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  1. For the sake of Science, I volunteer.
  2. Daniel Jones as a Giants failure before the kid even takes a snap is frickin gold 😂🤣 well done.
  3. I stand corrected then. I had in my head that the Pats finished really badly that year, but I guess missing the playoffs and taking 2nd in the division is a down year for them lol Anyway we’re getting off track and talking past each other maybe. I agree that there is value in having a good backup. Having a good team as a whole helps further. But I don’t think your example of SB champs applies to the Jets simply because I don’t think the team is good enough yet to overcome having to play with a backup.
  4. the original argument was that if Sammy goes down that Trevor isn’t a viable solution. The rub being that the teams you’re mentioning were post-season caliber, and the Jets have yet to prove they are. (Not to be the pessimist here) Which is what I meant by context. Those teams were still good despite losing their QB. I wouldn’t say the Jets are to that milestone yet. Jackson was drafted to supplant Flacco in the first place so I don’t think they’re a great example - they also had a great defense. The Bears survived on defense like they did all year long. On the other hand you can look at teams in recent-ish years that tanked hard without their QB. The Pats when Brady got his knee blown out. The Packers when Aaron missed the second half the season. The Cowboys the year before Romo retired. The Colts with Luck and his shoulder. You could even say the Redskins last season once Smith got Theisman’d and they had to turn to the Sanchise and McCoy for the answer. Stats are just numbers without context. JMO
  5. Exactly. Not every team boasts that sort of talent. Most teams would have their season sunk if the starter QB went down.
  6. I agree. I saw him on Good Morning Football and seemed like a solid guy. If he can return to form and pave way for Bell the Jets offense will be on the uptick. Next year’s draft is looking to be loaded at WR as well. I don’t personally have a lot of faith in Crowder.
  7. Ah sh*t. I thought he’d been a FA pickup and didn’t realize he was a trade, my bad. Not a JN homer but I was scratching my head at how he wasn’t mentioned with Bell/Mosley but left off the other list as well. Now I know!
  8. Context dude. The Eagles were stacked. Brady missed the first four games which don’t mean sh*t. Peyton had an All-World defense which could make up for the fact Brock was a total turd.
  9. Are we still talking about dogs
  10. If sh*t really gets going here and there is interest, I could maybe import the Fast Food Mafia game that didn’t run on DM over here to JN?
  11. Normally it takes a drink or two before I’ll show anyone my Dachshund
  12. Thank you. I’m happy to drop in again and mix it up with you guys. JN is a fun bunch.
  13. I think there’s good reason to be optimistic about the team moving forward. Wouldn’t consider them contenders by any means yet, but the additions in FA are nice. Mosley + the Wall of Williams will make for a nasty front 7. Adams is a super star already. And if Bell can return to form then I think it’ll help Darnold take some strides. The Pats are still good but on the decline imo. The Fins still have a long way to go but if Rosen turns it on they could be good in the future. Same with the Bills. The East is looking interesting again after too long being in the shadow of TB12.

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