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  1. Who are you ?

  2. Who are you ? Do you ever take a breathe ?

  3. Now that I'm back , I would like to know what post caused my suspension ?

    1. faba


      Be respectful of other opinions all you will be fine

    2. no psls

      no psls

      An English major I see !!!

  4. Nice to have you Hackenbush ...images.jpg

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    2. Hackenberg - Banned

      Hackenberg - Banned

      more just an nfl fan in general. I'm 51 ,moved to Oregon because of life.

      I'm joining multiple teams forums to have secondary virtual banter since I've been in Oregon and know few people.

      Joining a couple Jets forums to see if theres something different about how actual east coast people think and talk.

      I'm a Rams fan but I got kicked off a Rams forum because they took comments about the team moving personal and I picked the Rams to lose to SF the last game of season and was of course right.I was told multiple posters dont like me when I never once personally attacked anyone. They just didnt like indifferent Rams comments

       grown men crying about a team moving is hilarious to me but  that seems to step on some toes lol.

      I dont take sports entertainment on my tv, personal. That seems to rub emotional sports fans the wrong way.



    3. no psls

      no psls

      **** the Ram fans ; you need thick skin on this site ; a lot of fun though !!!

    4. no psls

      no psls

      Check out the Goal: 100,000 POST IN THIS THREAD in the LOUNGE ; you might like it .

  5. Go away ; nobody likes you !!!

  6. Mr Fuji , who is your new tag team partner ? 

  7. Hey LOULOU ; how they hangin ?

  8. from Wichita

    Cut his buddy down
    Dug for him a shallow grave
    And laid his body down
    Half a mile from Tucson
    By the morning light
    One man gone and another to go
    My old buddy you're moving much too slow
    We can share the women
    We can share the wine
  9. Leonard , how is Penny in the sack ?

    1. Jet Fan RI

      Jet Fan RI

      Even better than she looks. :lol:

  10. How dirty are you ???

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