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  1. Yeah we're all waiting for that big payoff. Next year is the one right? The pig is ripe.
  2. If it doesn't kill you it only makes you stronger...unless it leaves you in a coma I guess.
  3. NYs Stepchild

    Question about OG and the draft

    It will blow your cap way out of proportion. Kind of like a safety and MLB. I don't hate Lee and I like Adams but they would have killed our cap if we had any star skill position players.
  4. NYs Stepchild

    The Pope calls for Arians to run the show

    People did call today to suggest just that and he hangs up on them. He gets pranked more than any host in history.
  5. NYs Stepchild

    The Pope calls for Arians to run the show

    I'd love to see Bowles disgruntled...even gruntled would be a nice change from apathetic.
  6. He's like all Jets. Basically still a rookie. The first 28 posts don't count.
  7. NYs Stepchild

    #1 reason Todd should have been fired

    The main reason he should be fired is that he doesn't coach or even direct the coaches. I've never seen him with photos in his hand gathering up players to discuss what's going on and figuring out what to do about it. I've never even seen him talking to coaches on the sidelines. He just stares into space. I looks like he has stage fright. I always assumed that he was doing this on purpose but who knows. Teams take on the coaches personality and the Jets seem to have stage fright too.
  8. Does that mean he's going to quit when he realizes that he's the problem?
  9. NYs Stepchild

    So when Bowles and Bates get fired today:

    Apparently #Jets told @WFAN660. Are these guys credible?
  10. NYs Stepchild

    How low is this new level of low?

    The team quit on the coach. That's exactly how low it is. Fire the coach now and sign a new one end of season. If a good GM is interested in the job I'd sign him and let him decide what to do. Otherwise let Mac have the rest of the year with an interim coach. I don't think many people believed Bowles would be the coach next year so this only gives us a jump on the next regime. We'll be fine if we get the right coaches. That was always going to be the big question mark.
  11. NYs Stepchild

    It starts with talent

    I never said Mac did anything. I said we have talent that coaching could get a lot more out of than we do. Well I actually said coaching may be able to get something out of them. It's not all about talent. I know we have enough talent to beat the Bills. Even a lousy coach should have won that game. You really needed this team to quit on you to lose it. We cannot continue to allow this to fester. We need to fire Bowles right now. Promote an interim coach that is willing to be aggressive so we can maybe get a jump on developing some of these players. We can start the search for a real staff in the mean time.
  12. NYs Stepchild

    It starts with talent

    I've seen them. They have talent. They may not know how to play football but that may or may not be on the coaching/scheme. I've seen Robbie out run, and out jump some of the best corners in the league. He does not always run the right routes, and doesn't always run. I've seen Q run over 5 guys on his way to the end zone. Kearse has had some great games in his career. I've seen Crowell run for 200+ yards with our oline. These guys have all done some pretty good things. They just don't do them often. That to me is on the coaching. They need better schemes and flexible schemes that can adjust to a defense... and they need some God damn discipline.
  13. NYs Stepchild

    It starts with talent

    We have plenty of talent. Now is there a lack of development and poor game planning or are all these guys devoid of mental acumen? Probably a little of both, but we have enough raw talent to beat Barkley.
  14. NYs Stepchild

    So when Bowles and Bates get fired today:

    Yeah, firing Bowels would be like throwing away the future...what???

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