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  1. Bengals still have some bite

    In that 49-9 beatdown a few years ago, the Bengals controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Our mega talented DL could not get a push on the Bengals OL and Dalton turned into Joe Montana. Bengals defensive front made it tough sledding to move the ball all game. We need Mo Sheldon and Leo to play to their capabilities this time around. We need our shaky OL to hold up! The Bungles are regular playoff chokers but they are a very good regular season team. This will be as tough an opener as we've had in a long while but I still believe this game is winnable....
  2. Report: Jets Meeting with Karlos Williams

    Credit to Mac here for bringing him in for a look...leave no stone unturned
  3. Prime Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards, Prime Revis, Thomas Jones, Ladanilan Tomlinson, Young Shonn Greene
  4. WR Depth

    There's less then a 0% chance of Devin Smith getting cut. Seriously. WTF comes up with this stuff?!
  5. Oh yea one more thing....we seem to be getting talent from the top, reputable college programs in the country(Ohio St, Georgia, Clemson, Louisiville. etc)...players who have produced on the big stage in the NCAA No Tannebaum small school projects in the 2nd round!
  6. RB Depth

    Hammys are so tricky and with Forte's age and injury history IDC if we don't see him until the season starts... I think we'll be fine heading into week 1...let these guys heal up we have camp bodies for now
  7. Tyrod Taylor Signing for $90+ Mil

    Make it happen Tanny!
  8. Me personally...gotta duplicate that for more than one season to get into that convo... He's on pace to duplicate what he did last year so I don't think there will be any debates in December
  9. I think he'll make his way into the top 10 convo after this year.... For those still on #Idzikwatch Marquise Lee made a couple of nice grabs yesterday....
  10. Bryce Petty vows to "Favre it"

    Same...I've always had Geno's back through it all but it's the mental part of the game with him. All the physical traits in the world but no pocket awareness and inaccurate. At least he doesn't take 25yd sacks anymore He's the clear cut #2 behind Beard....
  11. I would have to go with Jordan Jenkins and Jace Amaro
  12. Wilkerson off PUP

    This D will be filthy!
  13. No TC drama, No big bluster from our HC, No media sniffing at the heels of our every move, no rats or moles in the org, No QB controversy, No complaining about lack of production from our O... What we do see is our offense trading good practices with the D, a coach with the pulse of the team and keeps media at bay, young promising players flashing early, vets showing fire and competitiveness because missing the playoffs last year is not good enough.... The makings of a good football team????????? We'll see.....
  14. NYJ vs JAX Depth Chart Released

    Amaro and Lee are going to have to earn starting spots by outperforming 2 people who started last year. As it should be... We're going into the 1st preseason game the depth chart as of now means very little....