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  1. Yea it’s easy to have a ton of cap because the players you draft aren’t worthy of 2nd contracts because they suck 🙃
  2. In a hypothetical situation of hiring another DC It would be hard for me to rank or have a preference because a large chunk of my opinion would come from who they decide to hire to run the offense... It pains be to even think about the possibility....please get an offensive guy or a guy who can be a CEO type like Toub or John Harbaugh
  3. Leaning towards Bieniemy but I'm not sold given his limited experience.... Don't really like Daboll that much and I've soured on Lafleur watching Mariota's progress(or lack thereof) this year....
  4. carlito1171

    I’m sold on Whisenhunt

    Great OC.....not that good of a HC
  5. carlito1171

    If Mac got his way

    At their own peril....
  6. carlito1171

    If Mac got his way

    I wouldn't have signed Cousins regardless
  7. I would but not a top 5 1st round pick A dream scenario would be us trading down to pick up an extra 1st next year and then trading a 2020 1 for him....
  8. Not necessarily a "PFF is the end all be all" type of guy but I thought this piece would add on to the ongoing discussion of our 2017 #6 Overall pick...
  9. At least Mo had multiple double digit sack seasons.... Leo is just looking like a player who will never develop that nasty interior pass rush(which is what you’re looking for if you’re taking at DT in the top 10)...and is starting to dog it on the field like Mo on top of it! might be time to start working the phones while teams still think maybe they have a chance to do something with him...
  10. carlito1171

    Mike Kafka QB coach Chiefs

    Pederson and Nagy say hi. Andy is pretty good at developing his assistants...
  11. He’s done. Ownership is rebranding the organization in the off-season with New Unis and likely a new logo. That means they have a ton of merch to sell. Fans won’t buy the stuff unless there’s a change. Even if they keep Mac, Bowles is a sure goner....
  12. carlito1171

    $80 Million Cousins

    Cousins playing like Sherman, Thomas and Chancellor suited up for Seattle tonight
  13. carlito1171

    Reggie Mckenzie

    I agree and someone like Ozzie with his experience you could make the Football Czar we’ve all dreamed of and have him hire a GM to run the day to day operations and take over as VP of Football Ops once Ozzie decides to retire for good With Mackenzie’s experience you could also hire him as the football czar and promote Heimerdinger or get another GM

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