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  1. I made it clear that it was disappointing My point, that youre missing, is that this board had a nutty overreaction to an early august preseason game. MASSIVE
  2. Good for them. Wish we had an 80 yard drive. They had plenty of their own bad plays and disappointments. They didnt have a 2 minute drill for a TD to win the game either so maybe youre not us objective as you think, sugar plum
  3. Yes this deserves to be on the main board…… RIP sir ”I told ya not to act stupid ya moron”
  4. He didnt. Eagles looked like hot crap. I feel worse for them than us. Another overreaction
  5. You said it. This is exactly what happened. This was an interesting and eye opening event for me. That thread made it look like it wasnt worth following the season already
  6. I did not watch last night but I followed the game thread. I just watched the replay. The picture painted last night resembled something like this was the lowest point in jet history. Some guys described how awful zach played how his knee buckled like theisman. Well, overall it was not anything like that. Perfect? No. Disappointing? Absolutely. But holy mother god do most of you guys overreact. zach wasnt bad except for that int. Dude just was warming up. And his knee? LOL it was NOTHING. It just looked he he fell. There was no twist. I didn’t even know they won because i was so pissed following the game thread i cut out. MAJOR OVERREACTION SEEK THERAPY
  7. F the jets max thats way more important glad to hear it. Man getting old blows
  8. Im literally on the bowl taking a hot Saturday morning poop and was gonna take a picture but out of respect for max i wont. But its a clean, long healthy log. So that means i have no illness and thats a positive thing right? So Slats couldnt really ban me on those grounds
  9. Ugh so after watching cbs ny news, i exited youtubetv and reopened it and now it wants access to my location to keep watching…,, so i need a location spoof for iphone hopefully free and one that doesnt need to be hooked up to a computer anyone?
  10. Imma mirror my 65 to my iphone and crack open many beers thanks guys
  11. Yeah hopefully becton comes back next year and he plays very well then he has trade value because I still wouldn’t keep the slob
  12. OMG I can’t believe it it’s working for me right now. When I was in Europe over the summer I got that express VPN and it worked I was able to set it to New York and watch Netflix. So I download the YouTube TV app and it had Tampa area shows on it. I went into the settings on my iPhone and turn the VPN on and then went to the app and switched it to New York. When I went back to the YouTube app all of a sudden I am seeing CBS channel 2 news. I couldn’t believe it. But all these channels had a little lock symbol on them and it said I had to buy a membership. so YouTube TV has a special for the first three months for $54 and I got it. Now when I went back to the app guess what they were no more locks and bowls and I was watching New York TV. I already have YouTube TV here in Tampa but I didn’t want to mess with the accounts and all that I’ll just cancel this at the end of the season. I did not have to do anything with any kind of Geo locator app at work with just express VPN and YouTube TV. Thank you Joe Douglas thank you! wooohoooooo
  13. I understand that but I’m talking about training camp. I haven’t heard anything particularly bad or good from him. Training camp is a place you want to hear praise about how Mitchell didn’t let X get past him all day
  14. So how is Mitchell doing right now? I haven’t read anything particularly bad but I also haven’t read anything particularly promising
  15. dang how can we keep all these guys
  16. so where are all the "you dont drat OL high" guys now???
  17. I hope this is the case. it could be way improved......
  18. I see joe willy riding a black 1993 sportster, bearded, with an old dead head mamma riding bitch in 18 months. Stay strong joe divorce sucked for most of us
  19. 3k gets you a used sportster in good shape just look for them
  20. Thats the spirit! Finally thinking ahead. Youre getting a nice chunk o change
  21. Thank you joe douglas!!! Thank you!!!
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