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  1. I'd trade a sanctioned helmet for AB. At least it will be useful.
  2. This is not exactly "playing it to the extreme". You need to step up your game now that you have champions to validate.
  3. Tom Seaver? You mean the Yankee commentator?
  4. Preseason Hall of Fame right behind Bishop, Gabbert, and Bortles. 40% of the time judging players off their preseason works every time.
  5. That was really impressive for someone that is not a field goal kicker. I'd need to see her kick in a game with pads on from the proper formation before I hired her. Maybe we don't want to hire a 37 year old rookie either.
  6. Odell Beckham Jr. is rubbing off on Baker Mayfield Mayfield is clearly feeling himself Mayfield comfortable enough to stick his nose in another man’s business. This is what I took from this article.
  7. This guy held out as a rookie signed a 5 year contract then held out 2 years later again. Signed a 4 year extension and held out again 2 years later. Only an idiot would give this guy more upfront money an anything more than a 2 year contract. Thank God we hired an idiot in 2015. Revis was entitled to everything he got, but he's not entitled to blame anyone but himself for what he has.
  8. Best player in team history = 16 mil before taxes. He could be making as much in endorsements forever if he hadn't been a merc every couple of years. I didn't say it wasn't his prerogative. I said it was his choice. It's my money and I want it now.
  9. Mevi$ chose to take his cash up front. His legacy is almost worthless now. That was 100% his choice.
  10. Not all pass coverage is the same. I know it's difficult to recognize that fact. As strange as it sounds, single high deep center field is different than M2M on a slot receiver. That's why it's impossible to grade coverage skills without watching all the film.
  11. 25 is not our best number, but she's probably our best one.
  12. My spelling is deficient, but this word is so badly mangled that I thought maybe it was a different word that I was unfamiliar with.
  13. Can we change the thread title to "Nothing to see here."? or maybe "Wack job speculating."?
  14. Poor thing. Someone needs to start a go fund me page.... Hey what about me? I have to go to work. I wasn't signed by anyone. 😢

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