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  1. Only post happy positive comments here new guy or this dude slats will ban you for expressing frustration
  2. Its irresponsible but always possible. You take the weapon to the range and leave it in the bag. Then you have a flight…. I lost one of my 9mms once for a month. Really started to get concerned. Then I found it deep under the seat of my wifes audi. Whew
  3. You would think a huge man like Becton would have a proportionately huge knee. but nooooooooooooo. Anyhoot, look on the bright side: We seem to be stacked and well rounded. Theres a draft next year and we got an extra 2nd and a LT will be addressed and life will be peachey
  4. Ditto for jeff smith. He friggin sucks too! Make room for garret wilson and that tall irvin micheal guy
  5. Idk about u guys but i friggin HATE corey davis! He sucks! Just throw wilson in
  6. News flash: the bone adds flavor big time. that is all
  7. It just sounds dumb. It makes me think hes a headcase or just plain stupid. He is not “on top” but on the bottom. He is having a decent camp at best and he make an arrogant claim suggesting he is fantastic but he has no control over the brass making wrong choices
  8. you holding? ill pm you my addy
  9. If my buddy did that for me would it affect him? Like would the tv have to be on? What if he is watching channel 9 and i want to watch the game on 2? it cant just be as easy as a buddy in nyc hooks it up ti his tv/cable box and he is not affected at all and i just watch nyc tv!
  10. Happy bday i baked you a cake!!! (actually this is a real cake. My friend is a master baker. But lets pretend its a turd box)
  11. She was hot. I believe one of the first inter racial kissing scenes ever with the whitey captain rip
  12. Joe willy pot is legal in nj. Try it. Also, grow some shrooms. Also go to the local dead tribute shows in ur area and hook up with the older dead head chicks. They may be haggard, but youre no spring chicken either. They got snapping gyros and r sweet
  13. Hmm elaborate please
  14. Yea flacco has to avoid lawson and williams on the rush and sauce and….. ohhh wait ok nevermind
  15. Nah, lets just be negative nillies
  16. Omg what difference does the context in this case have to do with this? bottom line is as a rookie he vastly improved on the short game in the later games. cant you vultures just ever accept something nice?
  17. So fellas teach an old guy…. If you’re Using a VPN it is only designed to work with cellular data in general correct? So if I am using a VPN for any kind of purpose not just games but I am on Wi-Fi I could have issues correct ? Does anyone know any tricks where you could use a VPN to watch games thanks
  18. Lets see a solid line, very good receivers and rbs and pretty good Tes? Yea, its a great plug and play situation for a vet journeyman. Can u say fitzmagic? I mean how could that go bad Bit im rooting for zach and believe he will improve
  19. Tom shane being serious and making killers points. Owning everyone
  20. While I understand this sentiment, I have to point out that this is a very slippery slope there was a lot of chatter in the past among nfl fan posters regarding “homer sites” that would ban you if you criticize the team. Even near the end of JI that was being thrown around talked about. Remember you couldnt be critical or soothe could ban you because it put his nyj press credentials in jeopardy? Or that was the thinking…… Anyways, you are proposing bans on people, but not for being racist or hurtful or threatening or perverted…… just for being unhappy with players. slippery slope!!!!! Watch it
  21. Im trying to drink my coffee and dig the tc news around the league but I cannot enjoy it because DREAMS is ruining it and he has a few dummies completely in his control. I cant control DREAMS but those of you that engage him, really, you should be ashamed that this dolt has you sucked in and under his control. He OWNS you big dummies. Sad…
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