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  1. Well, we know our defense sucks with Jamal Adams.  We also know we need 5 new starting Offensive Linemen next year.  I'll take the risk.  

    ...and our offense sucks with Darnold even worse than our defense sucks...
    It does not tempt one to dump him.

    Adams is a player and is not at fault ghat we took him instead of other players ghat were available at the time. Trading him for picks does not mean that we can use those picks to change a draft that already happened. We also won’t get 5 OL bodies for him. I just want to keep decent players.

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  2. Here’s a game for people to play if they want to trade for picks:

    1) Name what you want for him.
    2) Name the picks that the JETS (not other teams...the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS) made who you would rather have!

    A first and a third...hmmm...Coples and Mauldin anyone?

    When you finally get a good pick after so many busts...keep him.

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  3. I suspect that they expected a Dallas blowout and planned to keep the game interesting by using both the Dallas injuries and Darnold’s future promise as reasons to watch. Their prep sheets were likely filled with this material. Comments on Jets injuries would then be “off script”. Add to this Dallas/NE homerism and the whole broadcast falls into place.

    BTW—Only buy Reynolds Aluminum foil dated pre-Sept 2018 since the government changed the alloy to a brain-wave transparent version.

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