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  1. From a cost point you are right for majority of tickets. Thankfully I got my tickets in a section where Iget relatively good value for my seats and I can almost always recoup my cost if not more by selling. I am 4 rows from the field in section 143 which is on the visitors sideline. I am also right near the aisle where the guy across from me is paying $35 for the same seat. What I have realized since I have owned these seats is that visiting fans want to sit as down low as they can on the visitors sideline and they will pay up big time for that. The jets let me buy two extra seats for the season in row 5 and before the season started I sold all of them and made more than $1200 profit. My plan was to sell those to help pay for all the games I had planned on going to. However If visiting fans want to pay me $600-1000 a game not to go to any game from now on they are welcome to.
  2. i signed up for the lock in your price and pay by installment plan for my PSL's last year(and got $40 in jets cash..lol) I am totally current in my payments. When I went just now to sell the Dolphin tickets it would not let me as " I had an outstanding invoice not paid". I called the office and the representative said that is true - because the last payment has not been processed I can not sell my tickets to the last 2 games until they run my CC. So basically I am forced to watch the market degrade for these seats until they process my last payment. I told the rep that this was not the way it worked in the past and he said it is new this year. This is such bs that they change the rules midstream under an existing agreement so that they themselves could have less competition for the seats they have not yet sold. I am having them run my last payment asap but even that might take a day or 2. It is amazing how they keep screwing the loyal fans.

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