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  1. If they were empty beer bottles the choices would have probably been better (since they could not have been worse).
  2. J E T S: Jag Employment & Tenure Service
  3. I believe that a critical factor in finally having a thorough rebuild is the length of JDs contract. THAT is the fuel powering the rebuild. Now that he’s proven that he can bring in great draft capital with excellent trades, we need effective drafting to complete the process.
  4. I seem to remember arguments about regularly drafting at QB because it is THE most important position on the field and NOBODY truly knows whether a prospect over- or under-performs his college tape and pro day outing. NOBODY. To me, we have to keep keep rolling those dice since there is basically zero evidence that Sam is a top 10 QB. The actual evidence says top 40, but that’s only considered good for music. We’re not required to dump Sam while drafting Wilson, Fields, Lance, or even captain Morgan. Because it is more likely than not that Sam won’t turn his career completely around with wea
  5. How is the”rank” determined?
  6. me- di- o- cre Medi-O-CRE (New official stadium chant)
  7. I said this before, but I’ll repeat. If this is a scam job initiated by Houston, it is motivated to KILL the viable trade offers from outside. It is not motivated to allow us to get him on the cheap. While a big gamble on their part, it makes Houston his only viable paycheck this year. In economics-speak they killed the demand for Watson as a means to eliminate the supply. Stupid, but rings true to me.
  8. There are two components to sacks, speed/power to reach the backfield quickly AND a secondary that forces the QB to hold the ball. While I agree that we’re making progress on the line, the secondary will need work before the line lives up to its potential. That said, the offensive needs are more critical presently.
  9. I find it plausible given the timing that the Texans are involved in the sudden release of all this info. Clearly the release is not optimally timed from their standpoint because it minimizes Watson’s trade value. So why now? My best guess is that they threatened Watson with the release of info and he ignored the threat to the point they were compelled to pull that trigger. The best case from the Texans standpoint is that teams stay away and DW4, still with the Texans asks them to make all this go away. The worst for the Texans is that he is traded away for little value, but guess what...they
  10. Am I incorrect in stating that the only QB who fit the Gase system was Peyton (and that it wasn’t the system).
  11. We dumped Anderson as a pretty good player, but bad fit. We’re moving from a base 3-4 to 4-3 so we need D-line. Why do some then cast dispersions on this signing because it’s yet another DT. I think we kinda had to in FA or draft. As for the choice: high upside, young, had some good seasons. Looks pretty solid to me.
  12. Just wondering, historically, who has traded out of the top 5 and then grabbed QB as their highest pick that year? If it is so logical would it not happen often?
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