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  1. Jets are starting 4-0 Beat the Bills 20 - 17 Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  2. COVID has resulted in everything running backwards for a while. I don’t know what DIVOC to expect this year. Most of all I want to see how our fan base react to our 4-0 start Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  3. Kabaddi .... big in India and South East Asia 2 teams - 7 players. Guy score points for running in to the opponents side of the field and escaping without being touched. Kinda like dodgeball without the balls
  4. Play the whole season on PS4 or Xbox Don’t bother wasting millions of dollars on Jamal and others Give kids like this one 5 years supply of soda and chips and win the Super Bowl
  5. Great to hear your opinions guys. I love the Becton pick. Thanks for the shout out but had to stay on mute. Can’t afford to wake up the wife and kids (it’s 2.45am here in Ireland)
  6. PM please It’ll be nearly 3am here when the Jets make their pick. You guys may help me stay awake
  7. I think Tampa will go 1-5 in NFC South 🤷‍♂️
  8. Tough schedule - 8-8 at best for me Home Losses: Packers, Chiefs, Saints ,Panthers Wins: Vikings, Chargers, Rams, Falcons Road Losses: Bears, Falcons, Panthers, Saints Wins: Lions, Broncos, Raiders, vaGiants
  9. And when they win their 1st game look for Gisele under the headline ”Tom’s pay bae Bunchen cheers”
  10. Doesn’t seem that long ago since I wrote this Boris Johnson now in Intensive Care Crazy times we are living in
  11. 900+ deaths in Italy today 700+ deaths in Spain today These numbers are getting crazy.
  12. Is geographical and historical hair-splitting still permitted ? Asking for a friend 😁 Stay safe everyone wherever you are
  13. Maybe pick up a different book bro. Not every book tells the same story. More importantly - FINALLY your government are doing the right thing. Many of the experts were screaming for mass gatherings to end weeks ago. Allowing Cheltenham to go ahead still baffles me. Seeing the tube still operating today as normal is scary. Enforced isolation is the best method of slowing it down. Regrettably people have been apathetic towards the virus for too long and that is going to mean the next 3 or 4 weeks will be extremely tough. The potential for UK to be as bad as Italy is a real possibility. Stay safe agus gach dea-ghui ar mhuintir na Breataine.
  14. Breaking news - citizens occupying the least important island of the archipelago off the North West coast of mainland Europe (that’s Great Britain to most of you) are now in lockdown. How long before the US does the same ?
  15. I’m a European living in Europe so have no political axe to grind but if I had a dollar for every time I have yelled at the TV in the last 6 weeks to tell Trump to shut the **** up with his “we are doing a great job” attitude and instead start to warn his people of the dangers of this virus then I would have enough cash to fill all the holes on our roster. Does the man have any empathy for people ? Or is it always just one deranged egotistical journey punctuated with inaction, zero responsibility taken and all detractors rudely insulted and maximum deflection tactics employed ? Again, I have no political skin in game and have the utmost respect for the office of POTUS.... just would expect more from a man who holds the lives of 300+m in his hands. Don’t get me started on the muppet Boris would “leads” the people of my nearest and dearest neighbour. Stiff upper lip and the great British spirit (and not self isolation) are going to see them through this global health crisis. Sorry for the rant - will stick to football in future
  16. Best wishes to you and your family from Ireland. Living with similar fears here too but today is Day 8 of self-isolation and so far so go. Laughter and avoiding continuous news feeds are my tips to staying healthy during this crazy time
  17. Titans win has killed any hope.... we are (un)officially done
  18. http://espn.go.com/nfl/playoffs/machine/_/factor/wins/results/401128063~2~401128070~1~401128032~2~401128104~1~401127994~1~401127867~2~401127871~2~401127997~1~401128002~1~401128005~1~401127964~2~401128099~2~401127933~1~401127896~1~401127906~2~401127973~2~401128020~2
  19. Agree 100% - never understood its appeal If the Browns did this would they produce a bobble head of one of the biggest tossers in the game - OB wankin OB ??

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