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    football, photography, reading, grandchildren

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    born in nyc, lived in fla,nj, las vegas,fla. again & phoenix
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    football, photography, grand kids, reading & travel
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    super bowl 3
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    no but i ushered 10 years at shea
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    the kotite years
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    sent wife & kids to her mothers & wateched game in peace

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  1. First time I have used PayPal. Hope I didn't mess it up. Pleasure to help. Just back from vacation and glad I didn't spend all my money. Glad to back up my prayers with help. Faith without works is dead.
  2. Max, we beat it last time with prayers & we will beat it again with prayers. Just know that she will be on many prayer list. Just remember GOD is in control. Peace and blessings to you and your family.
  3. This has got to be satire. No one could be this clueless
  4. this is a case of " how much will you give me to not make a big stink"
  5. my feeling from reading thru this post is that a lot of people have trouble separating the player from the person. a lousy QB does not mean a lousy person.
  6. thank you for listening. hope it can be re-installed
  7. Sorry to be late on suggestions, but could you please put post# in the thread back?
  8. That was pre covid-19 when interview was in person. On Zoom it can be kept quiet until things get serious
  9. It's a shame they did not Lock it so he couldn't get out
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