if someone explained the concept to him. If he motioned the FB and TE to the weak side and then ran behind them it would blow a DCs mind.
  3. We have plenty of lousy linemen. Why would we need linemen that no one wanted on their 90 man roster.
  4. He seems a little small for an Olineman.
  5. NYs Stepchild

    Is there a sunny side and a shady side at MetLife?

    Sar has never actually seen a football game.
  6. NYs Stepchild

    Is there a sunny side and a shady side at MetLife?

    The Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. It's generally overhead around 12 noon. Now if you have a map or a compass you posses all the tools you need to solve this mystery at any location you may find yourself.
  7. NYs Stepchild

    McCown says Darnold is the right QB for the job

    Yeah he says all the right things then he Tonya Harding's you. It Fitz is your backup you may want to just take the year off.
  8. NYs Stepchild

    Madden Rookie Ratings.(Darnold got snubbed)

    Real teams play franchise mode so potential rating is more important than current rating. I believe that Darnolds potential rating is much higher than any of these other guys.
  9. NYs Stepchild

    Madden Rookie Ratings.(Darnold got snubbed)

    They do have a underlying potential rating. Rosen, I would imagine has a much lower ceiling than most. I'd like to see his injury rating.
  10. Yes the Browns will take a step back then be traded to the LFL
  11. I doubt this is the time that Goodall will be suspending a player for dropped allegations of a verbal fight with a cop. Not this year
  12. Don't forget Dimitri Patterson and Percy Harvin.
  13. Boyish said something like "There's no way that Idzot could be dumb enough to draft 12 players in one year.". Sometimes when you win, you lose.
  14. NYs Stepchild

    Step up from rookie to a second year vet?

    Haven't you been a rookie for like 6 years now? Kinda like Hackenberg