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  1. RIP Tom Petty

    Hugggge stern fan here..... But i wouldnt call stern a HUGE fan of any band. In fact, imo, Stern doesnt know squat about music even from his own generarion. A total poser. But i love stern and tom
  2. Off Roaders Rejoice !

    I still want another dirt bike. Now thats fun
  3. Off Roaders Rejoice !

    I remember i bought my first brand new truck. A 4x4 isuzu trooper. I took it to the beach in december. Took out a lot of air pressure and drove around sunken meadow. I was shocked at the amout of "effort" needed to drive on sand. I thought about the beating i was giving her, all that sand swishing around the underframe doing god knows what and i never went off roading again. Its a rich mans hobby. If not rich, get a second, older toy project but i needed to get to work on monday. Btw, the isuzu was a real good reliable truck
  4. ABSOLUTE TRASH most rookies would provide similar resulta with less penalties
  5. Jarrett Stidham

    Ill be tuning my tv set to the clemsen bama game come new years
  6. Jarrett Stidham

    I am a fool like u guys. Hoping that game was a fluke, him coming out, us drafting him in the 2nd, drafting ol guys with the other 2 and all of them panning out. Good luck!
  7. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    i say top 10
  8. Oh yea? Where can i read your column?
  9. its a dog eat dog cruel world. thats how we roll
  10. Broken hand for McCown

    merry christmas everyone! you get qb evaluation, and maybe a better draft spot. win win for all
  11. Broken hand for McCown

    sorry for josh to a point. the hand will heal and his bank account will have tens of millions in it. hell be fine. as for petty, give the kid a few games. like it should have been for day one. so, if petty goes down is hackenberg #2?
  12. Hush with your common sense
  13. Oh hush you. The kid just started
  14. Do it godfather. And may yoyr son be a masculine boy
  15. If we can just somehow fill thw end zone with water to simulate an ocean, hack could win this....