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  1. and sometimes he wasn't even near the play or on the field, but it was fun
  2. by then the defense will be humming along and everyone will know their jobs. Who ever comes in after him will have hard nosed players, not a bunch of wimps
  3. my daughter works with computers and lives close by
  4. I turn 80 this year right before we go to Hawaii in Dec.
  5. Harry Wismer and Sonny Werblin say hello. Werblin was the majority owner and Hess was the minority owner when they bought the team from Harry Wisner.
  6. I don't get this. The earlier reports were that they neg. how much money to spend on scouting dept. & i would assume they already agreed to his salary. Knowing how tight lipped they are about whats going on at jet headquarters; no leaks coming out anywhere, the only way we are going to find out anything is when they announce it. not time to panic yet.
  7. it's a shame that he apparently did not listen to them or picked lousy scouts like his lousy players after the 1st round

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