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  1. Wtf is wrong with you? Lamar jackson. I couldnt remember his name at the time. youre probably from a different generation. Nothing i said was inappropriate or disrespectful except to instagraming sissy boys that get offended by everything
  2. Good luck man either way. I get it. I stopped watching the jets when the hired the dog torturer and returned as soon as that POS was gone. Its all good
  3. DANG! just when i was gonna ask him if his screen name had anything to do with the apple founder on his deathbed. Now ill never know
  4. It seems like it doesnt matter what coaches come or go on the pats nor does it matter what players come and go. its a well oiled maching day in and day out. He has some nifty plays where i was fooled. Bellicheck is the best coach to ever coach. Its ok to say that. it is what it is. Even without the "cheating" they will beat you.
  5. so what do you think? is last night the WORST GAME EVER for the jets? I cant think of a worse moment....a bigger embarrassment...
  6. and for the record, imma believing in the bills. josh allen is GOOD. sam darnold is good too. baker mayfield is also good. the black guy i forget his name is also good. So it was a great year for qb drafting. everyone wins but who will take it somewhere is yet to be seen
  7. lol its just schtick from day 1. He loves attention and does a good job of entertaining us. I hope you guys for a second dont believe sar1 is serious about anything he has been saying here playoffs? what playoffs????
  8. Trumaine.... at this point just cut him. I dont care about the $$$ he is a cancer
  9. Lol now we have a bills fan trying to be calming. God almighty
  10. Oh f quinnen he sucks anyways. Ive seen this movie before. A million times. Thank god i have a nice legal prescribed indica rolled and ready imma going home
  11. Theres only one good aspect of this game. If we win, greatest comeback EVA!!!!! yea but props not happening
  12. If i ever run into him in croatia imma push him right into the sea and piss on his ass
  13. I never had a personal hatred for belly. Up until tonight. that going for it up 17 in the first from your own 30 on 4 th down makes me hope he dies a fiery painful death

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