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  1. Nevermind it was .14 which is double the limit. Not sure how many drinks that amounts to. One resource said 8 drinks for a 230 lb male but that seems like a lot
  2. So what was his bac? He didnt look drunkto me. Maybe it was just 2 glasses of wine. Sucks but lots of people drive on 2 drinks
  3. I might start a personal get to know u type thread. The one where everyonenposts a REAL pic of themselves and writes a quick blurb about themselves. What u guys think
  4. I have no need for the guy. Crass is putting it lightly. He was his own biggest fan and for a teacher he couldnt spell. Never capitalizes or uses apostrophy
  5. +1 for tx not sure what happened but he was never rude or hateful
  6. This is great stuff. I enjoy the "behind the scenes" angle and think shaming is a lost art that teaches well and desperately needs a return. Max you should ramp this kind of stuff up. I would LOVE for all complaint letters to be public. What kind of grown man complains about another grown man to a grown man that moderates a public sports board? I would love LOVE LOVE to read these complaints and learn about which posters are so weak. keep it coming
  7. Bingo. its like the misguided snobby guitarists in the world that use specs as justification for why their digital emulating processors / amplifiers are superior instead of using their EARS. they sound awful. Long live the vacuum tube
  8. Not true. Beer unlike wine, has a vast difference in taste.
  9. I had rabbit on the amalfi coast in a michelin rated place it was good

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