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  1. Ehhhh....He's getting the reps in the spring through Preseason anyways....even if ARod was a Jet already.... Which is another reason why JD will take his sweet ass time
  2. Agree to disagree.... What has Zach Shown to garner a 5th year option being picked up, and what opportunity will he get to show he's worth it given Rodgers presence here in the next 1-2 years? Some may say practice and around the facility will give him the opportunity, but I wouldn't. I'd need to see how he handles live bullets flying after a true reset.....
  3. If you think JD and Saleh are surviving a tank job, you’re completely out of touch. The correct move is exactly what JD is doing. Waiting for GB to stop playing the save face game with their delusional fanbase. GB only has one way out of an ensuing Rodgers mess and that’s through the Jets. There’s no deadline, but the draft, OTAs and Training Camp will all start eventually. All the impatient ppl just need to disconnect from this story and get a grip already!
  4. It’s pointless engaging with a fool like him. JD and Saleh have their own jobs to save…..After a terrible miss drafting Wilson, they have no choice but to make a pivot. Bringing in Rodgers not only gives them a 1-2 year window to go for it all(and immortalize themselves) it gives them a chance to reconfigure themselves long term at QB. If Rodgers does indeed give them 2 years, Zach will be done with his contract here, as they surely won’t pick up his 5th year option. It gives them the opportunity to assess the course forward in either finding another stop-gap, or throwing all their resources in for a QB at the top of the draft, or taking a later QB and taking the time to develop him. It depends on the landscape in 2 years. Bringing in Rodgers affords them that opportunity, where as if they continued to delude themselves into thinking Wilson is salvageable, or bringing in a lesser vet would have ensured their fate and they wouldn’t be here past this season…..
  5. What time is the game on Sunday?
  6. Love it! Great interior lineman, great veteran lockerroom presence....at his age contributing in a DL rotation is perfect for him... Still had 5 sacks last year..... Get it done JD!
  7. Thank you! Someone with sense and logic and not impatient toddler nonsense..... GB has no choice left in the matter...GB gave one team permission to talk to Rodgers, and it happens to be the team he publicly came out and said he intends to play for this season.....in addition to saying he doesn't want to be in GB any longer, a team that made its intentions known that they were ready to move on 1st...... A deal is getting done....Jets fans can go cry a river because it's not done right this minute so they can go waste $$$ on a Rodgers jersey tomorrow instead of in a month or two GB is playing fake hardball to appease the buffoons in their fanbase.......they'll get a deal done either in the upcoming league meetings, or closer to the draft
  8. There's really no need for a "nuclear option", it's only in Jets fans impatience and angst that such a thing would exist. GB can't keep Rodgers into OTAs and the season.....JD knows it, GB knows it, and ARod knows it. They need 2023 draft compensation to build around Love. All parties involved understand this..... JD can sit and wait until they stop their nonsense and are done playing fake hardball to appease their delusional and dumb fanbase
  9. The Miserabs are running out of material....
  10. Ladies and gents.....we have our 1st Tank for Caleb contender
  11. 1000% fully support For once in our freakin lives let’s go for it and actually have a functional offense! We rank last in every offensive category over the last decade. For once in our lives let’s actually shoot for contention. IDGAF if it’s only for a 2 year max window, and Idk how far we go, but let’s at least have a viable chance!
  12. Which is exactly why the hysteria around the holdup and the want to give his goodbye his way is downright pathetic by our fanbase…..
  13. He’s not scheduled to be there but a pop up to break some news wouldn’t shock me
  14. Also, to everyone thinking we’re being held up in FA because of this Rodgers stuff….I never expected the Jets to be major players during day 1 of FA anyways….so it honestly doesn’t matter right now
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