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  1. He's going to suck. They'll probably run the ball a lot. Are you obsessing about Devlin Hodges at 4 AM? I feel for you man.
  2. Oh you didn't mention it was Dov...wait who the hell is Dov Kleinman? Nevermind this guy has 660 followers. Sounds legit.
  3. I believe the new rule is that 0-2 means we're relegated to a lower league. We can still win the FA cup so let's turn that frown upside down.
  4. I heard the Bills game was a must win so I guess the season is over.
  5. Most of these goal posts have little wind direction flags on the top. We should hire an expert instructor to teach our kicker how to use those things.
  6. It doesn't really matter to us if the Raiders can recover their guaranteed money. All that matters is if Mayock believes he can. If they cut AB then the best case scenario is for a prolonged court battle resulting in a 30mil cap hit for a retired player. 90210 will still tell us how this is actually a good thing. I wonder if Xenith can recover their money if AB doesn't actually get to wear the new helmet in a game.
  7. It didn't break him. He'll be back stronger than ever in a couple days. We'll find out soon why this was actually a genius move that will have Beverly hills back in the Super Bowl. This is actually a new dimension added to the chess board. It'll take a little time to fabricate the specifics on this one.
  8. Did you just answer your own question? Yes you did.
  9. The real question is which spots on the AP team are the Raiders not going to win? How do you make that choice? I mean the writers will not give all the spots to Raiders...or will they?
  10. I don't think this is the official waiver claim thread.
  11. It may be impossible to win a spot in the 4th game but you can certainly lose a roster spot tonight. I am curious to see how well Holmes plays in his first real action. He can't make the team but he may show whether or not it'll be worth him sticking around for next year.
  12. I'd trade a sanctioned helmet for AB. At least it will be useful.
  13. This is not exactly "playing it to the extreme". You need to step up your game now that you have champions to validate.
  14. This is you TB12. Just live with it.
  15. Tom Seaver? You mean the Yankee commentator?
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