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  1. Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    Thats cool i remember the visa incidemt lol
  2. Josh Allen pro day...today.

    Thats what im thinking too. Its a good thing. "you get a car!" "you get a car!" "you get a car!"
  3. Josh Allen pro day...today.

    He could be holding his erection at bay. You know, its embarrassing
  4. This is why i think matfield is the safest and most compatiple pick for the jets. i can see him doing his thing, making completions, DESPITE bowles
  5. USC Pro Day on now

    This is crazy talk bro. Some of you guys talking about taking Berkeley are just plain nuts and are repeating the past classic jet mistakes of ignoring the quarterback position. Look you just have to take a leap of faith if the quarterback we grabbed is a bust so be it but we have to try and trying with pick number 3 is undoubtably the way to go
  6. ZLAD! Best video of all time

    Off blast!
  7. ZLAD! Best video of all time

    And yet weeks go by and you make the first comment. "hey baby wake up from your asleep" "fatsen your belt seat."
  8. NFL Scouts' Perception Of Baker Mayfield

    I also wonder if the height thing is clouding judgment. Mayfield seems to have done a lot more than the others by far. If he was 6 5 i think hed be the man by all his critics My gut says he becomes the most successful. Him and rosen
  9. Allen Hurns Released

    , are we or are we not allowed 2 stockpile unused money and put it towards next year's expenditures? Because it seems like we have a ton of cash and we're shopping at a flea market instead of Macy's I would rather not spend if I don't have to
  10. Loving Josh Rosen (merged)

    For the record, ive watches plenty of highlight vids from all 4. NONE of these 4 highlight reels impress half as much as mahomes
  11. Loving Josh Rosen (merged)

    I dont get this at all....... can someone explain? we moved up paying a big price to 3. Now the rumors are were in love with josh allen? The kid from a sh*tty system, with sh*tty mechanics, never won big games and is inaccurate? WHY? wHY? WhY????????? All because hes got a " tall hot" body and muscular arms? Are we a football team or a bunch of fags on 10 night gay cruise to cozumel? I mean seriously, is it his looks that mac likes? Can see rosen darnold or mayfield ( my fav because hes a warrior with attitude). Id be ok with any of those 3 but seriously whats all the allen love? And with macs huge bluder with hackenburg, why would he move up for hackenburg 2????????
  12. Ill stand alone in the "paid a lot to move up 3" crowd BUT im glad a deal was made and mac isnt a complete bust AND it indicates a desire to draft a qb. Good god.... It better be a qb. Even that im nervouse about
  13. At this poi t you can only hope we draft one of the top 4 qbs and when bridgewaters leg falls off in game 4, hackenburg will pick it up, bridgewater will hobble off fiels on his bloody stump and a rookie qb will be forced to take over
  14. , I'm enjoying a cigarette and a beer staring at a volcano in Costa Rica and you ruined my day because you're probably right
  15. We're Looking at you Macc

    Thatz the point right there. MaC didnt covet them. He needed a qb desperately and 2 fell to him and he refused. Watson looked real good. Anybody can get injured. Mahones will be a stud. MAC is like the guy whos car is not reliable because his alternator isnt charging his battery. He walks into a napa store and the manager says, "hey fatso grab anything you need.... its all free" and he walks out with a bottle of armor all and an an air freshener. Actually, just 2 bottles of armor all. Keep supporting!