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    Beating the Pats to advance in the playoffs or being at the Stadium on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 when we blocked the kick and returned it for a TD!
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    No :(
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    Seeing Revis win a title with the Patriots
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  1. Anyone else get tickets for the open practices? I picked up 2 for each of the 3 days. Last year was the first time I missed getting to at least one camp since 2009. Excited to get back and scope out the team!
  2. chrisfaceoff

    That buzz you hear is all about Darnold

    I onyl began posting recently, but was curious was the SOJF stood for. I was assuming it was Same Ole Jets fan?
  3. I like Fowler. Ray I am not interested in at all. Not even a little bit.
  4. chrisfaceoff

    That buzz you hear is all about Darnold

    I only have 3 words to say.... LETS. *******. GO!
  5. chrisfaceoff

    Jets Minicamp Day 3

    Yes, I second that same message. Thank you for all the hard work!
  6. chrisfaceoff

    Jets minicamp day 2

    Thanks again for doing this. I have no social Media access while at work, so I really appreciate the posts to help make the last of the afternoon go by!!!
  7. chrisfaceoff

    Jets minicamp - Day 1

    Wasn't Upshaw the player who was also involved with a Dog situation? I know it was a Ravens player but I cant recall if it was him or not.
  8. chrisfaceoff

    Jets minicamp - Day 1

    I know we knew he was going to start doing more, but this is still sooo nice to see.
  9. chrisfaceoff

    Former Jet TE Winslow arrested for Burglary

    This will somehow be Todd's fault by page 3. Calling it now.
  10. chrisfaceoff

    Antonio Garcia Article

    His story hits hard for me now. One of my friends just passed away on the 25th because of this exact same issue. It wasn't known, and from what my other friend told me, he was playing board games with his family, and went upstairs to use the bathroom and just passed. He was only28 with 2 young children. Obviously being hereon this site we want to be able to get a good player, in a position of need, and to get that same player from our rival is even sweeter, but most importantly, I hope this issue is behind him and he is able to enjoy his life. Whether that's on our team, playing football in general, or anything else. it sucks it sometimes takes a story to hit home for you to think about these players as people and not just members of your favorite team that you associate as good or bad players. Pulling for you Antonio. I hope your football story isn't close to being over and this next chapter is a positive step in the story of your life.
  11. chrisfaceoff

    Jets OTA’s June 5th, 2018

    I know this is practice, but damn so many tweets in this thread has me excited. on the other hand, hope Mo is ok.
  12. chrisfaceoff

    Jets OTA’s Day 1

    Never mind, I just noticed the thread about the issue now. Sorry guys!
  13. chrisfaceoff

    Jets OTA’s Day 1

    Thanks for this thread everyone! Its a great read while at work, and main social media accounts are blocked. Un-related questions for the forum overall. Are you guys getting a windows defender page triggered when launching the forums? its almost the same issue like it was when the security warning, just a different variation of it. I noticed it yesterday(maybe on Friday too but not quite sure). The site has been flawless for me for a while until then.
  14. chrisfaceoff

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    Is it too early to start a go fund me for the plane for to fly with the message of "Give it back to Chris"? asking for a friend.
  15. chrisfaceoff

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    I didn't want that article to end. Fun Fact: I hate reading long stories. Seriously though. This is exciting stuff. REALLY. EXCITING. STUFF>