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  1. Dunnie a few years ago i gave reasons why we needed cousins. I gave lots of data just like you are asking others tO explore. I put up good valid arguments about how cousins should be considered. in the end, i was wrong. So are you. When you hear the name cousins or Stafford, you dont think about a star qb. Thats because they arent. we need a top ten guy and thats someone else hopefully a future draft pick
  2. You do realize that this is all subjective right? People can have different opinions? Just making sure
  3. Hell no has everyone gone mad
  4. Theres a point of diminishing returns. Lenin said everyone will eventually be promoted to the position they are finally incompetent and that Was bowles. just because hes the dc of a sb team doesnt mean he can make it as a head coach. He sucked and was in over his head in most regards, and thats ok. hes back where he belongs and quite frankly the bucs d is who won tonight.
  5. Id like to thank jd and the seahawks for putting us in this incredibly perfect and rare situation where we can trade for anyone in the league and still have nearly full drafts. Wow! All for a scumbag box safety
  6. This is a bit different. Jets have the #2 pick. Almost like the #1 pick overall if you imagine trevor never existed. Its not just a “1st round pic”
  7. Wow talk about a quick jump. Qb to hc almost. but yea it only adds to the deshawn watson thing
  8. actually i think it was " I like my women blonde and my johnny walker red"
  9. So we all agree now that the dynamic playmaker Najee Harris is the pick at 34?
  10. So im seeing a pattern with you.... you DO NOT like Saleh. Lets revisit in one year

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