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  1. Gase answers to the Johnsons...they are the buffoons who will eventually have to fire him
  2. Nah.....he deserved to get fired...and this is coming from a huge Bowles fan early on However, leave it to the Jets to go backwards after firing him and changing regimes...that’s how bad Gase is...he makes ppl want to bring bad HCs back Ultimately this is all Johnson buffoonery......Maccagnan should have been the first fire...he has the most blame in this never ending mess on our hands probably for the better part of the next decade...his problems have lasted long after Bowles has been gone....let’s say Joe D gets hired in January instead of May....even if you keep Bowles Joe has an opportunity to bring in a coach after one season and this mess wouldn’t be as bad....now by the time Gase is fired it will be time to draft another QB yet again 🤦🏾‍♂️
  3. Yup. This is the fear because that’s how stupid of a franchise the jets are by putting themselves in this situation. Anyone with half a brain could have avoided this
  4. The “seeing ghosts” game at home vs Pats last year was much worse then yesterday but I get your point
  5. Put me in the “not yet but the clock has started” category.... Sam was bad yesterday but I still feel that Coaching and offensive talent are bigger problems.....finding a new QB tomorrow does nothing to fix that. With that being said it’s alarming some of the throws/decisions he made yesterday...in his 3rd year...and reportedly working his ass off in the off-season.......maybe he would be farther along in a much better situation IDK......Jets as an organization has proven time and time again they have no clue how to develop a QB....such a shame Joe Douglas walked into a sinking ship and may have to draft a QB of his own in year or two
  6. Only this team fires Bowles and goes backwards 🤦🏾‍♂️
  7. Posts like these really separate the self-centered scum from decent human beings...... We're in the middle of a pandemic.....who knows how much of the season we actually get through. F$@$ YOUR NEED TO BE ENTERTAINED!!!!!!!! IT'S NO ONE'S FAULT BUT MACCAGNAN'S WHY HE GAVE HIM 85Ms TO COME HERE
  8. Nah.....in 09 I thought we were an up and coming team with the leagues best defense and a young QB of the future..... In 10 against Pitt I thought we would win.....esp after the way we beat NE in Cheatsboro the week before......even when we were down big going into the 2nd half I had faith that we could come back....we'll never know what would have happened if the D gets one more stop and gives Sanchez and the O the ball back That loss still hurts bad seeing as that's the last playoff game we've played since
  9. Allow me to fix the title for you OP: *Clowney wants to be PAID by an NFL Team!

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