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  1. We're all losers in the end, I wouldn't get too complacent about calling us trash if I were you
  2. lol thanks Kiv for the game, and sorry y'all I wasn't more active; RL is a bitch
  3. I'm not reading the last 10 pages, but GG Womby LOL town... I seem to remember the scum team saying that Seph/Wombat was Loki? That's funny, because didn't town lose?
  4. Why assume? You know what ASSuME means right?
  5. Oh wait. did you expect me to implicate myself?
  6. Besides working overtime all week and not having the time? If I had to go with a final scum it would be Womby, but I haven't done the casing yet to fully support that. The ONLY reason I'm pushing Loki right here and now is because I'm protecting myself and I know Seph's play is off from experience.
  7. Yeah they really have LOL Dumbass, you realize that you have to lynch Loki to win, right?
  8. Not really? If I was worried about making a mistake I'd be rereading my posts. I'm town and would hope to prove that if you people weren't so ******* stubborn and blind SOOoooooooo Loki has no power other than preventing us knowing our roles and locking up the game? I find that pretty doubtful.
  9. Did you not see the EBWOP? I had Loki on the brain.
  10. And here I thought you had pretty good reads this game. What happened? You need to stay away from CTM and SMC because they don't know what the hell they're doing or how they're gonna find Loki AND they'll happily lead mislynches on me and Nae and pretty much drive the town into the ground while scum and Loki live on to endgame.
  11. Are you thinking SMC is Loki rather than Seph? What do you think of the possibility of Loki having a recruiting power? I find it odd that we haven't had additional kills, so no Loki SK.
  12. It's called smart phones. They have internet. And these little screens that you touch? IT'S BECAUSE NOBODY IS LISTENING TO ME AND I'M TRYING TO PROVIDE A PRO TOWN WAY TO WIN THIS ******* GAME. Town could have any number of powers that we don't know about or don't know the exact nature of which could help us find Loki.
  13. Just ******* lynch me. I hope Loki wins because you're all too blind and stupid to see. We should have been Loki hunting since d1 like Nolder suggested
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