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    football, photography, reading, grandchildren

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    born in nyc, lived in fla,nj, las vegas,fla. again & phoenix
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    football, photography, grand kids, reading & travel
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    super bowl 3
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    no but i ushered 10 years at shea
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    the kotite years
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    sent wife & kids to her mothers & wateched game in peace

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  1. I sent my wife and kids to her mother's, locked the doors, took the phone off the hook, cooked some Rice A Roni & enjoyed the the game although I was nervous the Colts would put Unitas in & that we would blow the game. It was a great day
  2. jetfan39

    FIRE MAC AND BOWLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the 1st of many fire bowles threads today😁
  3. I keep reading about 3 games in 10 days. What was the excuse for the Jags game after 10 days between games? just asking for a friend
  4. New York Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson will not be suspended by the NFL for his arrests over the past two years, a league spokesman confirmed to NFL.com. The decision comes after Anderson pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges of reckless driving in June stemming from a Jan. 19 arrest. Anderson was sentenced to six months of non-reporting probation in the case. Anderson was initially facing multiple felony counts before Florida prosecutors dropped the charges. Anderson was arrested after he allegedly failed to yield during a traffic stop. In May 2017, he was arrested for allegedly pushing a police officer at an event in Miami, but the charge was eventually dropped. Players who are arrested are subject to potential NFL discipline under the league's personal conduct policy. Print PREVIOUS ARTICLENEXT ARTICLE "Top 10 MVP candidates at quarter mark: Mahome..." PREVIOUS ARTICLENEXT ARTICLE LATEST Cam: Panthers accepting Eric Reid with 'open arms' Oakland Raiders place Donald Penn (groin) on IR
  5. jetfan39

    Marrone Week!

    Who isn't?
  6. On if he was too conservative offensively in the second half... I thought we were well-balanced on offense. I thought we had some plays dialed up off of what they did. They changed some things around in the second half that negated some of the things we had dialed up. But I thought offensively we had a goodgame plan that was balanced. maybe he should take a lesson from people who actually know how to coach.
  7. does the team that loses to the Browns have to buy the beer?
  8. jetfan39

    Is Terrele Pryor a little beotch?

    I'm sure at least one person on one of the 3 NFL teams he has been on likes him
  9. This is where our ten million dollar mentor needs to earn his money &explain to Sam what is happening & why he needs to be in camp
  10. jetfan39

    Now I’m genuinely aggravated!

    Well, there goes the Super Bowl
  11. https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/trumaine-johnson-excited-about-reunion-with-dbs-coach
  12. Hopefully all these great reports are not setting us up for a massive downfall.
  13. do you think he's now thinking of retirement sooner because they may sign hack?
  14. jetfan39

    Oakland Raiders release Hackenberg

    maybe I missed something, but with just josh, teddy and sam who is going to play the 4th pre-season game? do we pick up a scrub or pray no one gets hurt?

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