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  1. I will accept your apology in written form when this is all said and done.
  2. JiF is a waste of an investigation. If he doesn’t die tonight then he’s right back on the table tomorrow in the same situation: claim or die
  3. Hard to buy with how everything has gone down. You should have claimed and cleared the air but now instead we are in this mess. It’s hard not to imagine it being intentional
  4. Scum’s game plan ^ From Stark claiming to end the game with his death To CTM claiming Hess is GF and then self hammering To JiF lolcatting the end of D4 and then refusing to claim his role which supposedly will make sense upon his death and then not actually dying what a game it’s been
  5. The role flip that was supposed to clear everything up for us that he refused to reveal. And then didn’t die, still not clearing anything up for us. Right.
  6. There’s been two NKs this entire game. I can’t help that scum is not hitting their shots, whether it be vests or a Doc making excellent calls. This point is getting tired, really.
  7. You should’ve just claimed. Now instead we are in this wifom mess. I don’t fault anyone for thinking this was intentional when it was easily avoided. Great pity lap you went on after the hammer too. Oscar worthy if you are scum
  8. Very convenient you survive that lynch after refusing to claim. I doubt someone who witnessed all that go down used a power to save your life for no reason.
  9. The answer will still be no whether he did or not imo.
  10. I will take other suggestions as well and consider before submitting.
  11. Still doesn’t tell me why Barry is scum
  12. Not sure if it’s what we need, but it’s definitely what we deserve.
  13. I think we’re saying the same things lol
  14. CTM was Seeker with a 1x immunity. My money is on scum having a full GF - the politician dude. Makes too much sense.
  15. Or just outed his results instead of dicking around
  16. Yes but I don’t think that’s gonna be the case this game, as far as a whole different faction. 3p is possible though
  17. This is only true is Barry flips Kalvary and isn’t Godfather.
  18. We are not lynching Barry unless you have proof to back your assertion he is scum. It’s as simple as that.
  19. If he doesn’t show soon and give a thorough claim with role, character, details etc then he can swing. No need to rush this yet, Day hasn’t been open more than 24 hours now. If whether or not I am lying or my results are fake are going to be the centerpiece every Day I survive moving forward, then it’s best that I die and clear the air. I would much rather force scum to do it at Night but they have sucked in that regard and so long as I’m here and Townies like DPR are getting hung up on it then that works in their favor until they finally do.
  20. @Pac the reason I didn’t tell you no about DPR is because I had no reason to defend him. If you’d chosen Barry, I would’ve advised against - like how I derailed the train on Smash the Day before.
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