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  1. Passed on mahomes. Imo, that should be #1 with a bullet. we needed a franchise qb and he passed
  2. Dude nobody thinks this is the 84 49ers. we just are hopeful were going up and maybe competing for a wildcard this yea. Thats all
  3. Omg!!!!!! More evidence that Gase is a cancer and will destroy darnold!!!!!!! Our window is almost closed!!!!!!!!! Same ole jets wahhhhhhhhhhh
  4. Jeez the guy sucked. He built nothing. Timing schmiming who cares. Were better now. stop whining like a 9 year old that just had her first period in the middle of art class
  5. man you are negative. Like warfish level negative.... These are grown men. Millionaires. No need to "reach out" to anyone. Thats super gay
  6. Thats exactly right. And the bottom line in this matter. Lee sucks, and the best they could get was a 6th for him. The whole league knew the jets wanted to move him but nobody wanted him. So posters can spin this all they want but thats the bottom lin. GREAT job by Gase and the Jets!
  7. whats he expected to say? "no I am afraid of Gase so I did what he wanted..."
  8. I get your concerns but anyone who is great, or destined to be great, needs to be a warrior. I like Gase more and more.
  9. So what is GASE official title? I like the EMPORER.

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