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  1. Exactly. It will prob be DJ Reed's task at least to start the season
  2. Mike Macagnan is one of the worse GMs in NFL history....why isn't this talked about more nationwide when these journalists write their LOLJets pieces?.....
  3. About 7-8 wins is what I would like to see.... Fact of the matter is that we need to start winning games....the optimistic high we all have after the draft means nothing if it doesn't give us a better outcome..... I'm not expecting a Bengals like turnaround, or to compete for a playoff spot, but our days of being bottom dwellers who don't look like they belong on an NFL field need to be behind us now....
  4. Well 1st of all I don't play for the Jets lol....so whatever "losers mentality" because of how I view this team compared to the Pats has no bearing on the outcome. The actual Jets themselves that will take the field will believe they can win. That's all that matters Sure I can be sick and tired of hoping to split all I want....it still doesn't make the process of being head and shoulders above them go any faster. Just because we picked 4-5 of the best rookies the draft had to offer doesn't automatically mean we start routing a HOF level coach and a team we are 0-12 against in the last 7 years LOL. It's a process. Im hopeful for the future but still a process. You want to walk before you crawl and that's fine, but the fact of the matter is that people have been declaring the pig ripe for slaughter for 8 years now and yet somehow BB keeps on ticking, and keeps finding a way to make the Jets look dumb.
  5. Ok, and when we somehow lose to BB again your handle will be "Sent from the Bill Belichick suicide desk" Im pumped for the season as well, but lets look at the outcome, we haven't beaten them since 2015, we're 0-4 since Brady left featuring blowout losses to the corpse of Cam Newton and the Pop gun kid from Bama. How about we get on base and get a single or double, instead of swinging for a grand slam, only to strikeout
  6. Look man all of that sounds nice, but the fact of the matter is that we haven’t beat NE since 2015. A simple split with them this year would have me jumping for joy!
  7. This wasn't a deep draft...this wasn't the draft to have 1 million picks and fill a bunch of depth. Not to mention the Jets came into this draft with 81 players already on the roster.... But go off George
  8. For an offense that’s built off the outside zone run first and foremost, marrying the run and pass game with playaction, and utilizing a heavy dose of misdirection and stretching the field horizontally, we have the pieces in place to cause legit headaches. If it all comes together, you’ll have no idea where it’s gonna come from. This isn’t the type of offense that’s built off having a bellcow or #1 option....the sum is greater then it’s parts....this has the potential to explode if it can all come together...
  9. I was down on Lafleur to start the season. Thought hiring someone so green was a mistake. But he showed a lot towards the end of the season. Esp when he went up to the booth... I think he’s capable of designing an offense that gives defenses fits, now he really has the pieces to do so
  10. Fav pick and the pick I wanted in this draft. We haven’t had a playmaker of this caliber since....forever Home run speed, shiftiness, great hands, amazing catch radius for his size, clean route runner gives me Prime OBJ Vibes(hopefully minus the attitude of course) Him, Moore and Hall in the same offense should be fun for Lafleur to cook up some stuff....we’re gonna put some pressure on some defenses this year!
  11. If the Jets, with as much as they have at stake this year, had any doubts about Becton's return, Ekwonu would be a Jet. Non-story See ya at training camp Big Fella!
  12. The thing is...he was multiple in San Fran as well......people overblow his ties to Pete Carroll's cover 3 He originally was very Vanilla when he was hired in SF. However, he quickly learned the lesson you're talking about while DC there....
  13. I heard on NFLN during the Draft that the Jets played a ton of Cover 1 last year, more than you would think with Saleh running the defense. So I would expect to see more trust in that coverage with the upgrade in the secondary as well as even more blitzing. Even Still, Cover 3 still puts the corners on an island with the WRs, just not the press man we're use to seeing with our blitz happy 3-4 defenses of years past. Go look at old footage of Sherman in Seattle, or even Ramsey in Jax....in cover 3 you're still expected to erase a part of the field and mirror that X or Z receiver. Sauce is a great fit no matter which way you slice it. I just didn't expect the Jets to think of it as a priority that high, and wanted a Pass rusher over anything else. landing JJ in the late 1st makes this an absolute home run.
  14. Jets haven't won a division game in 2 seasons... Why is it so farfetched for us to be the worse in the division? LOL
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