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  1. All this ammo with a seemingly competent GM??
  2. It’s like ppl haven’t watched Daddy and Jr. Shanahan pull 1,000 yd rushers out of their ass behind a dominant OL
  3. Line Building. I dig it! Dig it a lot!
  4. San Fran throwing the early breaking ball
  5. Florham Park all fist bumps and smiles....hope they got the right guy this time at QB
  6. Thanks Rams and Browns.... Oh what could have been
  7. Def making up for last year with all of these theatrics
  8. Helps him get through all the booing
  9. Ummmmm....why care? He doesn’t owe anyone anything. He gets to move on with his life and so does the Jets.....
  10. Not gonna lie that Pats trade up for Justin Fields scares the Sh*t outta me!!
  11. Regardless of his level of play...the truth is the last regime did not do right by him as far as building a team correctly around him. It wasn’t gonna work here under JDs regime given the timeline. Since the end of last year I felt trading him was the correct thing to do. I wish Sam all the best in Carolina he’s a good kid
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