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  1. This is a good thing actually, we're going to suck next year anyway. Pay a large portion of his contract this year that way it's easier to cut him down The road. Maccagnan likes to front load his contracts specifically for this reason.
  2. You really can't take one more? Do you understand what rebuilds are? You won't fix a team in one draft. The plan is simple... Throw the young qbs out there, play all the young talent, see what floats and what sinks. Realize what you have in your qbs, if one pans out, great! If not, there are 3 studs in next year's draft and chances are one of them will be good. I think Darnold is different and won't suffer the usual fate of quarterbacks. Last year Watson was considered a surefire number 1, at times so were Geno, Locker, Barkley, Hackenberg, Boyd, I could go on and on. I think it's win win, with a lot of actual losses. I'm curious what we have in petty and hackenberg, and I think it will be fun and obviously painful. But we're Jets fans. Let's act like we've been there before.
  3. A theory: Since Gailey 'alledgedly' told Bowles he was going to retire at the end of the season, maybe he didn't want to conflict with whoever was going to replace him
  4. Hopefully he goes to jail and we recoup some of that money
  5. jett

    Mayock On The QB's

    Not advocating trub or anything (I know nothing about him yet) but people seriously forget that college football and NFL are two separate entities. If one thrives in college but flops in the NFL then he's a failure. People forget that Tim Tebow is probably the greatest qb in college history
  6. I think this may have been the worst post I've ever seen. You get as much time as your play allows. You play well you get to keep playing. You don't play well you don't play. No quarterback gets benched playing well. Matt Ryan has been an elite quarterback for most of his career. Hack will get a chance if he deserves it and whatever happens after that is earned, good or bad. You don't give a guy x amount of years to figure it out. You give him an appropriate allotted time and judge him on his play and go from there.
  7. Draft sh*t. Edit: before someone jumps down my throat I'm teasing
  8. This. It isn't close at all. Brett was a fantastic quarterback don't get me wrong, and it's even more impressive how he was able to be a successful gun slinger which is very hard to pull off, but all his stats (while extremely impressive, don't get me wrong I'm not taking them away from him) came from his longevity and the amount of games he played, which is actually the most impressive thing about Favre, his durability which makes him a hofer alone.
  9. Say NO to Alabama/Notre Dame/USC quarterbacks. The end
  10. This is new york (new jersey). There is no time to be patient.
  11. Agreed. Petty absolutely did make progress. In my opinion he can be a quarterback in this league. Idk what capacity but he proved he can play at this level in some way. I would not be surprised if he is in this league for 10 years as a backup qb much like how Kellen clemens and Matt moore have made careers out of it. Like I said I will root for hackenberg every day he is a jet regardless of what I thought of it.
  12. In my opinion this is one of the most interesting players in a long time. You have a guy, whose thrown 37 touchdowns, 12 interceptions, rushed for 1148 yards and 10 touchdowns, completed 62.7 percent of his passes, all of this in 2 seasons, and every indication is that the bills will move on from him. The knock on this guy is that he's limited, and what you see is what you get. He's not gonna be a 30 td 4500 yards a season type guy. That's the book on him. If the Jets had this guy I feel like half our fan base would say we found our franchise quarterback. It's funny, I have watched this guy play a handful a times and he has never really impressed be but hasn't looked terrible to me either. He's looked OK. But his stats make him out to look a lot better than he is in my opinion. My question is if the Bills move on from him, would you bring him in? A lot of variables go into this, but put money aside. Who would want him on this team. He really is an interesting case.
  13. Not i either, Like I said he's a jet and I will always support our players.
  14. Weird this is shockingly similar to what we heard from petty this time of year last year. "it's been good, I got to sit back and learn, I've made progress..etc" I mean not knocking him or the the jets at all, he's doing all he can do at this point. I will never knock the jets for how they have handled hackenberg. They're doing exactly what I've always wanted them to do with a quarterback and at least try and development before they throw him into the wolves. Especially with this line My problem has always been the quarterback they chose to do it with. I did not like the pick and still don't. I think the problem is where they took him more than who they took. I wouldn't have hated this pick if he was picked in say the 4th. Regardless he should get the benefit of the doubt because none of us know and none of us have seen him play, plus he's a Jet so we should all support him.
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