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  1. Oh my god that would be a dream come true! Do you have a number i could call? Asking for Crusher and myself were into it
  2. HighPitch

    Johnny Lam Jones passes away.

    He wasnt a football star, but he was a star. Rip
  3. HighPitch

    The GAS (Music Gear) Thread

    In my other band, i have to confess, im sorta that dick you described. In my defense tho, and not to sound cocky, but part of the issue is im by far the most skilled in the group. But they are great guys.... The best band ive ever been in was one where i was the least talented. I like that much better.... but in this band, im trying to get them playing funk. The bassist is adhd and everything needs to be complicated. I keep having to say “ less is more in funk” and “ funk is all about staying in the pocket.... nobody is a hero” and “ look at me im repeating same thing over n over just like the greats...individually boring.... collectively interesting” and at first he plays what i showed him .....then it progresses into rock. Then I have to feel bad saying “ dude, youre killing the funk bro” what i want to say is “ dude wtf, listen to the great funk bassist like george porter and bootsie collins, they repeat and keep it simple. If they dont throw fills in every 5 seconds why the **** would you? Your fills are sloppy as **** to boot.... just stop and keep it simple, you ****” but i cant say that. Hes a nice guy. I need to learn to accept
  4. HighPitch

    Jets spending heavily on OLine in 2019?

    Like bitonti said, they will probablt draft allen, then a reach cb and te in the 3rd. sooooo jetsy
  5. Its not fluff....i dont know anything about this guy but you can read between the lines and see hes a great friggin human being. ” Mr winters”? Lol might b my new fav jet
  6. HighPitch

    The GAS (Music Gear) Thread

    And I also would like to add that what I’m most impressed with his his drumming to be quite honest
  7. HighPitch

    The GAS (Music Gear) Thread

    I know that sounded weird but I’m using speech to text and I drink five beers
  8. HighPitch

    The GAS (Music Gear) Thread

    I’ve seen that before and it’s totally totally amazing with this guy can do. Not to bash him but just out of musicianship and being interesting, I’ve met a whole bunch of super freaking talented people in my life and played with them and found a lot of quirks among them. For example I don’t know anything about this particular guy but it is possible that if you got into a band with him he would have absolutely zero Ability to improvise. He may also have absolutely zero ability to write even the simplest original roof for a song. Again I’m not bashing him and I’m totally amazed by what he did and I cannot do it personally but it’s possible that he’s a total zero in other areas which I never will understand
  9. HighPitch

    Bob Weir at Basie?

    Saw him and his campfire band 2 years ago. It was great. heard a recent shakedown street on sirius jam on from 2 months ago. Its was not great either way if tour a deadhead how can u not go and enjoy
  10. HighPitch

    New Jets fan from Australia

    where ya from mate. perth?
  11. is it length or girth? asking for a friend
  12. I dont know much about bosa and all this hype. It seems to me to be super arrogent to stay out a full year. Is he really that good? id go allen
  13. HighPitch

    What's the difference?

    we are not getting just 5 wins this year NO WAY

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