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  1. Honestly thinking about this earlier, I’m happy Christopher Johnson made the comments he did last week. if he speaks to reporters again he will get pressured about those exact words. I really do believe he had the best intentions for the team, but at the same time he is trying to learn on the fly. He will not be made out to look like a fool. So some pressuring from the media asking when is enough enough etc,coupled in with hearing the disgust from the fans, and probably the players sooner rather than later(I feel like we got snippets from Sam and Quinnen today) May make him really start to think about this issue. Atleast, I hope so.
  2. It looks like some teams are getting a jump in attendance limits. that should help prevent the cap from bottoming out, right? grasping at anything I can at this point. Haha
  3. I hate the argument that “why waste a resource when we aren’t contending” we made huge strides to put a better line around Sam. were never going to know if he had “it” or not until we can surround him with talent. Hopefully Mims is that guy, but we can’t wait around to find out in what is more than likely a lost season for him. Crowder is a stud in the slot, Perriman-jury is still out but this past week wasn’t a good sign. after that it’s scraps, with the best hopes of maybe Cager developing at some point. as long as we aren’t tossing a 2nd round pick to get one of these guys, we have the cap, we have the need. don’t overthink it. It really is that simple.
  4. What a deplorable piece of trash if true.
  5. That sucks for Denver. This was looking like a decent year for them if Lock built off the end of last season. I think Bradley Chubb is out for a while too from an injury or surgery if I remember correctly.
  6. For me aside from Sam and Quinnen(for potential growth) I want to see Douglas’ guys(picks and signings) I ultimately think this is a lost year but what the guys bring in show, whether good or bad, will help my outlook on this team for the future. will the OL look drastically better than last year? What kind of drop off in S play will we see(if any) from shipping off Jamal those are some of the things I’m looking to see unfold. im not expecting a huge difference in the first couple of weeks because I think we see sloppy play across the board from all teams for the most part but as the season goes on, that’s what I’m going to focus on.
  7. So, the more I’m reading about this squirrel, he really seems like a dangerous weapon for us. So many deadly options if utilized correctly. A Swiss Army knife so to speak.
  8. I don’t think he should have been walking away. Right or wrong by the cops confronting him, I think he should have stayed there, but I also don’t think the cops should have just let him approach the vehicle if they thought something was up. There was more than one officer there(I believe the number was 3 or 4) I think they should have issued him a warning as he left for the road. If he continued he should have been tackled and restrained before the situation could escalate to the level it unfortunately did.
  9. No you rather care about who has more materialistic possessions and wealth. GTFOH with that nonsense.
  10. So if they knew he had a warrant and he was fleeing police by going to his vehicle, shouldnt the cop have had more urgency to tackle him before heading to the door if he thought he was going for a weapon or trying to flee? the way some people view right and wrong and just and unjust is mind blowing.
  11. The problem I have with this starlet meant is if they deemed him such a threat they could have tackled him as he was walking to the car. He wasn’t running to it. There is absolutely no need to fire 7 shots into the mans back. I have no idea how anyone can defend that without twisting words. I have no problems with cops. I think there needs to be an emphasis on getting the bad apples out, just like players on a team causing issues or anything like that.
  12. I loved this episode a lot. Easily my favorite this year. davis is going to be such a player when his number is called. So happy with that puck. Only one thing I didn’t see that I was hoping to was them talking about how fiery the team is and not wanting to be pushed around. was hoping to see some clips of t fights between the linemen. other than that 10/10
  13. That Wyatt twitter account is about to be off the chain real soon. this guy was a bum. Everyone could see right through his stuff and his “sources”. I don’t wish ill on anyone, especially with how messed up the world is now, but if this is true and it lasts, I’m pretty ecstatic that he won’t be covering my favorite team any more.

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