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  1. As a rookie they won’t overload his plate. We run the ball a lot and let him take shots off of playaction. If he shows he can handle more and the OL really gels they’ll let him loose..... We won’t know how much he can handle as a rookie until we see him under center so why worry about this now? Lol
  2. Much props to the Brain Trust at Florham Park. Grown people should have a choice of what they decide to put into their bodies
  3. I was honestly confused as to why Jets brass thought it was okay to bring in 3 unproven QBs on the roster into training camp. If true at least JD is attempting to add a vet to the QB room.....I know Zach’s contract issues are lurking in the background but I think we still need to add an experienced QB to the roster, even if it isn’t someone with the pedigree of Nick Foles
  4. Voted for top 8 offense. I can live with taking a hit on defense because there’s still some pieces to be added there......but having a top 8 offense says that the Kids are coming in and producing right out the gate! We would have enough picks and money next year to build up the defense...esp the secondary
  5. Mike Maccagnan easily set this franchise back 5+ years....he’s the obvious choice for me. We could have survived all the other blunders if we would have hired an actual competent GM at the time we hired Mac.....
  6. I went with Herndon. The question was what would be the biggest surprise. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wilson came out the gates firing....he’s the #2 pick for a reason and look at the damage young QBs like Herbert and Burrow have done previously Any semblance of Herndon looking like a 1st string TE would be a pleasant shock to me
  7. White facemask though.... Black facemask gives me Kotite vibes
  8. 80s Kelly Green so we can finally get that throwback Uni!
  9. All this ammo with a seemingly competent GM??
  10. It’s like ppl haven’t watched Daddy and Jr. Shanahan pull 1,000 yd rushers out of their ass behind a dominant OL
  11. Line Building. I dig it! Dig it a lot!
  12. San Fran throwing the early breaking ball
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