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    Beating the Pats to advance in the playoffs or being at the Stadium on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 when we blocked the kick and returned it for a TD!
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    No :(
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    Seeing Revis win a title with the Patriots
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  1. Personally for me it’s Let’s Talk Jets by a wide margin. always felt like those dudes would be my boys to hang out with if I lived closer. Have gotten to know and meet up with Tyson over the past couple months as well. When it comes to all the other shows there are things I love, and things that gripe me a bit, but I support them all because it’s made working from home so much easier and fun to have the shows playing in the background. I hate when people beg for likes. I understand why they do it, but in my opinion their quality speaks for itself…it’s only when you hear them saying “smash the like button” or “Theresa XXXX amount of you here, you can do better than this”. It makes it really cheesy. But that’s just me. respect to all the content creators, big or small, repping our fan base. I wish for success for all of them.
  2. Right now things look good on paper, and it’s hard to not be excited for the future. I absolutely love the 1-2 punch of Carter and Hall. That’s going to be so much fun to watch. curious to see if we make some more vet signings now, but love how aggressive Joe was this weekend. Now? I pray for health, the rookies and 2nd year players to hit the ground running, and looking forward to what’s to come this season. go jets
  3. Ever since I heard him mispronounce our own players names well into the year, I can’t take him seriously anymore. “Meh-Kee Becton” ”Sam Dar-No”
  4. This is my guy at 10. If we are taking a WR in round 1, I would rather take him at 10, even if it means giving him a few extra games to get healthy, and then have him long term. I love Jameson as a player.
  5. Man, this just stings. No other way to put it. It just stings.
  6. If it’s up to Tyreek, I just do t see him choosing NY over FL. I never wanted to be more wrong though. But that sentence from Conor kinda cooled my expectations on this becoming a reality.
  7. I wonder if maybe the Jets were trying to swing this too in some degree with how they structured the contracts. unlikely I’m sure, but still curious.
  8. Seattle Carolina Minnesota and now Houston 4 down, 27 more to go In typical JD fashion he is methodical to eliminate taking out a division all at once. One by one the dominoes fall. Not knowing when it comes until it finally happens, and he is gone by the morning leaving nothing but a trail of tears and broken franchises behind. as Metallica said, “Sleep with one eye ooohhpen, gripping’ that pillow ttiiiiiyyyaaatteeee”
  9. Maye and his agent didn’t do right by not disclosing his DUI, and as aggravating as that is, I respect him for being a bright spot during some terrible years and showing up to do his job. I felt bad for him when he went down this past year, but I’m happy for him getting a solid deal in spite of that. hopefully he learns from his mistakes of his DUI and has a lengthy and healthy career.
  10. I actually like DJ’s football takes. I’m not super knowledgeable about Reed, but just hung from what I’ve briefly read, seems solid.
  11. The only thing is(and this is of right now, which means it’s going to change a million times between now and draft day) is that Thibs is now getting picked apart big time to the point he isn’t even being mocked to us, and still falling. it would be great if he fell to us, but there are some other solid edge players I wouldn’t mind taking, like Ojabo or Johnson if we trade down a bit drop 10. not arguing one but about Chase though, because a healthy Chase is a big time get…just don’t see it happening.
  12. Didn’t Chase tear his ACL this year? Not going to lie, I love the idea of him as a player, but coming off an injury is another thing. Because of that I think we could maybe squeeze another player out of it, and maybe give them one of the 4th rounders and get a late round pick back in return to help secure someone we had in the senior bowl. interesting to think about at least.
  13. will never happen, BUT I’m very vocal about my hatred for Steelers(mostly their fans since I live in PA) but I swear to 8lb 4 oz sweet little baby Jesus in the manger, I won’t say another bad word ever if that were to happen.
  14. I think there might be some validity to this, but probably doesn’t come to fruition. Still, a fun topic to think about. helps kill the the next month before free agency hits.
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