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  1. You know id be lying if i said i didnt play one enchanted evening now and then on vinyl. Probs because i only got 40ish lps but still. Not a bad band. I kinda think they got level of fame that they deserved.
  2. Thats very nice but my birthday is dec 28 so kinda confused but thanks?!
  3. Another old man. pretty soon woody can open an assisted living facility
  4. HMMMM I guess I'll be the dissenting dick of the thread. You asked what I thought so.... I grew up with a TON of BOC fans. I'm talking painted denim jacket types with that dumb symbol and some kind of dragon or a horse if I remember correctly Anyway what can I say. heard it all, never cared for any of it. Not sure why they had a cult following. Forgive the pun Its a NO from me dog
  5. I like the idea of buying 2 and selling 1 back. Youre far away… its way too risky to scalp. Lots of fake ix out there. In other news maybe u can stay in aces ild house with the underground studio. It an air bnb now. Finally i would like to say that 70s era kiss was a great band. Very underrated because of the make up / gimmick but lots of great songs. Ace and peter r my favs. Gene blows. Have fun!
  6. bit is that you in that avatar? very handsome. I dig the hair. Dont let these guys bring you down its just sports ramblings
  7. resetting the clock when there is 2 months left ? thats fine. We are talking 2 years. Half a contract. In other words he was 50% done on his rookie deal and we tossed him aside for peanuts. Look, if you think he is a malcontent, thats fair. If you though he sucked, not fair because he had a great rookie season and then faltered but everyone knows he had the worst qb situation in the league. All the trash talk seemed to have gotten squashed way back in november. The dude was young talent on a rookie deal that may or may not have exploded with real qb play. Its a really bad trade imo.
  8. I dont get the “only 2 years left on his rookie contract” angle lame!
  9. Horrible horrible trade. the only way its justified: OT in the first that pans out OC like scmidtz in the second that pans out 2nd to gb for ar anything less is giving moore away for peanuts
  10. Explain how? Because id rather get the browns 3rd outright and have 1,2,3,3 vs 1,2,2,0
  11. We basically got nothing for moore. in the rumor thread, ppl were speculating we get a 2 or at worst a 3 but we essentially got nothing
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