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  1. carlito1171

    McVay got schooled!

    Excellent point....Rams haven’t looked the same since he went down TBH. That coupled with the fact that Gurley was ineffective and the Rams are a heavy play action team is what lead to their demise
  2. carlito1171

    NBC interview with Jamal Adams

    He’s articulate, plays his ass off, stays out of trouble, and is great ambassador for not only the Jets but the league itself..... So what he’s not a rangy centerfielder of a safety....he’s very good at what he does and will only improve with time. Let the haters hate its more amusing then anything else
  3. I could care less about giving up 3 2s for Darnold.... Imagine if we had to give up this year’s 1st?
  4. Faneca slipped my mind but he wasn’t on the 2010 team
  5. Agreed......Brick, Slauson, Mangold, Moore, Woody was our best OL in recent memory... It honestly went downhill when we thought Wayne Hunter was a full time replacement
  6. Yea hopefully he goes to work with Tom House or he might go back to work with Jordan Palmer. I don’t have any worries about Sam NOT working on his game this offseason.
  7. carlito1171

    Rams are winning the Super Bowl

    Passing of the torch from Beli to McVay.....Brady’s Career comes full circle playing the team that started the dynasty... Rams win....It was written
  8. carlito1171

    Schefter: Rex in consideration for KC DC

    Where did I say good DC?
  9. carlito1171

    Schefter: Rex in consideration for KC DC

    Good for Rex... He’s a decent DC.....but more then anything else he can inject some attitude into that Chiefs D
  10. carlito1171

    I’m tired of losing

    Yup. We need to fill the cupboard with young talent but more importantly we need to start hitting on more picks....only reason why we have cap space is because we have few players worthy enough for a 2nd contract. Our GM has been here for 4 years and our cupboard is still bare minus Sam, Jamal and a few others. Only way out of this mess is to draft well
  11. carlito1171

    NFL = WWE?

    Sean McVay is the new Steve Kerr and the Rams are the new Golden State Warriors Cheating Bill passes the torch to the new Golden Boys in 2 weeks.....book it! This script writes itself
  12. carlito1171

    Jets Expected to Hire Frank Pollack OL Coach

    This is a great hire......he worked with Dallas OL after Callahan left for Washington
  13. carlito1171

    NFL = WWE?

  14. carlito1171

    NFL = WWE?

    It’s been wrestlingesque for a very long time now sir....

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