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    Beating the Pats to advance in the playoffs or being at the Stadium on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 when we blocked the kick and returned it for a TD!
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    Seeing Revis win a title with the Patriots
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  1. All Draft QB Rumor Mill Thread

    I'm still expecting it to be Bucky because they built up those hints of it before, and I believe he still has several movies on his contract as well.
  2. All Draft QB Rumor Mill Thread

    Its the worst kept secret at this point. Just curious the direction they go with who takes over for him.
  3. All Draft QB Rumor Mill Thread

    This is going to be a painful few days. I'm also bummed I'm going to have this in the back of my mind while i'm at the Avengers opening Thursday night. I'm completely going dark on social media from Monday(the opening of Avengers) until after I come home and watch the draft.
  4. All Draft QB Rumor Mill Thread

    While I really am ok with any of the QBs we are going to pick, I've wanted Baker, and I've really been getting excited about the possibility of that becoming a reality. This gave me a pit in my stomach
  5. Board redirect on new browser tab?

    I still receive a new page pop up entering the forum. Just happened this morning. Starting yesterday the JetNation homepage wont open on first when entering in the URL. After a refresh it loads instantly. Then when I click the menu button to select the forum it opens a new page(only once per day unless I have to reset the browser for some reason) I still feel like there is something funky going on. Just wanted you to be aware what im seeing on this end. Thanks!
  6. Nick Mangold Announces Retriement

    One of my all time favorites, and always great to the fans after practices and if you ever came up to him. will be a ROH member in no time.
  7. I always thought of Mayfield like Scrappy Doo.
  8. Judging by the unusually overwhelming positive write up from Rich, I think 2 tings: 1. He really believes he is coming here. 2. He doesnt want to make Baker's list.
  9. All Draft QB Rumor Mill Thread

    I'm content with whoever they'll pick and I cant say I'd be super upset about any of them. but ever since he planted the flag in the O at OSU, I've been all about Baker. I love that attitude, and the kid loves to play. it would be exciting to watch. Plus if it crashes and burns, it will be one hell of a sight to behold.
  10. They were doing a mock draft trade segment when the Jets were on the clock. CLE picked Darnold at 1 NYG took Rosen at 2. They were deciding who to take and "the phone" rang It was the Eagles offering to trade us Foles, and their 1st Rd pick for #3 Then "the phone" rang again and it was the Bucs who offered us DeSean Jackson and 7 to move up to 3. I kinda wanted to throw up in my mouth both times. Both are a horribly terrible idea. Thoughts? Surely no one thinks either one of these would be a good play right?
  11. I'm all about the possibility of this signing. ALL. ABOUT. IT.
  12. they just updated the second part of the info: The Browns have been strongly linked with USC's Sam Darnold at No. 1, but it appears as if that is not a done deal. The "friend" also expects Cleveland to stay at No. 4 overall and select Penn State RB Saquon Barkley, assuming he is not taken by the Giants at No. 2. Of course, making any declarations about draft intentions at the beginning of April is something of a fool's errand. With at least a couple quarterback-needy teams who could move up, the top of the draft could look dramatically different in a couple weeks.
  13. From Rotoworld: MMQB's Peter King was told by a "friend of Cleveland GM John Dorsey" the Browns will select Wyoming QB Josh Allen with the No. 1 overall pick. So now does NY take Darnold or Barkley?
  14. The Draft is a Month Away...

    I thought thats what the Pro Baker/Anti Baker, and Pro Allen/Anti Allen groups are already doing?
  15. Does he speak a lot about social issues, absolutely. He has the right to. If I feel passionately about something, I do it too. He shouldn't be faulted for it. Most of what I see from him(hes still one of the few non players I follow) is about him being blackballed by the league, which he absolutely is. I don't consider him a great QB by any means, but some of the QBs that are being brought in are definitely less talented than him. I have no problem with him calling that out. If you have owners or GMs etc preaching about leaving no stone un-turned, or looking for a player to make their team better(especially ones that don't have a franchise QB) and wont give him a look, its definitely hypocritical. If the owners and teams would own up to it, thats a different story, but they wont. They cant say they are all about change, but still cant get over that hurdle. Regarding Chris, yea, it probably is because he is standing up for his players. We don't have much else of a sample size to think otherwise about it. This is the main hot button issue for the league, so its obviously what he is talking about, but at least he is not towing the corporate line, and blurring the lines. I like that about Johnson too. He clearly feels one way, and he isn't afraid to state his true opinion. I'm hoping thats the point Woody was trying to convey, and that's how I took the message.