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  1. Vick was ahead of his time in a lot of respects....I can only imagine if he played in an NFL that was willing to embrace college concepts like today’s NFL....Vick did most of his damage from Scrambling....Lamar does most of his damage from designed QB runs and read option...
  2. Credit to BAL for building an offense to suit him instead of making the mistake of trying to develop him as a pocket passer....
  3. I don’t work for the Jets, the Jets do not pay my bills, and I literally have zero control on how the Jets perform week to week, year to year. My fandom has definitely gone down in the last 4-5 years or so....I’ll always be a Jet fan but long gone are the days when I was seriously emotionally invested in this team....Football and all professional sports are just entertainment. I leave it at that.....
  4. Of Course Rex disagrees....he’s still waiting by the phone for Woody to give him a call
  5. I love a good tin-foil hat theory, but he lost me at Redskins making the playoffs LOL
  6. As soon as I saw Dalton was coming back I already knew what would happen today. It is what it is....we know what this team is already. Think people got a little too excited during our little winning streak. Joe Douglas and Sam Darnold are our only hopes for the foreseeable future...If Joe Douglas(and to a lesser extent Sam) turns into a flop it’s gonna be dark and gloomy around here for a long while
  7. And this is why all of the climbing back into the playoff picture talk was foolish.....this team just isn’t that good and there is no such thing as a sure win with this football team
  8. David Blough? Really?! You didn’t even know who he was before 12pm yesterday 🤦🏾‍♂️
  9. Voted for a couple of guys but the main one for me is Ryan Griffin....never thought of him as someone who can make the type of contributions in the passing game he’s made so far this year. He’s done the best he can in replacing Herndon’s production. We should have some good 2 TE sets next year with those 2...
  10. This is one of the most overlooked aspects of his growth in the NFL so far. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a young QB quicken his release to that degree.
  11. That and Gurley’s arthritic knee
  12. He’s a 22 year old starting QB of an NFL team not some choir boy....long as he doesn’t catch a DUI or anything who cares? Oh and stop making out with those dirty broads in them Morristown bars

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