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  1. Hey I just thought about a Player that would be intresting. Jermichael Finley, ex- Packers TE. (Hes only 28 years old too) Suffered a rough neck injury and hasnt played since. He has a 10M insurance policy if he never plays another down in the NFL I suppose. So clearly he would want a GTD contract at least 10M+. But if he back at 100% with his neck he was amazing at times. I would love to add him to our TE group since we lost Sudfeld for the season, and Cumberland hasnt really took that next step in his progression in my opinion. Adding Finey with Jace Amaro would give us
  2. Question... Who do you think has more of an advantage when The Jets and Bills meet and play baby!!! -Rex Ryan? Since he basically knows every player on that defense, Even the newly added Revis/Cro lol Since he coached them. He knows every weakness/flaw I suppose. Even on offense he knows all about Geno and his flaws etc... - Or do the Jets/Jets Personnel have the advantage when playing Rex Ryan/Bills? Since the team basically knows his game style/schemes etc... Well game plans change from week to week basis, but I'm sure the defense/team can still remember and pick up
  3. I live in BUF so Im deff going to the game if we are in contention. Weird how the game is in Jan week 17 this year. IDK if i like that. I like when week 17 in the last week in Dec. I think that's because the season starts the 2nd week in September like Sep 13th I believe. (Which again I HATE that! Start the season the 1st week on September!!!!) UGH! I hope the Jets and Rex's Bills are both in contention come week 17 and we go into BUF and destroy them. Knock BUF and Rex loud ass mouth out the playoffs. Even though I still love Rex. sorry buddy you're the enemy now! I'm 99% going to thi
  4. This suckss badly... But exciting since Leonard will get a hell of alot more reps. And as weird as it may sound, if this Leonard Williams is as good as advertised.... We may not even lose a step...Considering Big Cat Leonard is projected to be even better than Wilkerosn and Sheldon lol. Thnk god we drafted him. IDC about the 4 games or w.e, Wht im more concerned about is this is Sheldon's 3rd year in the league. He is only 24 years old. Still young as hell. If he fails one more test that will be a 10 game suspension. And considering it looks like he already failed 2-3 times. This m
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