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    born in nyc, lived in fla,nj, las vegas,fla. again & phoenix
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    football, photography, grand kids, reading & travel
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    super bowl 3
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    no but i ushered 10 years at shea
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    the kotite years
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    sent wife & kids to her mothers & wateched game in peace

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  1. he just may, so no, take the one who falls to us and still have our 1st next year,
  2. Do they love him or do they love his measurables?
  3. what makes you think it will take that long?
  4. the right price is more than anyone else will pay
  5. Name one we did not ruin
  6. 6 Possible QB Scenarios

    or trading down for boatload of picks
  7. how do we think that the indy fans would vote?
  8. I wonder if Indy would repay NE's shafting them on the josh deal that they would trade their pick to the jets. That would improve the jets team that faces NE twice a year
  9. let's not let the facts get in the way of the hatred and the agendas
  10. Allen Robinson and Kirk to Cleveland?

    if they franchise him looking to trade him, every GM and their brother know they would have to cut him because they can't pay both smith and cousins. they would just wait him out. besides cousins would have to sign the contract and would he give up all of his leverage?
  11. the only thing I can say that at this time of the year regarding football, believe nothing of what you read and only have of what you see.
  12. Schefter: Jets Hire Rick Dennison

    So they never made a good one
  13. Schefter: Jets Hire Rick Dennison

    pre-judging a move is totally different than criticizing a bad move. you are expecting every move to be bad as if he jets have never made a good one. I know there aren't that many but some of their moves do work out. NOTHING positive has ever come from a negative outlook.
  14. Schefter: Jets Hire Rick Dennison

    I love the positive attitude for every move the Jets make