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    Beating the Pats to advance in the playoffs or being at the Stadium on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 when we blocked the kick and returned it for a TD!
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    No :(
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    Seeing Revis win a title with the Patriots
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  1. chrisfaceoff

    Jets Game By Game Predictions

    Welcome to the Jet Nation forums. Have a downvote!
  2. chrisfaceoff

    ESPN Proposed Trades For All Teams

    and we're giving them a 4th and a conditional in 2020 that could be a 5th or a 3rd depending on sacks. The number of picks are then a wash. Are they better picks? Absolutely, but if someone is saying we need to accumulate more picks, with that logic we aren't gaining quantity, but hopefully quality.
  3. chrisfaceoff

    ESPN Proposed Trades For All Teams

    Yet we do not gain any extra picks with this scenario. Do people even think before they type?
  4. The usual 3PM at the flagpole across from the playground at the school?
  5. chrisfaceoff

    Browns @ Jets week 1 MNF

    There's a lot of pettiness in here. Could we move it into the Jersey release thread since that's fading away?
  6. Same thing as last year. I never miss a super hero opening show, so I will be at Avengers Endgame for 6, and then coming home, and playing Mortal Kombat while I wait for 2 or 3AM when it replays in full. I'm going to avoid my phone, message boards and everything else, so its as if I'm watching it live
  7. chrisfaceoff

    Ty Montgomery visiting the Jets

    While I agree on Cannon. Eli has shown some serious flashes in my opinion. I'm not opposed to Ty, and I think he would be a solid weapon to have on the field along with Bell, but if(God forbid) Bell gets hurt for an extended period of time, I am not comfortable with him in a RB1 spot. I would easily choose Eli there over Montgomery.
  8. chrisfaceoff

    Ty Montgomery visiting the Jets

    Id be curious is the article about McCarthy and Rodgers was accurate, and Rodgers would really tell the receivers to do what he wanted, and not Mike. Maybe this was a case of "I know you have the talent, take it out, and then we'll move it down the field, screw what Mike says" and then tell him if he does he'll get him the ball more. Is it ridiculous? Absolutely, but if there is any truth in that article, it could very well be plausible.
  9. chrisfaceoff

    Could you see Jets trading UP to get Bosa?

  10. chrisfaceoff

    Jets Preseason Order Announced

    Thrown into the fire week 1, I'm all about it. Outside of our own team, one of my favorite players of all time is Drew Brees. I kinda want to go to the preseason game to watch him before he hangs it up. This might be the perfect opportunity to do so.
  11. Clark in one of those new Jets jerseys would look awfully good. Just sayin' Mac.
  12. With Free Agency and the jersey launch in the rear view, we move on to the draft. A lot has been made about possible trade down targets, teams to deal with, and compensation we can or should get, but what do you think we do? This isn't a question of who trades up, what we get, or scenarios that need to happen but just a gut feeling you have as to our pick in the 1st round. Do you think we move down, or we stay at 3 and take our guy? Yes or no? Call it! Personally, I would like to move down, but I think ultimately we stay put
  13. chrisfaceoff

    Giants "Not in love" with Rosen

    It doesn't even necessarily have to be the Giants. If they make another team believe they are interested in one of the QBs left, this could cause the second team to ensure they get ahead of them to take that player which benefits us as well. Ideally I hope it would be the giants to get that additional 1st rd pick, but overall, if you want to move down, this is great news to hear.
  14. chrisfaceoff

    Should NYJ poll fans on new home /away?

    I really like the thought of this. I think its a goo way of connecting the team and the fans and making them feel involved. Good PR for them as well.
  15. From Rotoworld: ESPN Giants reporter Jordan Raanan reports the team is "not in love" with Josh Rosen and will only make a trade if "the price is right." The right price would apparently be a third-round pick. At least publicly, Rosen's market has been slow developing. ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported three days ago that the Redskins were "doing genuine due diligence." The reality is, even if the Cardinals are locked into Kyler Murray at No. 1 overall, they do not simply have to dump Rosen to the first available taker. Draft weekend is the soft deadline for a move. Does it mean anything, probably not, but still interested, and maybe the stars could still align for a NY trade if his market continues to slow.

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