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  1. Bengals let Carl Lawson walk to sign Trey Hendrickson.....friendly reminder
  2. Some of y’all need to stop disrespecting Sauce.....dummies
  3. We’re looking at a 3rd re-do of the OL since the GM has been here.....what does that tell you?
  4. Well.....skill positions that is.....OL is still shaky
  5. I have more faith in the offense then I do in Robert Saleh’s defense
  6. Of course we ruin a nice defensive play with stupidity like that
  7. Truly an art form how we chase the QB without getting home
  8. Raiderholic is indeed a Jets forum novelty item....wonder what PatsfanTX is up to these days?
  9. Busted coverage.....According to Ward he was responsible for the flat so they were in Cover 2....Delpit was concerned with Garrett Wilson in the Middle of the field letting Davis sneak behind them. I was more confused with the half ass effort trying to chase Davis down lol
  10. Nah.....it will Look what’s it’s done for the Bungles......I mean Bengals WTF was the Seahawks before the legion of boom? Who cared about the Pats before BB and Brady? Saints were a complete joke before Payton and Brees The Rams were a dumpster fire their last few years in St. Louis....look at them now Even in the Rex era we had an identity of being tough to play.... If we can put together a core of stars and sustain a few years of contention the stink will be off....unless we fall backwards for some reason
  11. OBJ was my draft day comp going into it..... 1st player I wanted that the Jets actually drafted in forever, 1st WR drafted in the 1st rd since 2001(Santana Moss). Happy he looks the part this early!
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