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  1. carlito1171

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    The more we find out about Mac's love affair for Darnold prior to the draft....the more I'm convinced he helped to sucker the Browns into taking Baker at 1
  2. carlito1171

    Bowles is fired up!

    Don't forget the Glass Jaw fellow he started with....
  3. carlito1171

    Bowles is fired up!

    Looking at the draft coverage when Darnold came in as the pick....that was the giddiest I've ever seen Bowles talk about a QB of his....you can really tell they thought he was the diamond they would never get to touch, yet still fell in their lap. I know Bowles gets a lot of flack for his incessant need to play vets even when its time to take a look at some younger guys....but I believe in this case he's not gonna put a leash on Darnold
  4. Then you give him the keys and let him go to work... The whole point is that it's on HIS timetable....we don't have to throw him out there like 2 of our last high picks..if he's ready week 1 then he goes out there....but I have no problem with McCown getting the nod until he is ready... I do think we see Darnold play this season....i'm just not sure right now if it will be during week 1...
  5. I already think that the Jets FO spooked the Browns into taking Baker at 1. I never believed in the love affair with Baker to begin with. Would we have drafted Baker if Darnold was off the board? Possibly, but GMs always use these tactics to try and get what they want. The Giants piece is plausible too because during this draft process all you heard was how the only QB the Giants liked in the draft is Darnold and if the browns didnt take him there's no way he was slipping past the GMen...
  6. carlito1171

    So does Darnold start in game 1

    Idk..we'll see The beauty of this situation is that we don't HAVE to throw him in there week 1....the keys are his whenever he's ready. I do think Darnold will play at some point this season
  7. This answer may not provide much closure but I've always believed it was a little of both
  8. carlito1171

    The interview.

    Yea he looks real pissed off to be drafted by the Jets....oh no we just drafted a malcontent!!!!!!
  9. Bills traded back up.... Calvin Ridley?
  10. Definitely believe that to be the case.... The Jets love affair for Baker felt fake to me the entire time
  11. Please take Josh Allen Bills!!!
  12. Colts would have been insanely dumb not to take Nelson there unless they got offered a King's ransom