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  1. Just picked up the New Pod go. $449. A mini Helix system which for me makes sense because Im a minimalist. So, stayed with Line 6 simply because NO ONE has a good envelope filter for jerry garcia type vibe and for funk. I knew the reverbs, delays and mods were going to be fine but what surprised me was the overdrive. I use a ts808 and a klon and both sound really good. Not fuzzy and digital but quite analog. Its a keeper!
  2. They should just allow half capacity or 1/3 capacity and make everyone skip a row and 2 seats. You get the noise and its safe
  3. Yes i get your drift. I wanted to ban “from thread “ only those that got overly political. I was indeed slightly outspoken then. And here I am proclaiming Covid19 done. I get it. However if I can, I’d like to make the argument that I have not prompted by name any political party or candidate, hence being pretty consistent. So yea for the record.... i recognize that every 100-200 years theres a pandemic. I am not above being exposed to one. The issue here is IN MY OPiNIoN based on what ive read daily and observed in life, the Covid thing is real and needs to be respected, but it is NOT in any way the same way as the Black Plague. Thats all. Be vigilant and take some extra Precautions and youll have a good chance of being fine. So instead of washing groceries, even boxes like I have, Ive taken a more optimistic approach. Am I right ? Wtf knows but thats where i, at. god your fish wa sso tasty lokkin
  4. Are you serious? Do you watch the news? Go outside and look I dont think the fear mongering was intentional in the beginning but now its a way to get clicks and content and influence politics. And you dont even believe its seasonal? Flus are typically seasonal and all the southern states are NOT exploding. its funny how you say i should get banned for my opinion but every response you made is YOUR opinion. Nice try
  5. Yes here in tampa its been the same. Covid is over fellas. Fear mongering isnt working anymore. Still need to take precautions and more will die but clearly its seasonal and the worst has passed. I know its not a popular opinion its gotten better all over the world. Enjoy the summer!
  6. World economy > human life sorry. It sounds cold, i get it but individuals are not important. We are all going to die one day and less than .0000001% will be remembered for anything
  7. Just read the last 2 pages. Everyone is doing a great job communicating without getting political. Everyone doing a fine job of not crossing the line and getting this thread closed. until this. if i were a mod id ban u from this thread. I know, im not a mod and who GAF right? Im sure the smug and snarky comment is on its way ..... but in the end it would be nice if you could try self control
  8. Tell you guys a funny story. Went to the beach a few days ago. Invited the sister in law and the wife of a friend of ours because she was nearby and furloughed. well, there we are all settled in and this crazy bitch went on and on and on in the most smug way imaginable claiming that the whole Covid thing was a planned scam. She claimed that she had information that NO hospitals in NYCV were overwhelmed, the meat trucks not real and that if we wanted to go to youtube and watch DR. XXXXX we would be "enlightened". Well it got uncomfortable because all we wanted to do was have some champagne, nibble on some legal weed gummies and listen to music. This idiot would stop for a few, and then get right back to it. She told me she never understood how germans circa 1935 could follow Hitler but she now understand how an angry populace can become rebels. I told her thats odd because I "couldnt be any happier". So I let her steam in her own juice. Finally she invited us to her block party stating that she and her husband are over it and WILL NO LONGER social distance. yea, right were gonna hang out again real soon lol
  9. And the constitutional question is an interesting one. I happen to be one that takes a literal interpretation of the constitution and it clearly says that govt cannot stop anyone from gathering so even though I think those that want to argue this are a bunch of suckers that are looking to stir up drama, the suckers are right. People have a right to gather if they chose to
  10. Lots of politics in this thread its gonna get shut down if it creeps up any more than it already has. Me? I was seriously concerned over Covid19 from the get go. I did everything right to be responsible. Now, my opinion has changed. Hell no I dont want to get it but if I do then I do. Right now, whether some of you want to hear this or not, the trend has CLEARLY tilted to positive news. Its not as deadly as first suspected, it doesnt linger on items for a long time, hospital beds are available and the numbers, or "rates" are skewed to make it look worse than it is. You cant count a guy that tests positive for covid as a covid death when he got hit by a train. The more you test, the more you will see that people had it and were asymptomatic and the death rate gets smaller and smaller. It cant get bigger I think people, for the most part, are way more cautious. No more hugs and kisses to the secrectary you worked with in 1999 after a chance meeting in the grocery store. People arent in your face, people (like me) stopped chewing their nails, everyone washes their hands and few of us are going to mass gathering and yelling to one another over loud music. Thats stopping it. I think the one way you can catch this for the most part is being in someones face while they spray you with microscopic droplets. Im not getting it from my amazon package. But yes, I will go to games if I can get tickets. You can easily have half capacity and an empty seat in between if your worried.
  11. Ok i know my belief has nothing to do with it but i was unaware. Not sure why this is called the glyn john miking technique and not the jimmy page miking technique. Also, page was a fairly notorious riff stealer, and thats fairly well documented. as far as townshend.... ok he was cleared. Tell you what man my creditcard never was charged at a child porn site. So thats that. Its so odd. who is the dude in your avatar
  12. Speaking of pete townsend..... what happened about 20 years or so ago? He was caught with child pornography on his laptop. It was news. He claimed he was searching out kid porn to report these sites to authorities. then the story just went away. Odd
  13. That story about Page being in the drivers seat for the bonham drum sound is sketchy. glen johns has always been given credit for his drum miking techniques. In fact the led zep technique is actually called the “glen johns” 3 mic method. i dont believe page had much to do with it.

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