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  1. Sounds like yer a major cousins fan. Is he your cousin or something? Was he the one who took you from comfortably numb to echoes?
  2. Its tough joewilly. Any major change in life is tough. F her though u will be fine it just takes time. at Some point soon u will b in vegas and sticking it in a sweet 22 year old for $500 your head will explode with delight. Then youll find some normal divorcee and be in the drivers seat again dude be patient
  3. Oh nooooo thats just wrong your username lol
  4. Awww you chubby sexy loverboy so cute
  5. You got that right. one of my pet peeves is when someone posts a beautiful girl and the vultures start beating her down. Im not talking about a typical blonde hair blue eyed big t type im talking girl next door, super cute type. These fat gross jet fans love to beat down chicks they could never get to begin with
  6. HighPitch


    We are now checking for proper modulation. As you know, the green eye, or electric tube will open and close as I speak. We will now play this back to check the quality. I told ya not to act like a moron…
  7. That sucks wonder what did him in
  8. Becton and daron lee as white folks
  9. So is there a practice today?
  10. That sucks ass thats fools gold not worth it. i will remain a non better. I have enough vices
  11. Curb your enthusiasm boy wheres the black cloud doom n gloom
  12. I dont bet whats that mean +2200? if i bet 100 i get 220,000?
  13. Slats … crusher … why not lock this thread too
  14. Tbqh it scary that there even has to be a tweet to inform us that a paid player will attend a MANDATORY camp. q: will zach be there? How about sauce? asking for a friend
  15. Have a great time you deserve it
  16. Tormado 1978 is an under rated masterpiece rip
  17. lol wow yea i used to shift without the clutch myself at times. Theres a certain speed/rpm where it would easily fall into gear with a lil push but 1st gear was never an option. I agree you probably had to start her in gear while the starter motor actually moved the car and then fanagle the gas. Good job
  18. Y did they move the boards best thread? crusher really? I know it was you. Very aggressive lately whats going on
  19. Wait how did u het it in first? Jusy rev and push the stick? Yikes
  20. Nice. Looks like 1984 what was the name of your band and what town where are you from
  21. I love this thread. I love old cars. This was my second car. My first driveway restoration. Even painted it in my driveway. 68 cougar. At the king kullen parking lot in franklin square D7A2B551-E3C9-4380-A506-476D0C00C9E1.MOV
  22. Has boycotting ever really worked? Ever in history?
  23. Ok crusher you locked the last one now you have to lock this one. Why? Idk
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