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  1. I fully expect the Johnson’s to pursue Peyton....it fits everything they believe in as owners....it would be a splashy move, and add a name to give them instant credibility after taking a brutal hit in the court of public opinion(something they’ve proven to care very much about) and they will own the back pages of NY news through training camp... If this does end up coming to fruition..hopefully this time We hire a sports legend that’s actually good at the job and not another Phil Jackson situation...
  2. Manish has always been been Mac’s chosen media mouthpiece so I believe there’s a lot of validity in this article however it’s a one sided story.....some “taking with a grain of salt” is needed.....
  3. Jets are screwed as long as Woody Johnson owns the team......clueless doesn’t even begin to describe him and his brother.....just hire a VP of Football Ops, fade to black and sign the checks....it isn’t that F’n difficult 🤦🏾‍♂️
  4. The difference here is that there were murmurings around the league about Mac’s departure...so much so that media people knew who would get the first shot at the job before Mac was even fired....with this, the corpse of John Clayton is just pulling an opinion out of his decrepit a$$hole...
  5. I really hate the media....I don’t even blame the players when they act like dicks towards them!
  6. Would be a good get if they finish it....he’s someone I wanted if we fired Mac in January
  7. I knew there was something there.....where there's smoke there's fire... But typical idiot Jets to let him go through the FA and the draft instead of pressing the rest button when you canned Bowles
  8. Although I love the additions of Mosley, Q, and Gregg Williams on defense, I think 2nd year Darnold, Bell, Robbie, Enunwa, Herndon, and Gase are safer bets than relying on Trumaine Johnson and whoever the hell we end up throwing out there opposite him
  9. Only took until May to start writing him off!
  10. I'm willing to bet anything that the haters are just a very loud, ignorant small minority in the world of Jets fans
  11. Except they both report directly to the Johnson's....so who's in charge of who?
  12. Yup....it seems as if it's lost on the "wahhhh why couldn't we move up for a 2" brigade that the whole reason why we didn't have a 2 is because of Darnold. You have to pay to play......we were able to complete the trade without having to give up a 1 this year. The 3 2's are not a steep price to pay at all if Darnold proves he's what everyone believes he will become. You can bitch and rag on that incompetent bum Mac all you like, but it would have been stupid to compound on our loss and mortgage some more of our future...for what? A 2nd? Another maybe? It's tough because you don't know what you're getting in a draft from year to year. Our bill came due for Darnold in a draft that the heart of it happened to be in the 2nd/Early 3rd. Luck of the draw.
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