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  1. I sat in giants stadium for every game that year. kotites team would have beat this team...... kotites team kept letting you down, but they were scoring and in the game. It was not as boring as this to watch. Brutal, but not as boring. The todd bowles team just doesnt score and bores you with trailing scores to the bitter end. unitedwho, you werent even alive back then probably
  2. Can you imagine if after all this, bowles is still hc next year?
  3. I kinda liked it more when you defended and rationalized everything
  4. Keep the bowles comments coming for us out of towners ty
  5. Guys we got to give bowles a chance to right this
  6. This tree, when the wind blows, looks alive
  7. The only good thing is its sunny, i found an old mushroom stem and i have a hammock
  8. HighPitch

    This is what we wanted, no?

    Just finished painting my fence then I looked at the score boy oh boy
  9. Jif isnt far off base the validity is mr. Todd Bowles making decisions
  10. Hey sam thanks for fighting in ww1 ww2 vietnam and the civil war.... It was tough but were gonna rest you for the battle of the faukland islands now thanks again
  11. If darnold says he can play and hes being forced to rest, shame on dummy bowles. The buffalo game is winnable and only would have added some positive vibes and confidence to our rookie qb. What now? Mccown does a fair to good job and a qb controversy starts? We win a few meaningless games for worse picks? Ughhhhhh
  12. HighPitch

    DL Nathan Shepherd

    Hes most likely another bust. Not 1 single impressive play to remember thus far. Yep, another mac pick that blows. If hes not handed a 1st round gift, hes awful

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