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  1. Its already started..... last mock i read had 3 qbs going in the first 12 picks. This is a weird year. Screw the chart id be happy to just move from 3 to 9 and gain a second rounder. Mac has got to make this happen
  2. HighPitch

    Would you support Replay on PI?

    Do away with all reviews and never show replays. Move the game along. Humans arent machines.... they cant see frame to frame
  3. HighPitch

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Did you hear the one about tina? Some say shes much too loose
  4. HighPitch

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Mahomes is funny looking. Tiny head in a big helmet. Kinda reminds menof this lil fella
  5. Who would think when u and tom shane and that jerk dickkotite were being inappropriate on ji you would form your own site and eventually jo would topple and u would rise to the top. Like gotti taking out big paul in front of sparks
  6. Somewhere on long island, the stoolsprayer weeps
  7. No chachie. his point was that it is POSSIBLE for coach to make a huge difference
  8. HighPitch

    R.I.P. Tappan Zee Bridge ... Kinda

    Thanks for sharing I to have an affinity for the Tappan Zee bridge. Crossing the bridge always sort of meant to me I was leaving the city and going to have some fun in the mountains upstate in other words if I was cross that bridge I was having fun and it’s related with fun. I had no idea that the bridge was even replaced since I moved away 12 or 13 years ago but yes rest in peace my old steel buddy
  9. 15w 30 keep them babies lubed up so they can do their thing
  10. HighPitch


    Villain why are u in germany? Military?
  11. This is a huge improvement and way different approach than the Bowels days.... However, after reading the fins board, they seem to concur that Gase is not quite a disciplinarian. He rarely ever yells at a player that messed up (parcells) and rarely screams at officials to get his way. So take it with a grain of salt. still, anything is better than that upright corpse we just dumped. Its been like weekend at Bernies for the past 4 years
  12. I heard he squirts oil in gases eyes every 4 hrs
  13. HighPitch


    Switzerland is spotless and expensive. My buddy moved there and the neighbors were nice but on day 1 they gave him a lesson on the 4 types of garbage cans and what exactly goes where and when to dump. Then, they watched him. Weird. I couldnt eat a small snack/lunch less than $25 anywhere in Zurich. No dollar menus lol

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