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  1. joebracken33

    New Jets fan from Australia

    Welcome aboard - always good to add to the number of International posters on this board All the above is true except that Jacob Bender is the greatest player ever to wear a Jets jersey
  2. joebracken33

    How Long Until JETS Announce New HC?

    Are we waiting for the Pats to lose on Sunday before announcing Belichick as our new HC ?
  3. Why aren’t we bringing the house on every play ... an injury to Brady is the only reason we are all watching
  4. joebracken33

    Spoil Pats or #1 pick?

    Tank and Spoil Lose the game and injure Brady (not talking decapitation or anything too serious) We all know they are a one trick pony and won’t win a playoff game without Brady. We gave them Brady... it is now time to take him away
  5. joebracken33

    Jets - Packers --- The Game Thread

    I want the Jets to win I want the Jets to win I want the Jets to win I want the Jets to lose I want the Jets to win I want the Jets to lose I want the Jets to win I want the Jets to lose
  6. joebracken33


    My spider senses tell me that Brady is gonna leave this game early due to injury
  7. joebracken33

    Todd’s post pats presser

    “Jeez it’s tough on Tom but just like Alex, I really hope he can come back strong from his double fracture”
  8. Jets win this game ... 31 pt .. greatest ever comeback
  9. joebracken33

    Jets playing in London in 2019?

    Much easier and cheaper for me to travel 287 miles to London than it is to travel 6360 miles round trip to New York to watch a game .... for that reason I have no problem if this happens. London games should all be played at 1EST ... 6pm in England is not too late to start a game. Most evening soccer games finish between 9.30pm and 10pm
  10. joebracken33


    Stay calm ... Pick 6 coming
  11. joebracken33


    Don’t know why (it makes no sense) but think the JETS are going to win this one
  12. joebracken33

    Texans - Saturday 15th December

    F*ck ... signed up to a family outing for 1pm without even thinking. Any chance it gets flexed or does it have to be Saturday ?
  13. Kick off is listed as TBD Is there any way that this kicks off at 1pm ?
  14. joebracken33

    Where the F is Tom Shane?

    Any hope that T0m Brady can disappear out of our lives as quickly as T0m Shane has ?

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