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  1. As usual, you are wrong, but gleefully go through life as a smart person. Good luck son
  2. No we dont we have a great O line cemented for years and years havent you heard
  3. Whatever his name is. Who cares. Are you his mom? Actually he is not a "lock" to go 1/2. The only "lock" is that other edge guy that I wont even try to spell. Wait until the overrated qbs start shooting up. Happens every year. I can see Hutchinson going in top 6. Its NOT a pipe dream
  4. Jet fans are funny. When the year started it was all about building the line to protect zach and respect the notion that an elite O line is the key to a dominating offense. jet O line juuuussssst starts to play well? We dont need any more O line guys. Weve got George Fant and Fatty McCrushedknees
  5. aiden hutchins, then linderbaum. its so easy stop overthinking and if there was a killer wr in this draft id consider it, but there isnt
  6. This Folk thing irritates me on 2 levels. First, he should have been treated like a prince and resigned. But secondly, my best buddies wife is friends with his wife. So my buddy became friends with Nick. He would often call him on his cell to bs a bit in front of me just to piss me off..... "yea, my buddy is here hes a douchy jet fan listening in to our conversation"
  7. Does anybody value them? Every draft, once you get into the 5/6th round youd think the best kickers and punters would start being taken. Instead, its that project WR from a community college with 6 toes or the 400 lb OT that has a wooden leg. All projects that rarely pay off. But these kickers and punters often go undrafted. Ehhhh, whats the big deal its only an extra point right
  8. I am deleting my response to this rabble rousing little weasel above that doesnt read. Not going to be suckered into an argument. Lets keep it informational, not personal opinions
  9. We need better receivers. The aussie makes a fair point in the video. Sadly, there are no slam dunks this draft or in FA
  10. Not fair. Never said it was fake or not a danger. I wouldn't have gotten jabbed 3x if that was the case….. What Im saying is that the danger, the risk, does not justify the actions by some in power here and abroad. Its a wee bit much to say the least. listen im sorry for your loss. I mean that. But I have the right to feel the way I do too. We arent in this together…. Its individual choice. We can all feel how we want. And thats all I will say about it because I want to keep it civil and veer away from deep politics here
  11. Ill chime in….. i live in florida. I cannot believe that this is a thing anymore. Got jabbed 3x but thats it. Almost nobody wears a mask anywhere. Maybe 1 in 10 at best. Hospitals empty. Festivals full. I know a person that had it last week but aside from that i havent heard a peep about anyone being sick or getting it or even a friend of a friend. Its super fishy at this point
  12. Just chiming in to say wow adults civily discussing covid thread still open
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