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  1. Well hello! No i always go old school into the front. Ive never tried the 4 chord method because it seems like a lot of extra work. Ill tell you what i dont care for the presets. The effects are good and i just make simple patches like clean with tamp tempo, clean with tap tempo and slight chorus, clean envelope with delay filter ala jerry, slight overdride grit with tamp delay and dirtier delay drive for wilder soloing. Those 5 make up 80% of my playing. The other 20% is for specialty setting for specific songs. pros: small relatively cheap easy and fun programming via pc very good low to mid level overdrives tones that sound real ( finally) good envelope , not the greatest but better than average chorus, phase, delay, comp all as expected . They are easy wah pedal sound is very good layout or navigation not mind boggling cons: the amp and speaker modeling sounds to me, like every other unit ive heard, sucks. A quality instrument through the pos into an excellent tube amp always sounds a billion times better. Still not a modelling fan The volume pedal has a bad taper. It comes on strong and sudden and once on the range is limited. Its no ernie ball i have had it lock up on me 3 times had to power off and on overall its a good one
  2. Hi guys im back after the crusher gave me a 2 month ban. Whats new in gear land? Im using a line 6 pod GO and its pretty good
  3. To be honest this next month will be telling. If people continue to test positive and the death rate continues to drop and hospitals are not in crisis, football is happening
  4. Well what were we all expecting? That nfl players wont get it? i dont know. Probably best that there no spectators or at least 1/4 capacity with 3 seats between
  5. What?? Ok i remember thor. We had a brief homosexual encounter once in tampa, but the others? Wow. Charlie brown too?
  6. I will agree. I never sensed any political leanings with mods. To take it a step further, idk who the mods are. I mean i know crusher, hes a nice fair guy and slats too but who else? I think sperm edwards but he hardly posts. I cant think of any others off hand. Thats a compiment. oh yea faba
  7. Thank you for understanding my position. There are 2 or 3 posters that i had no bad feelings for before covid19 and when we had a strict “no politics” policy. After reading all their stuff, when i see them making innocent comments on casual things like draft picks now i feel like punching them. Is it stupid? Of course it is but i am flawed and human. I cant control this. I dont think im alone. Id really rather not know people political opinions. But no way im not gonna peek into that forum now, sadly. Yes, self control. Easier said than done
  8. I love the mods. I love the website. I love you too. That was never in question. i simply gave my ideas regarding the policy change, was bashed to hell for it and followed up with evidence to support my claim. I dont think i was rude...for real. i think it was taken not as constructive criticism but an attack which was never my intent. well everyone is a nasty bitch these days cooped up at home, myself included, so i will drop it. thanks for the good work all you guys do
  9. I am not clueless. In fact i am so spot on it stinks. For example, in the most recent locked thread titled “The NFL Caved” ( by the way the title alone is lock worthy): post #2 states “ this will probably be locked before i can hit send” and when does it lock? Post 180! so immediately, in fact the first response, a poster recognizes it is off limits but it is allowed to go on for 5 more pages. 180 posts later. and i am clueless? look i know im a dick and annoying at times but be fair. I am right on this and i provided data. I can go to most locked threads and it will be the same pattern. Its not stuff i am making up. And if you delete posts and threads without me being able to see them .....great but dont hold what i cant see against me. i stand by what my original post claims: you guys have slacked off on politics and let them go on for too long. and im not looking to fight or be argumentative. Im just pointing out an opinion to try to shed some light so no need to say im clueless. Quite frankly, it was rude of you
  10. I wish pops a speedy recovery....and a nice handy from a kind hearted, Well endowed nurse👩🏾‍🔬
  11. I think this is a bad idea. so now, politics is allowed. Just like ji.com. Not sure how “clubs” fits in or how it is so different it will create a lot of hostility on the main board. It will spill over for sure. personally, i think you guys have gotten wayyyyyy too lenient. If it were me id close threads right away. You guys let them go on and on and on. Meanwhile there are a million “in before the lock” type comments but the lock doesnt come until 4 pages later. just the fact that there are typically 3 or 4 of those type of comments, on page 1, and it doesnt lock until page 5 proves it. look back to many locked threads. Often times the “in before the lock” or “ this should end well” or “ over under” comments are posts number 2 or 3! So that means most posters recognize the content is off limits right away. And what happens? It gets locked on comment 67. its you guys. Seriously. Love ya but this club thing seems wrong. You guys just arent clamping down
  12. In general, The 1990 to 1995 standards are really home runs. It was considered a very good era. A nice used one can be found for 1700. You cant go wrong
  13. The lp classics are excellent. 1200 used gets you a nice one. Earlier versions had block inlays that have s yellowish greenish tint. It was gibsons attempt at adding an aged look. Many people dont like the inlays. I do. Its a matter of taste. I alsonlike the 1960 some have on their pickguards. the worst lps ever, imo, are the traditionals. They reek of a bad experiment in saving money and cutting corners. I really, really detest that cheap flat finish on the back. Never played one that felt good. Garbage
  14. How is it even close to being lazy and untrue? all 3 have behaved in ways that make them less desirable. nothing is more true and anyone that disagrees has some kind of axe to grind

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