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  1. My vote is for drafting Manning.... We were right there minus him going back to school, and he was a transcendent level talent that would have changed the Fortune of the Jets regardless of who was the HC or GM..... Lots of other moving parts in the other scenarios IMO
  2. He's not putting more pressure on himself....he's just following his plan The media and the fans will attempt to put pressure on him.....up to Joe whether he succumbs to it or not We were never fixing all the problems this team has in one offseason anyways
  3. not sure the validity of this report.....and I'm by no means an OBJ fan but I would make the move if a premium pick weren't involved....
  4. Exactly F em they're just being cheapskates.... Who knows how Rhule will pan out....Gruden for that matter as well....but if you want a quality product you should be willing to shell out some dough and stop penny pinching
  5. The one time the Jets actually sign one of my fav players in the league....the HC doesn't want him/refuses to coach to his strengths Why do I do this to myself? LOL
  6. Can't please everyone.... Love the new unis....esp the Black ones! Can't wait till we start winning some meaningful games in them
  7. Long way till March....but as bad as we need an OL high in this draft, I don't agree with taking the 4th or 5th rated OL over someone like CeeDee Lamb
  8. 🤣 Excellent analysis! It’s much appreciated over here! For Lamar and the Ravens to improve next year of course he still needs extensive work on his mechanics and throwing those out/comeback routes....also the Ravens need a legit Big bodied possession receiver to move the chains....someone like prime Alshon Jeffery or in that mold...they have TEs and Speedsters but no one who can win one on one consistently in 3rd down situations....Lamar wasn’t good Saturday night, but once they took away the middle of the field obviously the TEs weren’t as effective but the rest of his receivers did him no favors 🤦🏾‍♂️
  9. Yup! WTF cares about the dumb s*** he did 20 years ago....let’s compare rap sheets with some of the most recent hires....funny how some of these events are dug up for some coaches and not others!
  10. Mainly the 2nd one but there's some hint of #1 in there as well.......

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