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  1. HighPitch

    Laugh a bit: Fitzpatrick the Baller

    They lost last night but man Fitzpatrick played his heart out
  2. HighPitch

    Congrats Browns

    Not for nothing, but its a narrative thats happened so many times before. Nothing much to see..
  3. HighPitch

    Congrats Browns

    Or maybe the wealthy nfl spent a few hundred bucks on shirts in case they win
  4. Lol a few weeks ago he was a number 1 threat. Omg sign him now! What will he command in fa? What a difference a week or 2 make
  5. People gotta stop with this "ruining" concept. Its so jetsy..... You cant ruin a player. Either sam is the real deal or not. Sanchez sucked and history has proven that. But for gods sake, hes a rookie. He got stuck with bad field positiin, has no o line, was constantly rushed and not helped by the playcalling or scheme one bit. Give the guy a break and get off the ledge. You big dummies though you were getting joe montana 2 after game 1. Well, a dose of reality kicked in. Its OK
  6. As if mayfield isnt going to have a game like darnold later this year. Give me a break
  7. Um i mean ugh nikon. My cameras broke. Should have bought a canon. Yea
  8. Man you guys are a fickle bunch?... 75% through jets have a good lead and your quitting lol
  9. Jets d is fast, they tackle well, the apply pressure, they get to the qb and keep points down wtf didnt see that coming

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