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  1. Also it looks like today is another day I won’t be able to put the phone down. this is more exciting than when free agency is supposed to start haha
  2. It doesn’t mean “he might come here” but unless this is an ongoing joke with him and his manager, this is now the, what, second or 3rd time he’s referencing the Jets in the past few days? he may WANT to come here. I hope it happens as long as the deal is reasonable.
  3. I was just coming to post this. damn you’re quick!! and pick #2 becomes even more valuable!
  4. The one thing I keep coming back to since Saleh was hired is that now we have players LOOKING to come to the Jets. Yes, I know ultimately money is the deciding factor, but it’s apparent that the hire has not only turned the fan base optimistic, but clearly had the attention of other players, Allen Robinson and Watson as examples. With or without Watson potentially coming or not, we may have finally ended the “we need to pay star players way more money to come play for us(like Mosley)” That, in and of itself, is a pretty good feeling to have, and gives me hope we can potentially become a contender quicker than some realize.
  5. GTFO Woody. we still have a day before you get back. and don’t slam the door or I’m gonna Salehp you.
  6. I’m speaking this into existence as we speak. Did I mention this was in the Super Bowl? (if I’m going for broke, I’m going all the way)
  7. Again, ultimately I just don’t see it happening but I keep reading the “build through the draft” crowd say Douglas won’t do it. my thought is yes, while that is his preferred method, there are always exceptions to the rule. watson is young, proven and entering his prime. If this was an older QB like say Matt Ryan, then yes, I could see valuing the pucks more but we are talking such a rare scenario of a caliber player like this potentially being available. This isn’t an “every offseason available caliber player”. This is the exception to the rule. I mean Jesus, look what Kirk Cousins generated(I know he was a free agent, but still) and Watson is leaps and bounds better than Kirk. His cap number is very low this year and we can still build. I think people aren’t remembering what it was like spending money on players to field a team that can contend. im not saying to go “Full Tanny” but we have the cash to spend right now and we can still have room to build in the draft. I feel I’m a pretty levelheaded fan. I don’t see why so many people are so against this. I really don’t.
  8. Don’t think it would even happen because Joe Douglas doesn’t like troubled players like that. The talent is off the chain and would love a dynamic player like that but we still need to build a culture, and I don’t think the locker room is stable enough to do something like this.
  9. Could you imagine this scenario: Watson drops back...Throws deep...Caught Allen Robinson in stride for the touchdown. Camera pans to Saleh with veins bursting out of his neck while flexing with excitement on the sideline. If fans could be in the stands for this season, there would be an energy in MetLife like no other.
  10. I thought Paul Pozluzney was on the staff too, or was that just a “he would make sense” kinda thought?
  11. Guys, it’s so nice to be happy about things again. It really is. I don’t want to go back to the sadness. @Deshaun @JoeDouggieOfficial don’t hurt me after the glorious past few days.

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