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  1. Kamp Reporting Legend. Thanks so much. Your reports are so much better than the “journalists” who only seem to want to report, exaggerate, or invent gossip.
  2. 4D chess. JD is using Watson to pressure Wilson’s agents. J/K
  3. Wait, are you saying that: Two all beef patties Special sauce, Lettuce cheese, Pickles onions, On a SESAME SEED bun Is a LIE?!??!?
  4. You know its July when: (1) The hot thread on JN (2) is about what DIDN’T happen (3) on a team OTHER THAN the Jets (4) to a FORMER Jets player (5) while that other team does not appear to be SB-bound. Edit: I forgot about the Panthers mini-camp thread. This post should reference the TWO hottest threads.
  5. Prayers sent for Lauren, you, and all your loved ones.
  6. I disagree. This thread is NOT similar to beating a dead horse! It is instead similar to having a clingy relationship with the rotting corpse of your abusive mother.
  7. It all depends on how you measure, difference or ratio. Think divide by zero and you’ll see the point.
  8. The uncertainty in playing time is a danger. Typically the ones have enough maturity/security to lessen the injury rate. Not so for the fringe guys desperate to make the roster and playing recklessly. It is not only how many reps our ones need, but who the other team fields.
  9. So you’re saying 33rd ranked QB is possible. Yeah, I’d agree with that.
  10. So I’ve read all the comments and then watched the vids. Here is my take. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Just imagine how much film they must have collected to bring us these two hours. It was a huge continual effort going way back and it was all for the fans. Furthermore the discussion was invariably detailed and insightful without giving away top secrets. Of course I would like more post-draft material. Who wouldn’t? But the only way to get more of the same is to avoid spitting out the first bite. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, keep sharing with the fans! We love it!
  11. ^^This Why is a mediocre player competing for your spot a better mentor than a coach? Answer: Because it makes a good article in the newspaper. I'm not saying that mentoring is not a thing. I am just saying that bringing in a last minute retread does not make them a mentor just because they are old.
  12. I have two great memories from Hofstra. When my son was young he waited by the slat fence for autographs. It was always a mob and not all kids got signatures. At one point as the players were starting to leave my son lept up straddling the fence and basically barked an order “SIGN THE HAT!!” and a laughing Jerald Sowell did just that. We were also there the day Herm briefly invited Captain Jet onto the field. Good times. I can imagine a good atmosphere at a Saleh camp.
  13. So you’re saying he’s cool under pressure? Zack Frost?
  14. Beloved as both a player and a person. A rare breed.
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