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  1. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    Mayfield's resume will be nice by the time this season is over but I'm still not 100% sold on him being a great NFL QB. I love his attitude but I still think his arm isn't the best.
  2. You wanna blow the Ape? have some respect for yourself, man.
  3. And Ape, before you go on and on calling me the idiot - suck a dick
  4. nice work dudes and thanks for the early exit ✌🏻
  5. But if he flips Doc I'm still scum for staying off the wagon right?
  6. It's hybrid so he's still probably getting lynched anyway. His answers were bad and I don't like that he soft claimed and all that but the fact still remains that he's uncountered and that's what made me reconsider. if this game is Vanilla like Nyn wanted to run, he's definitely lying, but the LZM and Crusher deaths at the end of D2 don't jive with that. The lack of any NKs doesn't really jive with that but I don't know the specifics on the mechanics yet. If he's lying he's never making it to end game and if he's telling the truth I suspect the scum are gonna kill him asap. Keeping the doc alive isn't worth the possible wifom it could bring. like I said, it's D3 and he's uncountered. I'd play it out some more and look elsewhere but that's just me.
  7. Because I thought it would ultimately be better to put on a big show of not believing him first only to completely ruin it afterwards and ruin any possible Town cred I could've gotten if he turns out to be lying. Spot on analysis.
  8. Yep, that's exactly what I did.
  9. I'm not lynching an uncountered doc claim on D3. Let scum sort him out
  10. At least they still have you big guy thanks again for the extra work to hook me up with a new username
  11. This back and forth between you two really isn't that enjoyable to read. When is the deadline?
  12. It's a fair question to ask. All most of us know is that there haven't been any deaths when Day opened, and so far only one town death by something at the end of Day 2. I assume there will probably be another when D3 ends - but if you are telling the truth I doubt you blocked anything because I doubt you were ever a target for scum before now still a big IF. The lack of counter claim is the only thing that really helps you
  13. It's implied since D2 and D3 opened without any deaths. Crusher dying at the end of D2 is the only indication of some sort of scum killing power
  14. lol where's Hallia when you need her. She can give you some tips on how to properly stop the NK
  15. Unvote for now when is deadline? I've been occupied elsewhere and haven't been keeping close tabs on this game the last day or two
  16. So the N2 target is still up in the air if that's the case.
  17. The lack of a counterclaim is my only real concern right now. We can speculate that Crusher was the N1 target and there's some sort of delay because he didn't die until D2 ended.
  18. Shoot you twice, to which you blocked twice no less. Huge stretch
  19. Convenient. Also disagree that Mafia shots are ever random, and considering your claim I highly doubt they aimed at you. If you're Town you were getting pushed as lynch bait from D1. They wouldn't shoot you and take a ML off the board i don't buy it
  20. Probably nothing since you keep beating around the bush like you have been all Day. in a game with zero NKs in two phases, if you're legit then that most likely means your targets were Town and you saved them. You could take two more people off the table today. but instead you bullsh*t and play coy. You can die scum
  21. Rules are for losers. still waiting to hear your saves then?
  22. @Smashmouth who did you protect? weve had no NKs but some delayed deaths at the end of D2. Id expect there to be more of those. Do you have a character to claim as well? and Ape faking a PR doesn't mean anything to me. How does that logic make him scum automatically?