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  1. Tomorrow will either be an amazing fing day or an ok day
  2. I can see you woohing her in the gazebo with moon pies
  3. I just got pfizer #3. Just a typical sore arm. Not sure why u guys are so hesitant or concerned. Half the people in the world got it and almost nobody had any issues. Its probably the safest thing in the world right now. Plus it works
  4. This thread is infuriating. so we’ve actually been doing it right for the last 10 years by screwing up the draft and focusing on overpaid vet free agents? ohh ok gotcha
  5. and to tack on to this: then, you ask as to why you dont get invited anymore by saying, "I was just reading the report card. It said that your child was the worst reader. Because theres no such thing as 0 percentile, so he is as bad as bad can be. I didnt say anything bad. Just stating fact that your child is illiterate. It's based on his report card, which I read..."
  6. He wants to be a SAR1. He makes solid statements that you cant argue with so much but his intention is to rile you up. It like going to your friends house and seeing their kids report card. You say "wow he scored in the lowest percentile. 1% in reading. Your child is a bad reader. Statistically he couldnt be a worse reader" And then wondering why you never get invited to dinner anymore
  7. Man you guys are just engrained with "the sky is falling" mentality. Like abused wives here ZW will be a stud. His floor is a solid stater. His ceiling? who knows but give the kid time like maybe a full rookie season before getting your panties soiled
  8. The smart value move would be 1st edge and c (linderbaum) 2nd cb and wr
  9. Its a very weak wr class this year. Excellent ol and cb and edge
  10. Scout is the best thing that ever happened to max
  11. Great time to ease him into his new permanent position: RT so we can draft a new LT. and a center. now that would be a line
  12. Last sunday sadly he was in his grave
  13. Yea and this guru knew zach for almost a full month. You just cant bounce back over night. Takes time
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