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  1. HighPitch

    I Need Some Advice From Homeowners

    Joewillys right. Slip her a quick beef injection . Make her day
  2. HighPitch

    I Need Some Advice From Homeowners

    Yea man negotiate. Sounds likw she just wants a bit of satisfaction as if she "won"
  3. HighPitch

    I Need Some Advice From Homeowners

    Lol my gf let off the brakes at a red light and tapped this rusted out POS worth 1000 tops. They exchanged info. Then she gets an email asking for 3500 for damages and clinic because his 2 little kids had to go to the clinic. Then, he starts sending emails about it "not going away". Googled him up, he and his family are in and out of jail for petty stuff often. So shes worried. He knows her address. Well I knew his to. Went there and wont say much more abojt how I handled it but havent heard a peep for a year
  4. HighPitch

    I Need Some Advice From Homeowners

    Talk nice to her. Get it down to 2500 and pay. Sleep well. It will be over
  5. HighPitch

    I Need Some Advice From Homeowners

    Starter went out on my 328i. I know dealers want 1200+ to replace. Already had a bad experience at the honda dealership where i bought it used. They almost broke the key by pulling out the key instead of pushing in and then pulling out. Im a great mechanic. NEVER pay others but now i grew paranoid of some inexperienced dope touching it. The starter required a LOT of stuff removed. Total PITA. In the end i found a great bulgerian dude with a little shop that only touches bmw and MB. He took 600 bucks and even put in a Bosh starter. My point is, that 600 killed me. Not financially but mentally. My pride was hurt. But Im too busy to take apart half an engine these days. The point is, i threw money to fix a problem and calm my nerves and im glad i did. This bulgerian, btw, is funny. He works in slacks and button up shirts. Spotless. If anyone needs a great reasonablw german car mechanic in tampa let me know
  6. HighPitch

    I Need Some Advice From Homeowners

    It will be on the mls. People will want to see it and their agents will bring em. No worries lol
  7. HighPitch

    I Need Some Advice From Homeowners

    Nobody thinks youre stupid. Stupid people dont have vacation houses in the hamptons. Ok so you make a good buck if piece of mind is what you want give her the 2500 and thats that. Dont worry about what others think its your dough
  8. HighPitch

    I Need Some Advice From Homeowners

    Batman.... Everyone here disagrees with you. Everyone thinks you shouldnt pay a dime. This business about happy neighbors is silly. Whats even sillier is this notion of being a part timer. Wtf, you bought the house its yours that doesnt make you a second class citizen. Do you pay 40 days of taxes or 365? My point here is everyone disagrees. So relax!
  9. HighPitch

    I Need Some Advice From Homeowners

    In florida, you can trim whatever in on your side. Also, if you are worried about a deadish limb falling on your property, the law requires you to notify and document that youve asked you neighbor to attend to the matter or no dice afterwards. Our deadish huge limb fell in a storm crushing (our) fence and the neighbors paddle boat. I was a nice guy..... I took out the chainsaw and cleaned removed everything off his side. He was appreciative but he didn't ask about boat repairs as he never said anything before. I dont think you have anything to qorry about. She has to prove you killed the bushes and her mkving them 2 feet over was her choice. No way youre on the hook
  10. If darnold plays lights out we cant be better than 7 or 8 wins? Based on what? If hes playing lights out hes scoring tds. Anything could happen. Tell me what team has had a lights out hot shot qb that ended up with a losing record
  11. HighPitch

    Jets minicamp day 2

    No info on that 2nd pick the Canadian?
  12. HighPitch

    Anyone here ever quit drinking?

    My ecig just fell in smashed here in croatia. Then, i immediately got a bad head cold. Cant buy a new one and its been 3 days since i puffed so im thinking this is it. Lucky break for me to beat that junk
  13. Funny stuff from wendys, but really, since when is a wendy burger special? Im sure the ihop burgers are better. Just dont lose the chocolate chip pancakes
  14. HighPitch

    Happy Birthday Duane, aka StoolSprayer

    I loved marko.
  15. HighPitch

    Bourdain, R.I.P.

    How could u not like the guy? I am here in my summer home in croatia. He did an episode in croatia where he went to a tuna farm in the adriatic, for drunk and loves it. I am lookimg out my window right now and have a view of this farm, even though its dark. The bourdaine thing is all people, no matter where, despite politics, only really want to provide for their families, have some fun drunky time and enjoy life RIP