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  1. Sure ill give him a chance. Did i ever say cut him now? Its not my decision anyways! jesus christ u say someone might bust and all the babies come out pouting
  2. No thats your assumption The guy has been less than spectacular. Hes been demoted to 2nd team. He let aball go through his hands on day 1 of camp. I never said he WAS a bust i just said he might and that it doesnt look too promising. stop making up nonsense. You know im right anyways. Hence your rage
  3. Guys bust all the time dewayne robertson also had bad camp stories. He busted. It happens. I wish i could live life in your happy bubble
  4. Hate to say it but mims might be a bust. I know this angers some of you but there are signs
  5. Too bad. was supposed to be a great day if zw is this much a dik now imagine if he’s successful and its year 4
  6. Medical science has already made vaccines that have virtually eliminated diseases for like a century. What you posted was your personal frustrations and beliefs
  7. sorry man. You gave him a great life tho
  8. I say by page 4 this thread is history
  9. Ya im giving u the second reason why im glad they lost.
  10. Lol england never deserved to be there in the first place from the bs that happened the game before
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