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  1. This is approaching Steve WIlks Cardinals level bad... Everyone knows the state of the roster, and injuries. Still inexcusable for that level of effort coming off of a bye and letting a rookie with a pop gun arm hang 50+ on you.....
  2. Riding it out with MIke White for 4 weeks should have never even been close to being an option to begin with.... Been trying to give the man a chance.....but that's complete incompetence
  3. Count me in....let's be honest...we all know how this movie ends.... It won't happen at the end of this season....but cmon man....we've all been Jets fans long enough to know what happens in a year or two
  4. That's not the point man.....it's downright incompetent to not have that guy on the roster already from camp in case this happened
  5. Really starting to side eye JD man....the jackass gave up a pick for a guy he should have signed in the offseason if he didn't have his head up his ass and realized he needed a Vet presence, and having a QB room of Wilson, White and Morgan was never going to amount to much.... Zach isn't made out of teflon....especially behind this OL....the risk of him getting hurt was always there. On what planet was it okay to not have someone that can actually start a game in case he went down?!
  6. 0.00000% chance He’s protected.....Johnson’s knew we were “throwing away” this season... Lets table this till the end of the 2022 season
  7. Wilson was my only reason for watching this season. Redzone it is till he returns
  8. Good I hope even more fans stop wasting their money on an inferior product. Make Woody open his checkbook and hire someone who can actually build a team, or even better, not see the value in his investment and sell the team(Complete pipedream I know)
  9. Refs do what they do....but Judon and the other defender should have been eating dirt after an ass whooping from our OL. Despicable not to stick up for your QB. Both of those hits was worth a flag for putting hands on those defenders
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