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    Beating the Pats to advance in the playoffs or being at the Stadium on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 when we blocked the kick and returned it for a TD!
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    Seeing Revis win a title with the Patriots
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  1. I took my son to his first Jets game in 2002, where they took on Drew Bledsoe and the Buffalo Bills. My 7-yr-old son in his Curtis Martin jersey is having the time of his life at his first tailgate with his old man and we’re so excited taking the escalator together up to our seats when we became aware of the true personification of a Jets fan. This drunken behemoth was immediately ahead of us on the escalator, which made him seem 8 feet tall and 400 lbs. He was wobbling back and forth and I was fearful he would fall and crush my son and another 10 Jets fans below him, but instead he managed to stay upright and sing a cute little diddy in honor of my kids’s maiden Jets appearance. To the tune of Camptown Races he sang out at the top of his lungs, “Bledsoe takes it up the ass, DOO DA, DOO DA, Bledsoe takes it up the ass, all the DOO DA DAY!”. I still to this day see the confused look of horror, fear, and amazement in my kid’s eyes. Come to think of it, that was the same look he had on his face when we watched the Buttfumble during Thanksgiving 2012. This one wins hahaha. I just disrupted an entire 700 agent call center when I laughed out loud at my desk
  2. One of the biggest things I look forward to every year. They are amazing, I read this one the other day, and just realized now that i forgot to share it with you guys.
  3. chrisfaceoff

    Josh Norman on Darnold

    When you have other players outside of this organization give a glowing endorsement of your player - et alone, your rookie quarterback, its gets extremely hard not wipe that stupid smile off your face. We cant possibly ask for much more regarding Darnold than we've already gotten so far. Keep in mind, he missed some camp time, and he is just 21 years old. This rules.
  4. chrisfaceoff

    Jets Training Camp - 8/8

    We can also argue, no one thought we were going to have a shot at Darnold too though. Likely? Not at all, but not entirely impossible.
  5. chrisfaceoff

    Monday 8/6 Camp Tweets

    Its easy to overlook things like this when we have a new QB, but seeing this make me so happy. I cant wait to see him in action where he doesn't have to hold back against a QB either.
  6. chrisfaceoff

    Monday 8/6 Camp Tweets

    Thank you for the updates tomake these last few hours at work go by a little quicker. It is much appreciated(as well as PK) for doing these when I have no social media access at work to follow!
  7. Robinson is out for 4 games as well
  8. chrisfaceoff

    OT. I had to put down my dog, Jetsie today.

    Terribly sorry for your loss. I'm sure you gave her the best life possible for all those years, and she'll be there waiting to greet you when your time eventually comes. I'll hold my boy(His name is Jet) close tonight and give him an extra hug for you!
  9. chrisfaceoff

    Jets Announce Uniform Change in 2019

    I actually heard about this a while ago as well, even before the Jets announcement. However I think it was Tenn, that I don't remember them announcing a change until almost the a couple weeks prior to the draft.
  10. chrisfaceoff

    Jets Training Camp - 8/1

    Coaching internship with the league. Bowles put him him the LB so he can learn more he said.
  11. In light of the video of Adams that has been making its rounds and how awesome it is, do you have a similar memory from a player towards a fan/group of fans? it got me reminiscing on the one I remember, and will always recall as one of the nicest things I've ever seen happen in person. I have 2. One funny, and one that has the exact same effect as the Adams video did. both stories came in 2009: 1st one: The practice just ended in Cortland, and fans were in the stadium and started lining up against the wall to hand over balls, hats, jerseys and whatever else to get signed. Kerry Rhodes was working his way over to my area, and people were throwing the hats and balls down for him to sign, and you hear out from behind "Kerry! Would you sign my leg?" I pan over to my left, and there was a guy holding his prosthetic leg in the air waving it like a football. The face he made of disbelief and shock was fantastic. "I would love to sign your leg, do you need someone to come get it?" he said. "Nah man this thing's been through hell, I'll throw it, and you catch it" So he lofted it down, and Kerry signed the leg. Second one is a story I always tell irregardless of someone being a football fan or no. Just one of those stories that restores faith in humanity and reaffirms that there are just good people in the world who wan to make a kid happy. It was Family night at Hofstra and practice just finished up, and all the players were around the track signing for the fans, with the top players in the middle of the field for VIPs and season ticket holders. Jay Feely walked over and was signing and talking to all of us in the area. Was signing for about 15 minutes when there was a young kid(maybe 6 years old or so) holding out a small soft football reaching as far as he could to give it to him and said "Mr Feely, Mr Feely, would you sign my football?" Jay said "Of course buddy, is this just for me to sign?" The kid said "Oh no I want to get the entire team"(Clearly there would maybe be room for like 5 signatures total on his ball) So Jay asked his name(I think it was Daniel), so he said "Hold on Daniel, stay here, I'll be right back" He grabbed one of the actual footballs they used for practice, and ran to mid field, and got Sanchez, Clemens, Thomas Jones, and few others and came back and gave him the ball and said "Here you go buddy, I got you a head start and got the toughies out of the way for you". Kid's face lit up like it was Christmas morning, and he was turning away and started running to his parents to show what he got, and all you heard was Jay yelling "Daniel, where you going? I wasn't done!" Jay took off his gloves, sweatband, jersey, and cleats and gave them all to Daniel and said "Thanks for coming out to watch us play, I hope you'll be cheering for us all year long" and then he walked back to the building barefoot. Everyone who watched that gave him the biggest ovation, and thinking of that kid's face always puts a smile on mine.
  12. chrisfaceoff

    Adams doing something very classy

    I don't think it was a PR move. Sunday it was the Linebackers who were assigned to come sign for the fans. Adams and Maye were working on some drills after practice ended in the middle of the field. A bunch of people were calling Adams over to sign. After they were done, he teased people in the bleachers he was coming to sign, and then went to the far end of the field(opposite of the way they come in to practice) and went over next to the bleachers and signed for everyone there, because there was more area for people to sand rather than against a railing looking to hand something down for him. Took pictures with whoever wanted a pic with him, and conversed with the fans by him. I've been going since 2009 and while there certainly are players who talk to the fans, other players(and a lot of the bigger names kinda keep their head down and just sign to make people happy. Jamal was both signing for everyone, talking, and thanking everyone for coming out(genuinely, not the just in a PR kinda way), even as the sweat was pouring off of him.(Literally after he signed my football it was as if it was thrown into a pool, there was sweat everywhere, but he stayed and signed, long after i was working my way back tot he entrance to leave for the day. I know he gets a lot of flak here, but he really is one damn good dude, and he is quickly becoming my favorite player on this team.
  13. chrisfaceoff

    Adams doing something very classy

    Remember when this post was about a kid meeting his favorite player, and how much of a feel good story it is, and not about some tool who is trying to justify him joking about someone with a disability and making himself look worse and worse with each post he makes? We should go back to that.
  14. chrisfaceoff

    Jets Training Camp - 7/30

    I will give a little write up later today, but I wouldn't be able to do much more than i already said haha. I did take a few pictures and videos I could probably post up though:)