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    Beating the Pats to advance in the playoffs or being at the Stadium on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 when we blocked the kick and returned it for a TD!
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    Seeing Revis win a title with the Patriots
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  1. Absolutely not. giving up the draft capital and then the contract on top of that? not a chance. id do a 3 and a 4.
  2. Now that’s a lockdown corner! but seriously though, hopefully he was 6 feet away just like him in coverage against the receiver. ...I’ll see myself out.
  3. Can we override this thread to be a Chuck Norris facts thread? Chuck Norris is the only man that can punch a cyclops between the eyes
  4. That sounds so much like a Gregg comment for sure haha
  5. I feel like we are waiting for vets to shake loose. I love the draft so far actually. I would take DPJ now if he’s there and take the chance.
  6. This is one of the best value picks in the draft. I thought he would be gone so much earlier. fantastic pick!
  7. Man I can’t believe I forgot how many stupid takes there are after the draft. not the first and sadly won’t be the last either. Was this pick a shocker, and could/should we have went in a different direction? Yes, but I love the draft so far outside of this pick(and that’s not to say I hate it, but just more of confused) but I trust Joe and if they see a roll for this kid, I’ll be rooting for him big time.
  8. Maybe he becomes a player like Jabrill Peppers? Idk. I'm reaching here. I dont love it, I dont hate it....im just very confused by it.
  9. Thank us when we beat it on Friday and then again on Saturday
  10. B for me. Hope he plays hard and has the passion to be great. Thats what i'm worried about is his motivation level. What an absolute beast of a human being though. dear lord.
  11. The fact I didnt hate the draft as much as I was expecting to. Not just the Jets, but the draft in general. I know they are dealing with the hand they were dealt, but I thought it was going to be an absolute s***show, and it really wasn't that bad. Pick wise there are a few, but Love has to top it off. Like someone said above, they haven't built around rogers in the draft, and now trade up to draft his successor. Mind boggling. I'm sure hes going to be an absolutely fantastic mentor for him as well </sarcasm> Lamb lasting as long as he did was a shocker, and so was the CB the raiders took.
  12. 1. Yes, down. 2. OT 3. Andrew Thomas 4. No 5. No 6. KJ Hamler 7. Yes 8. Yes 9. 4 Offense 3 Defense 1 Kicker 10. CeeDee Lamb
  13. Decided to come up with a couple questions to see where everyone stands and what you think is going to happen. Have fun 1. Do we trade out of the 11th pick? If we do is it up or down? 2. What position will we pick? 3. Who will our first round pick person be? 4. Do we trade Jamal Adams in this draft? 5. Do we trade for Trent Williams in this draft? 6. Who’s your pick of any player outside of the first round you think is going to be a star. 7. Will we trade any players(other than potentially Jamal) in this draft for a draft pick or picks? 8. Will we trade any draft pick or picks for a player(aside from potentially Trent Williams) 9. Assuming we still have our 8 picks and do not add or lose any from trades, how many will be for offense and how many for defense, or K/P? 10. Who is going to be the best WR in this draft? Ill throw my answers in a reply shortly. Happy Draft Eve!

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