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  1. This is interesting because it’s the foundation of the Shanny offense....but I’m not sure if we have the right personnel to do the job...notably Becton. He would be much better served in a gap, man to man scheme where he could just man handle the person in front of him. San Fran’s OL is really good with ZBS and they downright maul you in the running game. What do they have that we don’t? Better O Lineman.....better fits for the ZBS, or a combination of both?
  2. I think one thing that’s going well is allocating draft assets...i think Douglas has “wheeled and dealed” well. Has been willing to cut his losses and obtain picks for players who haven’t worked out. Everything else is still a work in progress/performance yet to be seen.....that’s not an indictment or vote of confidence either way. You might ask when do we start holding JD accountable for poor performance? For me that happens next year if we don’t at least start to approach a winning record. Also the OL situation. It needs to be figured out.......point blank period. We can’t ruin yet
  3. We were spoiled with Brick and hopefully now we see that.... but yes would be nice for our hopefully franchise LT to string some games together and be dependable
  5. Agree with you 100% I think they’ll invest more in vets next offseason. Really think they wanted to maximize their draft capital this 2 years with all the picks and set a foundation of young players to build around. If I’m wrong and they don’t bring in a few more vets then I’ll start to shake my head at JD.....because going full out Sam Heinkie in the NFL is a tough sled!
  6. The only hype came from sunshiners who usually overrate our talent anyways.... Most fans knew it was gonna be tough starting all of these rookies and young players...not shocked we stunk it up most of the game.....I just hope we can improve as the season goes
  7. Considering the alternative which was a likely torn ligament and a 10-12 month rehab I’ll take it!
  8. Class doesn’t put points on the scoreboard connecting on 50 yd deep shots does
  9. Wilson looks like a rookie against 1st stringers.....oh well let him take his lumps
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