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  1. Just like bad sex or bad pizza...its still kinda good. but yes, worst era ever for the show and im resentful of his laziness as well
  2. I just saw st vincent. Good flick. A bit depressing but solid vacation - holy crap surprise. Pissed my pants laughing 5stars
  3. i agree 100 percent. Marshalls a difference maker. Cantremember a wr that mde this much of a difference not even keyshan
  4. Its a team effort.......fitz plus marshall plus ivory plus chan plus todd plus decker plus others making it all solid woo hoo
  5. But seriously....the best move the jets made in a while: marshall hands down
  6. I beat fitz down in the preseason. Gladly, i admit i was wrong. Love the guy!
  7. And the best kept secret in florida is living in downtown st pete. Great city, lots of action, no traffic, great beaches everywhere and cheap living
  8. For me, i would rule out any place with a winter. sunshine is good for your soul. Clouds, barren trees, wetness and cold air for 8 months a year sounds like siberia and makes me depressed to a point go south young man theres plenty of ac.
  9. Im liking this bearded irishman. I say geno never takes a snap in green ever again...and im not a geno hater
  10. Hiiiii dadddddddy ..... High pitch reporting. Got some peanut butter n jelly sangwiches and joey will be bringing in chips. Lets go jets time for a change
  11. yes he has a talent for adapting and re-creating the show however last few years he's just been plain lazy
  12. I will sadly admit that what Stern has become is pretty lame and embarrassing especially after he made fun of so many people who sucked at the end of their career. I mean agt is just awful
  13. Early stern was great when he was raw and trying to make a name for himself. great eras: jackie, stuttering john billy west.... post stuttering john and jackie was a lower point ....lllluntil they got Artie. The first few years of sirrius with artie are as good as any.
  14. It's premature to suggest that Howard is retiring but i'll grant that a lot of crazy stuff is going down. it's probably the worst period In the show's history.....but still entertaining enough
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