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  1. He has led so many Jets fans to see the light, is he a leader?
  2. LOL, want to do something for the board?? Make like a tree and getouttahere.
  3. Doubtful, I did not see any Instagram posts of him throwing to study WRs with their shirts off, which is the new definition of leadership. #workingHARD
  4. Cool, I hope it works out for you. Lol at grow the f up, your a pats fan who spends every day trolling Jets fans acting superior because of the football team you root for. Let that sink in....
  5. The joke is you being such a pathetic loser that you spend countless amounts of time taunting opposing fans on a message board, acting like you have something on Jets fans because your a Patriot fans. That's the joke. Oh, and all 4 titles are tainted because they were attained by cheating. What did you get for those 4 tainted championships? Did your cock grow 4 inches?
  6. It's called cheating, if the Pats didn't cheat, the Jets would have one more SB championship than the Pats*
  7. Lol, I hit a nerve huh, going to personal attacks now? For the record, I'm not reporting you, so when a mod comes knocking on your door, don't blame me.
  8. The Pats have been cheating their asses off for 15 years, that is the sole reason they won games they had no right winning.
  9. Look, you went big game fishing for shark, and caught a flounder
  10. Don't make me post pictures of the PM where you asked me to play soggy bread
  11. Why don't you show your Jets fandom by posting more Pats highlights against the Jets.
  12. You wanna show some respect for the board? Make like a tree and get outta here.
  13. What the fk are you talking about, deal? Get the fk outta here, go work on someone your own speed, like joewilly12
  14. Lol, whatever, your so fng pathetic. And not even a good troll.
  15. OMG, Villan, WTF?? I am losing all respect for you brother!
  16. I'm chill, and I don't compare your trolling to theirs. It's a different animal.
  17. How'd that work out for you? Yeah, not your style, you have reported me about a hundred times now. Your style is to PM me invites to play soggy bread, or to put me on ignore and then PM me about how I am ignored. Clown.
  18. Lol, I didn't report you to the mods, not sure what the fk your talking about, you little whiny bitch.
  19. I have the proof and if you don't watch it, I will post it
  20. Don't play coy, you and your fellow pats trolls have PMd me asking me to play.
  21. I don't personal attack, I intellect attack against you Patriots trolls destroying the board, big difference. Why don't you and PatsTrollTx go play a game of soggy bread.
  22. Look, it's a couple of Patriot fans having a trolling circle jerk! What's next? A game of soggy bread?
  23. Going to have to work harder than this.... This is weak ass trolling, kind of sh*t joewilly12 would bite on.
  24. It's not about sides... It's about blatant trolling, which is what they are, with zero value add. You troll, but you also add value. They don't, they are Pats trolls, nothing more.
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