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    Beating the Pats to advance in the playoffs or being at the Stadium on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 when we blocked the kick and returned it for a TD!
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    Seeing Revis win a title with the Patriots
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  1. I just had my second shot on Wednesday. first shot went really well just a bit tired and a sore arm for around 2 days, nothing bad at all. second shot put me down for a day. Felt like I had the flu. Chills sweats, and extremely tired as well as a sore arm. Started feeling better Last night. for what it’s worth my parents are older and neither had ANY side effects from the first or second shot besides a sore arm I’ll do whatever is necessary to get back to a somewhat normal life at this point. If my dad caught COVID it would sadly have been a death sentenc
  2. I always loved Gio’s game, but at this point I’m very happy with seeing what we have with the Johnson/Coleman/Perine group i am not nearly as down on them as others seem to be. I think there is more upside than not with the group.
  3. Intangibles high motor High ceiling diamond in the rough steal of the draft
  4. To some degree yes. I think people see the arm and crazy throws and are clamoring for the next mahomes. There has been a huge influx of exciting young QBs that are injecting life into franchises. I feel with Wilson there is no middle ground. Dude is going to flame out HARD or we could have a true Franchise stud QB. Normally I would still roll with Sam, because I think he will definitely be better this year, but even if we could see a coaching staff open the playbook and take some deep shots and breath some life into this corpse of a team, I’m willing to roll th
  5. Guys, we had 27 pages about a pro day. A pro day. let that sink in. also pretty sure Max Is loving the **** out of us the past couple months. draft weekend is gonna be wild. I love this place
  6. It’s sad that so many people really want to just cut that guy down. geez.
  7. I thought this was supposed to happen at 12 est?
  8. thanks Albert, I’ll settle down now.
  9. That’s better...kinda lol curious that we don’t have anyone else there with Joe. You would think. Saleh and LeFleur would also be in attendance if this was a franchise altering decision, no?
  10. It’s sad to think some people would act that way but with everything we know about how that team operates, I completely agree. as for Watson, the more this goes on the worse it looks for him. My gut tells me that I’m sure that even though there are some fake claims probably included, there is some legitimacy to this. If that is true, screw Watson. still trying to reserve judgement until we know more.
  11. Serious question: Is Jordan Reed hurt? Because that would be a fantastic pickup for TE if he is healthy.
  12. IF we take Wilson, there is no middle ground. we’ll either get monster numbers or like 2100 yards haha.
  13. This sucks because no matter what someone suffers or names are tarnished. if Watson is guilty of even one of these, screw him. Not only should he have no respect whatsoever, I hope he doesn’t play again. Period. however if this is a witch hunt and ulterior motives are at play he not only loses his career over false accusations, but more importantly it belittles an entire movement of individuals who find the courage to speak up for financial gain. This is terrible. All of it. I struggle with who I think is saying the truth because it would be hard to ignore and dis
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