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  1. Throwing the ball away is a good trait why worry be happy
  2. My thoughts exactly. What a snooze fest. No ota reports today either?!
  3. .20 BLood alcohol level and partying hard at a club before his death. Not gonna get too judgey but he could have killed a lot of people with his behavior Looks like that “rude reporter” was right
  4. you will be fine. its the flu. besides the day russia invaded ukraine covid was no longer a "thing"
  5. I went to see a beatles cover band at coney island high in nyc once. I turned around and right behind me is joey. I didnt say anything but this was right near the end of his life and he did not look healthy at all, even for him
  6. Get the word back to her through attorneys that you either want to sell the home now while prices are high and split it 50/50 or she can buy you out. Let it be clear that if there is no agreement, There is no more discussions and you will be going to court. No more mediation. She should know that a court trial will be super expensive and a lot of that money will be taken by the lawyers. In the end, that house is going to be sold. Does she want 50% NOW while the market is hot or 50% later when the crash comes minus 50-100k thaT SHE WILL owe her lawyer? She is dumb not to agree now. But if she does not come around, no more contact just go to court. Feel bad for you. The NY NJ system is such that it will take forever to resolve this and only the lawyers will be winners. Another reason to move down south
  7. I thought of savage69 when i saw this
  8. The point here is there is law. From what you say, the home will be sold and split 50/50. It doesnt matter what she says. She cant just keep the house
  9. Joewilly youre being a little ridiculous. if the kids are grown and the house is paid and little debt, the judge is going to split it 50/50. Why are you worried about what “she wants”?
  10. How cute. Is that really your dog? Must be florida. My girls catch em bring em inside and they die and then there is a god awful smell until i find the corpse and throw it out
  11. So what did u say that got the other post deleted? just a hint, not a detailed repeat pls
  12. if this happens, looks like next draft will be a BPA situation and I like that
  13. wow what a blast from the past. wonderama! bob mcallister I was never on it but when i was a teen i went to david letterman and at the end of the show everyone received and original work of art art art art. They pointed at me to go down and i was first in line and me and paul looked at each other because i was a musician with really long hair and i shook daves hand and said "Thanks Dave!" and that aired right before they cut to commercials There is actually a guy that has every minute recorded and I have been trying to get it from him
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